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The morning sun slowly peeked over the horizon, sending the warmth of its rays forward. Red Fountain was the first to receive that warmth. Many closed their blinds, happy to be able to sleep in for as long as they wanted for once. However, one dorm welcomed the light, unhappy to wake but excited for the events of the day. Helia was the first to wake, Timmy not too far behind, and Riven and Brandon last. All were excited, because today was the day that Sky, Bloom, Stella and Aisha were finally returning from Domino, and both the Winx and the Specialists were going to hang out for the whole day.

Meanwhile, Flora felt awful. She had barely gotten any sleep, looking for Tecna and Musa for days now, ever since they disappeared. It had been a week, almost exactly, since they had woken her up with their shared nightmare. Only Ms. Faragonda and Ms. Griselda knew about the two girls' disappearance. They tried to search for left over energy trails, thinking that magic had caused their nightmares but had come up cold. Whatever gave them matching dreams was either natural or so powerful that they could make it seem like they were never there. Flora shuddered just thinking about it. In order to come into Alfea, at night, and not only sneak past the shield and Tecna's defense and alert systems but to also work such powerful magic AND sneak back out, all without even a hint that they were there, except for the disappearance of Tecna and Musa.

Flora had alerted Ms. Faragonda and Ms. Griselda as soon as she had realized that her two friends were missing. Now, almost a week later, they had no clues as to who took them, and it was getting harder to keep it a secret. Flora was almost out of magic, having been in fairy form since the time she found the empty bedroom. She still was, actually. She had been catching half-hour to the occasional hour naps once or twice a day, being careful to not roll over onto her wings. She sighed, leaning her head sideways in order to set it against the trunk as the vine gently tying her sideways to the trunk of the tree moved slightly so as to not impede her weary wings. Her legs dangled limply off one side of the thick branch as Flora finally drifted off to sleep, in her exhaustion forgetting to set her inner alarm for only a half-hour.

She was still like that when the Specialists and the rest of the Winx found her, 3 hours later.

"….like you're any better. You've had, what, 3 lectures in the month Sky and the girls were on Domino?" A voice spoke in an amused tone, poking fun at their companion.

"No! It was only two," the second person spoke in a slightly discomfited tone. "Get your facts straight!"

"Wow, two lectures in a month? I've been missing out!" Laughed a third.

Timmy, Riven and Sky continued on in this vein, Brandon occasionally butting in with a comment of his own. The girls spoke quietly among themselves, and all 8 continued their walk through the woods.

They were out there because when they spoke to Headmistress Faragonda earlier, looking for the 3 non-royal members of the Winx, they were only told a general direction in the forest. Ms. Griselda had mentioned that Flora would be there, but gave no hint as to where the other two were. With no other clues, the only thing the group could do was wander and hope to stumble upon the Fairy of Nature.

And stumble upon her they did. Or, rather, she on them.