The sound of the tenth or so explosion rocked the entire underground outpost, making it rumble and shudder violently. Dust and dirt rained down from the ceiling of the tiny metal structure. A curse reverberated around the room. Granted, the outpost was extremely old, and was composed of only three rooms, one of which was used as the garage, and another as the bedroom for the 10 rebels that lived there, where six of them hid now, and the last acted as a command control center.

The kids huddled closer together and looked up through the cracks of their hiding spot at the roof nervously. The slightly muffled sounds of mechas, blasters, and shouts from the four adult rebels could still be clearly heard over the drowning roar of explosions created by Blakk and his goons.

The oldest, and only non-human, of the kids did a quick head count, muttering under his breath. "Lets of the prankster pink haired sneak...wait..." The teenage cave troll straightened up, calling out for the missing 5 year old, "Tecnalia! Where are you? Tecnalia! Nalia!" His calls alerted the other four, and they began to yell out as well. One of Tecnalia's two best friends, Danna Por, attempted to leave the room to search, but Kord pulled her back.

"Kord! Please, what if Nalia is out there!" Danna cried out. Kord placed her back into the tiny crawlspace made by pushing the three full sized beds together and against the wall.

"Then I'll get her, she's my sister. Stay here, where its safe. Aiden! As the next oldest, you're in charge while I'm gone, no matter what, none of you can leave, do you hear me? None of you!" Aiden nodded, his slightly long blonde hair bouncing and his ice blue eyes sincere. A tiny Thuglett perched on Aiden's shoulder also nodded before turning to watch the kids. Little did either of the three know, that everything was about to change.

The magenta-haired girl dashed towards the computers to check on the surveillance cameras. She knew that she wasn't supposed to leave the crawlspace in the bedroom, but she couldn't help it. When playing on the computers yesterday, she had seen some old defence systems. She knew she could activate them, and help out the four adults, she just needed to reinstall the program! It was 86% loaded when Kord found her.

"Tecnalia!" He yelled, "Nalia, what are you doing?!"

"What I'm good at! You help the adults by watching us! I can help with this!" Tecnalia yelled back, checking her progress. 94% loaded.

"Nalia, you can help by staying safe! They have me watch you guys to make sure that you stay safe! They can only concentrate on fighting if they know that you're safe! Now come on!" Kord staggered over to the computer where Tecnalia kneeled on the chair, 95%...96%... "Nalia! Nalia RUN!" Kord panicked, she had to get out of there, now!

"Two more minutes! It's almost done!" Tecnalia distractedly called back, leaning forward, she put her tiny hands on the keyboard, ready to let her little fingers fly across the keys and see the technology respond to her commands almost like it could understand her...97%...98%...99-

CRASH! Something slammed into her side and she flew off to the right. Instantly, white-hot pain flared up and she saw red. When her vision cleared, she saw the ruined program, the damage, and...that. The unspeakable horror. She made eye contact with the other four kids, who had snuck into the room while Kord was distracted, before her previously innate power acted up and she disappeared, not to be seen for several years.

And so, all 6 children went their separate ways.

Tecnalia was found on the doorstep of a 98% logical, 2% illogical Zenithian couple, with self-inflicted amnesia caused by her magic. For the rest of her childhood, whenever she tried to remember anything about her past, she was filled with sadness, pain and horror. She couldn't even stand being called Tecnalia, and so when introducing herself to even her soon to be parents, she called herself Tecna. Eventually, she forgot she even had a past that she couldn't remember, but at the foot of her bed, no matter where she was, even if she was at Alfea, she always kept a locked chest containing her last few reminders, including a 5 year old's slug slinging gear and mini toy blaster, Aiden being the only one who actually had a slug companion.

Eli and Musa were taken up to the surface by their mother, Anna; their father Will staying below. However, in order to dull the pain of loss, Anna gave the twins a memory erasing potion, and sent Musa to her older brother in Melody. The twins forgot their whole life below, and each other. However, the potion could not erase the telepathic bond the two had, and they continued talking to their 'imaginary friend who lives in my head,' as they referred to each other, but they never told anybody else. As they grew older, they realized that their friend wasn't imaginary, but they could not find each other. So they continued to talk and called themselves 'siblings in all but blood,' trusting each other with all of their problems, no matter how petty. They grew so close that even when Will fell, and Anna died, Musa grieved alongside Eli in his head as if she was their daughter, not knowing that she truly was. When Musa went to Alfea, and Eli left for Slugterra, they told each other the way to each place, so that they could help each other if needed.

Danna Por and her father left for distant caverns after Nathalie Por passed in the battle that occurred. Danna fell off her fathers mecha a couple days later and nearly drowned, so she remembered vague thoughts and feelings, splinters of memories, but no faces except for two. Tecnalia and Musa, her two best friends. After only hearing of Will's survival, she assumed that they had died and buried them deep into her mind, only allowing thoughts of them to surface on three days a year, each of their birthdays and on the day of the battle.

Aiden and his year old, still unnamed Thuglett were discovered by a couple of goons, also with amnesia. They were taken in by Blakk, and nicknamed Twist. He could never remember anything about his past, not even his own name. Nothing...except a boy's blurry face with black hair and dark eyes about a year or so younger than his 7 year old self.

Of the 10 rebels that lived in that base, only 6 live to this day.

The 5 kids may have gone their own ways, each remembering nothing, but one remembers. He was the teenager, and as much as he wanted to forget how he failed to protect his younger sister and the rest of his family, he refused. Because to forget his failure was to forget his family.

And after all, someone had to keep their memory alive, now that they could no longer do so themselves.