Jules and Yvonne evaluated the work I have done up until now, not that their conservative, narrow-minded opinions hold any significant meaning in my mind. They tell me my art is too ordered, precise, lacking in emotion. They claim it is too neat, too polished, too perfect. I believe they think I am mocking society by creating my figures in such a rigid, mechanical way.

I tell you, I do not intend to recreate life. Indeed, I would be a god if I could accomplish such a task. My task is to create beauty, beauty in the colors, in the shapes, in the composition. I believe that by creating this in such a perfect way, I do create this beauty I look for.

But I merely paint what I see in my subjects. They do not show me their emotions, pour out their souls, and therefore I cannot express that part of them to others.

Jules and Yvonne tell me I am lifeless, lacking passion and force, and in turn so does my painting. They claim my mind and heart are young and lack experience- but I tell you I am aware of more- much more- about life, about everything than they realize.

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