"Thanatos this wasn't part of the deal!" The man yelled pointing at the sleeping baby by the bed. Her hair was blonde and she slept peacefully. The dark hooded figure just stood there not answering; this mad the man angrier.

"Fine I'll go leave that little devil in the woods to die then she won't be my problem any more." The man barked picking up the baby roughly causing her to cry. The baby's cry caused his wife to enter the room. When she saw the man holding the child she stopped.

"Darling what is going on? Why is Kira crying?" She asked a concerned look on her face looking from him to the hooded figure then to the baby.

"I'm sending this thing back to where it belongs!" He barked and headed for the door, but his wife stopped him.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." The hooded figure said to the man.

"Why?!" He yelled and the hooded figure pointed to his wife.

"Harm the child and your wife will die. Harm the child and the deal is off. You did say you would do anything to save your wife and this is my price." At that the hooded figure left. The wife still stood in the way of the door. The man growl and handed the baby to his wife.

"What are you going to do darling?" She asked nervously trying to quiet the baby. The man paced the room angrily muttering. The wife held the baby close like her might try to hurt the baby again.

"We will give that thing to Doctor Strange that way we won't have to deal with that monster and you my dear won't die." He said walking over to her kissing her on the forehead. When he back away he glared at the child in her arms. He snatched the baby from her arms causing her to cry again.

"Doctor Strange." He called loudly and another man appeared and gave a bow.

"Yes Sire. What do you need?" He asked then saw the child in his arms.

"Take this thing and do whatever you want with it I don't care." The man said handing him the baby. His wife ran forward, but her husband stopped her.

"Don't! She a curse! Kun Lun doesn't need someone like her. We already have a son, we don't need that problem." He said angrily, but she wouldn't stop.

"She is our child!" She cried trying to get the baby, Doctor Strange saw the pain in her eyes and didn't know what to do. Before he could say, the man spoke first.

"She isn't my child, she is your's and his child! She is the child of Death!" He snarled and turned to Doctor Strange.

"Leave now!" He snapped and he disappeared. The wife fell the the ground in tears, the man sighed in relief and left the room.

A few years later the wife died for the man had broken the deal with Death. Doctor Strange raised the child like his own or tried to the best he could. Still he couldn't hide some things so she later ran away. For years she was alone, but then learned about her true past and found camp half blood. She never knew that later in her life that she would run into the person she hated the most and her past.