Okay,okay! Sorry about the looooong wait for the next one shot. Takes some thinking. After some inspiration from a comickergirl comic, I decided to do a Modern AU in which Steve and Elsa attend Little league soccer when they're eight years old.

I hope you all like this one!


Elsa was breathing heavily, her tiny legs kicking her body desperately across the grassy ground as fast as they could. The eight year old girl gasped continuously for breath and her aching body wanted to collapse on the ground. But she had to keep the soccer ball going. She was close to the goal...so very close to a score that could win her the rest of soccer practice for her team. She spotted the familiar little red haired boy, Hans, smugly standing there in the goalie's box or whatever it was called. Her eyes narrowed, and she began to tell herself that he would not block the ball this time and make her look like a fool again.

She reared her leg back in the middle of the run and then lashed it forward to kick the ball at fast speeds through the air. It sailed over the grassy turf and Elsa thought that it might actually hit the net and score her a point. She could just imagine herself feeling the pride rush through her and-


She didn't know what hit her at first. She thought she had tripped and fallen, but from her view on the ground Elsa spotted the ball near her face. She hissed in frustration, seeing that Hans had smacked the ball back to her. The little girl also noticed the odd red liquid on it...a light droplet or two was splattered on it. There was a pain at her lip, and when she touched it...

Elsa gasped at seeing blood on her fingertips, and tears welled up in her eyes.

"Oh great!"

Elsa reluctantly rolled over onto her back and, after noting the tear in her soccer shirt shoulder, saw Hans standing over her with a nasty sneer. "It looks like I hit the baby girl!"

"Yeah!" Elsa winced at seeing a shorter, buck toothed kid halt by Hans. She remembered his name to be Duke, from weaseltown or something like that. He was just as mean as Hans. "Hit her right in her fat ol' lips."

The little girl couldn't help but sniffle,not just at the statement. She had failed again at trying to get past Hans and score a goal...she couldn't even stop herself from crying in front of them. She couldn't make them stop their taunting either!

"Awww!" Hans laughed rudely. "Is wittle baby Elsa crying? What a big crybaby! Why'd they let girls on this team anyways?!"

"Maybe cuz they play better than you, Hans!"

Elsa tore her teary gaze from the redhead and looked towards the source of the new voice. It was that kid with the banana colored hair, all combed and looking neat. He was taller and a lot stronger than most of the boys there, as well as a lot nicer than Hans. Elsa wasn't sure what his name was, as she wasn't very social and knew very little people. Hans apparently knew who the kid was though. "Well if it isn't Rogers! Why so serious, Steve? You like her or somethin?"

When it came to little kids, liking someone was akin to a criminal offense or an embarrassing video. Elsa watched him blush in just the slightest, but still glare at the redheaded bully. "I like her just I like my friends! What I DON'T like is you picking on her like that! So leave her alone!"

Elsa's gaze hardened ever so slightly at Steve. He was starting to make her seem like the weak little kid here. She was, but she didn't like to be reminded of it.

"And what are you gonna do about it?" Hans stepped up to him, glaring intensely. Duke practically repeated his words at Steve. Then a brunette boy slightly shorter than steve halted to next to him and stuck his tounge out at Hans.

"Were gonna ask you..."

A redhead girl joined Steve's other side and finished. "To get your sorry keester out of our sight!"

Hans stared at the three of them with a now wary expression, and slowly slinked away like a wolf that lost its prey. When Duke scrambled after him, Steve turned and looked down at Elsa. He bent down and gently took hold of her shoulders, then hauled her to her feet. Elsa slapped his hands away from her. "Leave me alone! I'm fine!"

Elsa stomped away quickly before anyone could stop her. Steve and his friends watched her sit on a bench and slowly bury her face in her hands, a few moments before hr shoulders shook with sobs. The red haired girl pouted at this. "She's crying guys..."

"That's true, Nat..." The brunette boy glanced at the empty chair near the other goal. " And coal Wayne is gone. As usual."

Natasha shook her head with a tsk. "True too. But seriously, we should go talk to her, don't you think Bucky?"

Before he could respond, Steve turned to them. "Do you think she'll like us all going over? I don't want her to be mad at us again."

"Technically, you were the one who helped her up." Bucky pointed out. "So she's mad at you."

"...Maybe you should go Steve!" Nat suggested brightly.

"Who? Me?!" Steve tilted his head. "But she doesn't like me!"

"Not yet! Look, she's just not used to someone rescuing her! I myself am not..." Nat crossed her arms. "Just start out with a hi and then an apology. If she still doesn't like you, then I guess you leave her alone!"

"If you know so much, why don't you go?" Steve deadpanned, but Nat was already shoving him forward.

As Steve approached her, his heart started aching when the sight of her became clearer. Aside from the torn shoulder of her shirt and the wound he'd seen on her lip not bandaged as far as he knew, Steve saw her face buried in her arms, her knees tucked to her chest and sounds of crying booming from her. The blonde boy swallowed nervously and fiddled with his hands. "...H-Hi..."

Her head snapped up with a gaze, and the girl gazed at him with bloodshot eyes and an indescribable expression. Then her face hardened once more towards him. "G-G-Go away...L-Leave me alone..."

Steve cringed and visibly slumped where he stood. Even his head drooped a bit, and his eyes looked down at his feet. "I'm sorry if...if I hurt your feelings in any way. I didn't mean to..."

When all he got was silence, Steve turned and started walk back to his friends. But then he felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see Elsa standing there, rubbing her hands together anxiously. "No...I-Im sorry...It we wasn't your fault...It just made me f-feel helpless, I guess. I'm really sorry I was being so mean..."

"That's okay..." Steve shyly rubbed the back of his head.

Elsa would have bitten her bottom lip, if it wasn't bleeding like crazy. It was a little surprising to her that she...actually wanted to talk to this boy. "Could...uh...C-Could you sit with me, please?"

Steve glanced at the bench, and then looked at the first aid kit lying by the coaches chair. He looked briefly back to Elsa and started moving towards it. "I promise I'll be right back, Ma'am!"

Elsa blinked as he left her and then began to return with something thin in his hand. The girl certainly hadn't been treated so nicely like this before...it was almost like a dream. When Steve handed Elsa the band aid, she looked up at him while applying it to her lip. "You...You called me Ma'am..."

The boy shrugged subconsciously at this statement. "Yeah...My daddy says that when I don't know a girl's name, I gotta call 'em Ma'am cuz that's how Gentlemen do it."

"...you do look like a gentlemen..." Elsa finally produced a small grin to send at Steve. "...I guess. And my name's Elsa!"

"I'm Steve!" He answered warmly. He pointed to the two friends of his down on the field. "That's my best friend Bucky and my second best friend Natasha!"

"Bucky...Natasha..." Elsa echoed, feeling quite fond of the names of his pals. "Those are nice names...almost as great as Steve."

Steve could blend into the blonde haired tomato section at that moment. "Gee, Thanks Elsa..."

"...No thank you." Elsa shook her head briefly. "If it wasn't for you, I don't think I'd have any friends. Or maybe I'd still be on the ground crying."

Steve warmly smiled down at the girl, and Elsa did the same back to him. "Any time, Elsa. Anytime."