Hey guys this is continuing off of Avatar, Its meant to be after Aang and Katara kiss on the balcony. I hope you enjoy it! :)

Aang and Kataras lips slowly parted as they stared into each others eyes. Katara pulled Aang closer for an embrace. they released each other and intertwined his hand with hers as they walked back into Irohs teashop. Sokka saw their hands but walked over to them like he didn't see anything, looked at Aang in the eyes and gave Aang an uppercut to the stomach. Aang fell against the kitchen counter. He was gasping for air because he was winded.

"Aang!" Katara yelled "Sokka what's wrong with you?"

"what's wrong with me" Sokka blasted "he's uhhh"

"haha you cant come up with anything" Katara screamed "Seriously Sokka we are together now!"

"okay okay, Aang im sorry" Sokka said helping him to his feet "but if you ever hurt Katara I wont let you go so easily!"

I would never hurt Katara Sokka" Aang said. He began to stand up and leaned up against a chair.

Later that night everyone was sitting at the dinner tabled they began to grab all different types of food. Aang started to feel sick from all the meat on the table. "Aang?" Katara asked "are you okay, you look a little pale?"

"yeah Its just all the meat" Aang said "I think I am going to go get some rest, goodnight everyone" Aang got up, walked up the stairs and into his room. He pulled his shirt off and looked at his arms. There were so many cuts and bruises, There was an especially big cut on his right forearm. He bandaged is up and sat on his bed, pondering about future events.

"Im going to go check up on Aang" Katara told everyone

"Whatever" Zuko and Sokka said in sync. Katara walked up the stairs and knocked on his door. Aang opened the door but forgot his shirt so Katara saw all his cuts, bruises and his bandages. Kataras eyes widened in shock as she put her hand over her mouth.

"Aang!" Katara said with concern "why didn't you ask me for help?"

"I-I didn't want to disturb you" Aang stuttered "I thought I would been annoying you"

"Aang you could never annoy me, especially if your hurt"

"thanks Katara, can you help me?" Aang said holding his sore arm. Katara un-winded the bandage and looked at his arm, She looked concerned as she bended water around her hands. as she touched Aangs arm the water began to glow, She then healed the rest of the cuts into scars and scabs. "Thankyou Katara" Aang smiled. She kissed him on the head.

"Aang you should get some rest, you have a big day tomorrow" Katara said as she begun walking towards the door. Just as her hand reached the handle she heard Aang "Katara?"

"yes Aang?" Katara asked, smiling at him.

"can you stay with me?" Aang asked

"I would love to" Katara said "but you need plenty of rest"

"I guess your right" Aang answered "i guess I am still tired after fighting Ozai.

A few hours later after Aangs dream. Aang saw Katara standing next to Ozai. "Aang!" Katara yelled "Run its a trap!" but Aang didn't listen he sprinted towards Katara using his air bending. He jumped into the air, and shot a fireball at Ozai. But Ozai redirected the fireball at Aang. He jumped over it and ran towards him again, only to be hit in the face with Ozai's foot. Aang fell face first to the floor. He looked up at Katara to see she was in a box of fire, slowly closing on her. "KATARA!" Aang screamed. "AANG I..."

Aang woke up screaming and shaking. "Aang are you okay!?" Katara said running to his side. She embraced him into her arms. He began to sweat. "Do you want to talk about it?" Katara asked.

"No, I don't really want to" Aang said looking down at his feet "it was just a nightmare, ill be alright"

"okay Aang, tell me when you are ready"

"Katara?" Aang asked


"can you please stay, I-I don't want to be alone right now" he asked looking at her beautiful eyes. She looked back at his.

"Okay Aang, well, scooch over" Katara smirked. Aang moved over and laid back down. Katara hopped in and out her head on his chest and her hand on his stomach. "I love you Aang" Aang smiled at Katara.

"I love you too"

"Forever?" Katara asked

"Forever" Aang smiled back at her "i believe without a doubt that we will be together forever Katara" Katara kissed Aang gently on the lips. after about 15 seconds she slowly parted from him, and snuggled up to him, her head back on his chest. Katara and Aang both fell back into a deep slumber.

Aang woke up but Katara was still sleeping, her hair was a mess but to Aang she still looked like an angel. He gently pulled the sheets off his body and carefully crawled out of bed. He put his orange air benders robe back on and collected a few candles from the desk. He then placed them on the floor and lit them with his fire bending. He sat on the floor, put his fists together and closed his eyes. His eyes and tattoos began to glow slightly before fading again. They glowed in time with his breathing, as did the flames on the candles. Katara woke up 5 minutes later to see Aang wasn't next to her. she looked to her left to see Aang meditating. she saw his tattoos glowing and the flames rising. The flames became bigger and bigger, and then the flames just disappeared. even though the flames were gone Aang still sat there. "Im sorry if I woke you, I just needed some calming down after last night"

"its okay Aang, you didn't wake me" Katara said

"good, im glad to hear that"

"Aang?" Katara asked "do you want to tell me what happened yet?"

Aang sighed. Aang told Katara everything about Ozai, the fire walls, everything. Aang started to get tears starting from his eyes and running down his cheeks. He then looked away hoping Katara wouldn't notice, but she did as always. She pulled Aang in for a hug and held him there for awhile. "oh Aang" Katara sighed "it was just a dream, none of it actually happened" Katara pulled away but left her arm around his waist.

"But what if it wasn't just a dream, what if it was a sign saying Ozai will break out and get his bending back?"

"AANG!" Katara said loudly "listen to me, you need to stop worrying, its never going to happen" Aang didn't say anything, he just looked away and closed his eyes.

"I cant shake this feeling Katara, I just cant and no matter how many times you say nothing going to happen I still get a bad feeling"

"Aang, I think you just need to relax, you might just still be stressed from the battle"

"Yeah maybe I am" Aang said standing up "come on we should get going if we are to get to Omashu on time" Aang extended his hand to Katara, she accepted and Aang pulled her up off the ground. They both walked down the stairs and into the kitchen where they made breakfast for everyone. Aang cut fruit pieces for himself and Katara and Katara cut up some meat for Sokka and anyone else who wanted it, she then cooked some rice and put it into a bowl. Aang then took all the bowls of food into the dining room where they saw everyone waiting for food. As soon as the bowls touched the table everyone dug in. everyone got all the food they wanted except Aang. the only fruit left for him was a mango. he put it on his plate and began to cut into it. Katara saw he had hardly enough to sustain him so she moved closer to him "here Aang we can share my fruit, you need your strength" Aang smiled at Katara

"thankyou Katara I appreciate it" he kissed her on the cheek and began to share the fruit with her. once everyone was done Aang and Katara washed all the dishes and packed all Aangs things into his bags. Aang carried all the bags out to Appa and saddled him up ready for flight.

"goodbye everyone" Aang said. he began to climb on to Appa when he felt someone tap him on the shoulder. "Aang" Katara said "im coming with you, you don't need to go to this meeting alone" Aang grinned at Katara and nodded.

Once they took off they waved goodbye as everybody disappeared into the horizon.

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