Pain. That is all. Nothing else matters in the world except for the pain, the aching feeling of an absence that will never be filled. Along with the regret of past choices.

Sonny Corinthos sat on a couch in his living room, tears in his eyes and on his face, in his dimples. Morgan Corinthos October 24, 1993-November 30, 2014, read the front page of the funeral program. Sonny had flipped through the program, looking at pictures of his baby boy dozens, if not hundreds, of times, in the past two months worth of nights.

How could he let this happen? He blamed himself, and although no one he loved said it to him (except for their initial reactions, where everyone blamed him), he knew they blamed him too. Decades ago, he'd chosen this life. Now, the woman he loved and two of his children were dead.

"Boss, someone here to see you." He didn't even hear the door open when one of his guards opened the door.

He wiped the tears away and sat the program down. "I don't want any visitors."

"Not even me?" The woman who walked in looked exactly the same as Sonny remembered her. Ava Jerome was dressed in all black, with the exception of red lipstick. However, her eyes didn't tell the story of her usual snarky self, but rather sorrow.

Sonny said nothing.

"Well, aren't you going to say something?"

"What the hell are you doing here?"

Ava gulped. "I'm here for Morgan."

"Stop right there." said Sonny as he pulled out his gun. "Don't you EVER mention his name. You don't deserve to, after what you put him through when you ran off."

"You know very well why I ran off!" she said, getting defensive. "And I loved Morgan. I still love him."

Sonny changed the subject. "Last I recalled, I said that after you delivered the baby, you were dead." He motioned toward her stomach. "Looks like your part is over. So you've come to surrender and die peacefully?"

"Sonny I think you're forgetting that although I did deliver, I did not bring the baby with me because of what you're doing right now. So, go ahead; kill me. But then you'll never see her."

He inched the gun down. "Her?"

"Yes," Ava replied, beaming, "a few weeks ago, I delivered a healthy baby girl in New Orleans. That's where I ran to."

The gun was back in Sonny's waistband now. "Really? What's she like? Have you been taking good care of her?"

"Of course I've been taking care of her. She's my daughter. And she acts alot like him. Which I guess means she acts alot like you. Stubborn as the winter is bitter."

"What's her name?"

Ava smiled even wider. "Maura Katherine Corinthos. I figured I could just go ahead and give her the Corinthos name because no matter who the father was-"

"About that...why didn't you bring her back so we could do the paternity test?"

Ava's smile was replaced with a look of pain and tears started to well up in her eyes. "Because I'm afraid that he won't be the father. And then he'll truly be gone."

"I want to meet her." Sonny said, wiping a tear from his eye.

Ava wiped hers too. "Under two conditions. I want your word that you won't kill me. And, I want to help avenge Morgan."

"I don't trust you."

"The feeling's mutual, but we both loved Morgan." She walked up to him so that she was in his face. "EJ DiMera needs to pay for what he took from us. What he took from Maura. And not the PCPD way or the FBI way or the WSB way. He needs to pay our way."

She extended her hand. "What do you say?"