Living with a man is simply... strange. Living with someone else in general just makes me uncomfortable, though I guess it must be because I'm not used to being around people. I like my privacy, I always have, but I can never seem to find it ever since Kristoff found me a week ago. He never talks about what happened or asks me questions about it, which I am totally fine with. I can tell he's concerned. Or maybe that's just my imagination playing tricks on me; but that's nothing new.

I sigh and roll over on the bed. It's so boring here. I've had nothing to do but think, and it's driving me insane. I'm the last person that I want to spend time with – unless it's behind a locked door, in a dark room with complete isolation and a blade in my hand. Well, a sharp blade or else it's not even worth using. There's nothing around the house I can use that really sharp. You think since he cuts ice for a living he'd have something suitable. Trust me, I've looked everywhere, and I always tell myself I'll find something eventually that'll be perfect.

When I stop lying to myself, I'll never know.

A creaking sound, followed by slamming of a door pulls me from my thoughts. Kristoff must be back from his trip to Arrendelle. I'm not sure if it's considered a trip. Business trip sounds better. God that's the same thing! I bite my lip and sign. I'm so stupid sometimes. "Hey, Elsa, I'm back." Kristoff yells, his voice followed by a door creaking shut.

I don't move, even though I know I should probably say something so he doesn't think I'm dead. I wouldn't want him to him to give his hopes up. But now comes the struggle of thinking of what to say. I've never been good at talking. It'd probably be a lot easier to just go out there and talk to him.

It's strange; I've been awake for at least several hours so you think it wouldn't be so hard to regain my balance when I stand. I don't really wait for my legs to steady; I merely just start walking towards the door. I open the bedroom door to find Kristoff, still in the process of removing his many layers of clothing.

"So... how was the trip?" I ask awkwardly.

He glances up and notices me, for the first time since he's arrived. But he then returns his attention to his previous task. "It was interesting." He replied, probably feeling just as uncomfortable.

Interesting? How could going into the town and selling ice be interesting, I wonder?

"W-What for?" I ask curiously.

"Well... because you left, Arrendelle had to find a new ruler and I just so happened to come to town on their coronation day. Everyone was at the palace or in the streets of the castle trying to see the new Queen. Everything was closed; had to stay there another day to get anything sold."

I hadn't given much thought as to who would be my successor. I hadn't crossed my mind in all, in fact. At first I struggled to think of who it would be. But when realization hits me, I wanted to slap myself in the face; very, very hard. "Anna." I nearly cry. "Is Anna the new queen?"

"Yes." Kristoff agreed. "Most of the people weren't all that happy about it. They said she couldn't be "serious enough" to be the queen." I hadn't given much thought as to who would be my successor. It never crossed my mind I'd even have one. At least it was Anna, I guess.

"I'm sure she'll do a wonderful job." I say, more to myself than Kristoff.

There's a silence, then: "So why did you even leave?" He asks.

"Um..." I feel panic rushing over me immediately. It's strange, really. I've been dying for someone to ask me a question like that, but now that it's been asked I just want to run away and hide. I definitely can't tell him the truth. A little voice in the back of my head is asking me why. I choose to ignore it; I don't need to justify myself. "I, ah..." I cant think of a good excuse. I bite my lip. I can't take this. "I don't feel good; I'm going to go lie down." I reply quickly. I run as quickly as I can to the bedroom.

I sign after I close the door. That might not have been the best choice. Oh well. I don't need anyone looking down on me because of the truth.

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