Jason's New Family

A/N: Hello you guys! I'm back with a small one-shot, which takes place after Scathach in...SCHOOL?! Which recommend you read before hand if you haven't already. BTW Thanks to IOU1882 for suggesting these, can't believe I didn't think of it myself! So, onward with the story.

Jason's POV

I blinked wearily as the light, which filtered through the thick white curtains, invaded my eyes. I scrunched my eyes shut as I pulled the sheets over my head and buried my face under the soft feather stuffed pillow. Just a few more minutes.

"Jason!" a raised voice floated up the stairs and into the room, light and sweet, but strong and commanding all in one.

I groaned, as I tried to dig myself deeper into the confines of sleep.

"Jason, breakfast is ready!" I shot up in bed, as the multitude of scents that made up breakfast assaulted my nose.

I jumped out my bed, and made my way downstairs. Stepping into the kitchen I came face to face with breakfast; laid out on a long polished wooden table were plates piled high with fresh fruit, pancakes and scones, while sausages and eggs sizzled in a pan on the old-fashioned iron range. While, the air was rich with the odor of freshly baked bread and brewing coffee.

took a plate and piled my plate high with everything that laid on the table. Mom always has to make food that's more than enough for the three of us, I thought with a fond smile on my face. I paused as I dug into my food. Mom. That word, that title, it was still so new, so odd, and strange and yet, it felt so right and with it, brought a strange sort of comfort. One I'd never felt before. I've always had Scatty, but she had always been like an older sister, not like a...mom.

"Morning, honey," my mom grinned at me as she ruffled my hair. I whined, but in truth I enjoyed that small touch.

She sat down across from me, a cup of coffee in hand. Her brown her pulled back, a loose white shirt over her small yet muscular looking frame. The smell of lavender emanating from her, a soothing scent. A small smile playing on her lips.

I smiled widely at her back at her as I turned back to my breakfast, but before I could continue eating another figure made its way into the kitchen.

"Morning Jason," a tall black haired man with slightly yellowed and crooked teeth spoke as he approached me.

"Francis...Uh- dad." I said, standing up and giving him a hug.

He smiled down at me, patting me on my back, as he moved towards mom. "Morning Joan, love." he leaned down and pecked her on the lips.

"Morning Francis." I heard her whisper back.

I smiled, as Francis. My new dad, which I still felt was completely surreal, sat down and began to dig into his food. Groans and moans of approval making their way out of his mouth, through the mass of food he chewed on.

I chuckled as Joan, my mother, chastised him with a playful smile on her face. I continued smiling throughout all of breakfast as I ate. this was perfect, exactly what I always wanted, and I couldn't be happier. I finally had my wish, finally had the parents I'd always wanted, and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

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