"Daniel what is wrong?" Fury asked looking over at Danny would was staring hard at the table. Danny looked up surprised and rubbed his head.

"Sorry Fury I couldn't help stop thinking about this girl from school." Danny said to Fury. Fury raised his eyebrow at what Danny said. Danny soon realized what he said.

"No not like that… Uh… what info do you have on a Kira Rand?" Danny asked before he said anything else stupid. Fury had a surprised look on his face and suddenly Danny felt a hand on his shoulder. Danny jump to see the boy who sat next to Kira in class behind him.

"I think I can give you some information on Kira." The boy said and sat down at the table with them. Everyone stared at him shocked and confused.

"How did you get in here!" Fury demanded, but he put up his hand. The boy turned to Danny before he spoke.

"Have you heard about the greek gods?" The boy asked and Danny nodded in response.

"Well there real and Kira is a demigod. I am too, I'm Nico di Angelo son of Hades/Pluto, I can shadow travel thats how I got in here. Kira is the daughter of Thanatos…" Nico said before Danny spoke.

"The god of Death." Danny finished and Nico nodded. Danny stared at his hands in shock not knowing what to say next.

"Then why does she hate?" Danny asked and Nico sighed. He knew Danny would have to find out eventually.

"You have been told that you would lead your kingdom into an era of peace right?" Danny nodded.

"Well that wasn't the complete truth." Danny gave Nico a confused look.

"There is a prophecy: One day there will be a pair of twins, one a child of iron the other a child of death. One of them will lead their kingdom into an era of peace." Nico finished, but Danny was still confused.

"So that means Kira is my twin sister?" Danny said wanting to make sure that he was getting his info right, Nico shook his head.

"Irish twin." Nico corrected.

"What he says is true Daniel." A familiar voice said. Danny turned to see Doctor Strange and Doctor Strange seemed not to light this topic.

"Your father sent Kira to live with me shortly after she was born. I did my best to raise her, but when you first came to see me when you were six. This caused Kira to run away and it wasn't until a few years ago I learned that Kira had made it safely to camp halfblood. I did my best to keep her safe from the monsters. I tried to keep her past a secret until she was older, but it didn't work." Doctor Strange gloomily. This Danny was confused on why she hated him. He was her brother so why did she hate him so much instead of his dad.

"When your mom was pregnant with you she was dying. So your father made a deal with death to spare her on what ever condition death wanted. And that condition was Kira's birth and your father hated that condition. Still her birth came with another price, she was cursed that so who ever touched her skin would die soon after." Nico answered knowing the question hadn't been answered.

"So she hates me because I hadn't of existed my mom wouldn't have been dying and the deal would have been made and Kira wouldn't be cursed… but then she wouldn't have been born either." Danny said still confused.

"Kira probably been born as someone else along with you, but that is how fate works and you can't change the past." Nico replied.

"If she hates Danny so much why hasn't she touched him yet?" Peter asked still confused. Nico stared at the table.

"I don't know why. Maybe she wants him to know before she kills him or maybe she knows that she probably can't because of the prophecy… who knows." Nico said.

"Kira has been through a lot trust me on that. First your jerk dad abandoned her, she is sent through tons of foster homes for six years who were horrible to her, and when she finally found me and my sister...Bianca died and Kira blames herself for it. Other things have happened as well that she won't talk about, but you shouldn't be too hard on her okay. She is like the only thing to family I have left." Nico said trying to explain other things, but Danny nodded getting the message.

Nico and Doctor Strange left shortly after, and when Danny was alone he thought to himself what he was just told. I have a sister, my father abandoned her for being a child of death, and the monks have lied to me this entire time… how did I not see this Danny thought to himself not knowing what to think of all of this.