Immediately I launched an attack at him. I punched and kicked, but like always he was able to dodge. I went to go for a head but, but one of Danny's friends stopped me and slung me over his shoulder.

"HEY! PUT ME DOWN….What's your name?" I asked feeling stupid.


"LUKE PUT ME DOWN! THIS IS BETWEEN ME AND THAT MONSTER!" I shouted pointing at Thanatos.

"Thats what you call your own father Kira. Its hurtful." My anger rose even higher just by him speaking, it freaking ticked me OFF!

"Hello Thanatos. Hows Dad doing?" Nico asked like Thanatos was a family friend. I growled and Danny walked up to Thanatos.

"Why did you curse Kira." The tone is his voice shocked me. Did he sound….angry? Now that is scary. Thanatos sighed like he always did when the question was asked.

"Thats what happens when a demigod of death is born. It is out of my control." Thanatos turned like he was about to leave, but he paused.

"The prophecy is in play. The gods and I have placed bets on who will rule Kun Lun. Make me proud sweetheart." He said smiling at me and disappear.

"I wonder who Dad's rooting for?" Nico asked himself and I glared at him.

"Now isn't the time Nico! He's gone Luke put me DOWN." I growled and he set me down. Dany was still staring at the place where the Jerk (Thanatos) disappeared.

"If there placing bets, this must have a big affect on the future." Danny said and I nodded. I walked in front of him and stared into his eyes.

"I don't care about Kun Lun Danny and you know that, but….I know that you are the one meant to be the ruler. I'll do anything to make sure that happens." I walked away before danny could speak and hooked my arm around Nico's, we disappeared into the shadows landing back at our apartment.

"Did she really just say that?" Peter asked placing his hand on Danny's shoulder.

"Yeah Peter, she did." He said with a smile.