Title; Band of Brigands

Author; Magrat 70

Disclaimer; not mine Criminal Minds belongs to big CBS and Robin Hood belongs to many people who have mixed history, legend and myths into many things, I make nothing from this.

Rating; T

Author's Note; Sao 21 persuaded me to write this. As a history buff and lover of especially Celtic myths and legends I was a little intimidated and then I thought screw it this is my version of Robin Hood and the thing it bears the nearest resemblance to is probably the last BBC series. On points of history many warriors throughout the centuries have been women dressed as men. If you want an amusing version of this try the great Terry Pratchett's Monstrous Regiment.

Author's note 2; I have used they Criminal Minds names rather than the Robin Hood names or it would be just Robin Hood with a lesbian love story. I realise that some of the names wouldn't be around in the 12th Century. There were people if colour in 12th century Britain. If you're going to get hung up on the history or the legend, then this isn't for you. Most people don't know that most of the legends are from all over the place Robin, could be from lots of places. A lot of places claim him as their own and I really don't want to get into an argument over it. You could say it is loosely based around the many people who lost land to the evil Prince John while his brother was on his crusade.


Two little blonde girls sat side by side, watching as the twins with their wooden sword and shields fight hard together. Although not identical with their black hair, dark eyes and delicate porcelain skin, there was no doubting that they were brother and sister. In the end the taller, slightly stronger girl wins. They looped arms around each others shoulders, they have loved each other practically since the day their mother gave birth.

"I am going to be a knight and go to the Holy Land," the girl said, her father had been a great knight and diplomat in his day, he had taught both his son and daughter to fight. He had seen many things on his travels and most of them made him sure that a woman should be able to defend herself.

"You can't be a knight, you're a girl," one of the girls said, "You have to stay at home and get married."

"No Penelope, that's what you might want. I hate being a girl, I am the best fighter in the village. I hate everything." The fiery brunette still only eight was as strong of will as well as body, she ran off towards the forest.

"Emily, come back," her brother shouted after her.

"Don't worry Adam," the other blonde girl got to her feet, the only person that has any control over Emily, "I'll get her back."

"Thank you Jennifer," Adam replied, as the pretty blonde girl, with huge blue eyes goes to control his wild sister; again.


"Please Jennifer, please just do it," the thirteen year old was living by teenage logic.

"Em your parents will kill you and if they find out that I..."

"I won't tell, I need you to do this for me,' tearful brown eyes, melt blue, she never had a chance.

Jennifer picked up the shears and started hacking her friend's hair off.


The fifteen year old brunette was cornered by the seventeen year old almost man. She was taller and she hoped stronger than him, she hated Will of Gisborne with all her might.

"Come on Emily you know our parents will arrange a marriage for us. There is only you and Jennifer who have sufficient breeding to be with me. You will have to grow your hair back, how your parents let you walk around like that I don't know. When you are in my household you will do as you're told." He pinned her up against the barn wall trying to kiss her and he hoped a lot more. The knee that she brought up sharply between his legs folds him over and she ran.

Adam found his sister in tears, when he calmed her down to find out what happened, he felt his temper boiling with hatred. He was usually the calm one of the two but not today.


"Jennifer, have you seen Adam?" Her brother had stormed off, she was scared he would do something stupid.

"No, Emily what happened?" Jennifer wad concerned she hadn't seen her friend cry in many years, it was a shock to see it now.

They talk for a while, Emily realised that her brother still hadn't returned. The two find him later behind the same barn, she had been pinned against. He was unconscious, Emily will live with the guilt for the rest of her life.


"What do we do Harold?" Elizabeth was wringing her hands, the head injury her son received has left him having seizures. The family have kept it a secret and only the trusted servants knew. They are scared he will be taken from them, that he will be accused of being infected by demons.

Harold was worried deeply for his family, he was much older than his beloved wife, he knows he does not have many years left on this earth. He doesn't want his wife and daughter to lose all that he had for the lack of a male heir. He will not force his daughter to marry against her will. He has an idea, that he hoped god would not punish him for.

Elizabeth was pragmatic, she will not lose everything that they had built, their wealth and power. Their daughter was to die in a tragic accident, after a period of mourning 'Adam' was to reappear. The twins looked so alike no one questioned the swap. Apart from the family and servants the only other people that knew were Jennifer, Penelope and Adam's best friend Spencer Reid; he was only fifteen but he was a genius, he had studied in Florence, Paris and Venice. He was determined that he would cure hs friend so he didn't have to live his life in hiding.


At eighteen and five foot eight, she was as tall and strong as any man. She had posed as her brother for three years. She was now ready to do her duty and follow her king to the Holy Land, she was a knight. She was a feared swordsman for miles around, she had little equal with her bow and she was ready to lay down her life.

"Em please don't go," Jennifer was confused over her feelings for her friend. They spent less time together as Emily took up the mantle of being her brother. When they were together, the tension was electric. Her friend looked even more beautiful with her hair cut away from her face. The plains of her cheekbones, the depth of those dark eyes were all Jennifer had thought about for months maybe years.

"I have to go, I have to prove myself," Emily was troubled by the tears in the beautiful blonde's eyes. She had been in love with Jennifer for as long as she could remember. She took her chance and pulled the blonde in for a kiss. It started off hesitant, softy, lips meeting for the first time. Years of hiding and want deepened the kiss between them. Emily tangled her hands through long blonde hair reveling in the moment. "Jennifer, I love you, I promise I will be back for you."

The blonde was breathless, the kiss was buried deep in her soul. "You better Emily, I... I love you too."

They kiss again, hands explored new places and sensations that neither had dreamed of. Jennifer had to stop long fingers from taking her completely. "Not now, when you come back, you can have all of me." More tears were shed, young love admitted too late.


8 long years of blood and fighting. Emily was deeply changed, she had seen horrors beyond her imagining. She had lost many friends and comrades. She had had so much blood on her hands, she felt she would never be clean.

She no longer believed that theirs was a noble cause, that they had a right to devastate others homelands. She had fought for her god, her King and country, but there was no longer pride. All that was left was emptiness and nightmares. The only thing that she had lived for was to get home to Jennifer and Adam. That sparkling evening that she had spent with her love had been replayed over and over again. At the thought of Jennifer, her hand went to the 5 inch scar that was down the left side of her face. She had come so close to losing her life and her eye that day, when she had been sliced by a Saracen sword. Only Morgan had saved her, the son of their village blacksmith had been with her since the start and saved her life on the battle field. It was debt she had repaid by saving him in another battle, they always had one another's backs.

She had arrived in England with her friends that knew her secret, they didn't care, they all trusted each other with their lives. Derek Morgan, who had been accused of being a Saracen many times because of his dark skin, the German Aaron Hotchner and the Italian ex monk David Rossi, they were hardened warriors whose only wish was rest from the bloodshed. They were soon to realise that coming home would not give them the rest from turmoil that they were looking for.