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Aang had not woken up since Katara and the other had tried to help him, although it had done a lot, he would have to heal on his own, with the help of his friends. During Aangs unconsciousness Katara had given Aang frequent healing sessions, but they were not very affective, he would have to be conscious for her healing sessions to work properly. Everyone, especially Katara had been worried about Aang. questions ran through her mind like What if he doesn't wake up? or I don't know if he'll make it. Katara was disappointed as to why she was being so negative, but she had no answer as to why.

Aang slowly fluttered his eye lids open. His vision was a blur at first, but after a few seconds on light exposure his vision was once again clear. He looked around and saw walls made of ice and snow. The floor was also snow. He looked down at his bed and saw it was a normal bed, no fur, no ice and no snow. (I know, in the water tribes beds are just fur on the ground but you'll see what I did later) Aang tried to sit up but a rush of pain flooded through his body, especially his back. He fell onto the floor, clutching his sides. He tried to hold it in but he couldn't, he screamed in pain. Loudly and painfully.

Katara was outside practicing waterbending when she heard the scream, She didn't know who it was so she bended the water back into her pouch and ran towards scream. It lead her to Aangs room, She pushed passed the door and saw Aang on the floor, crying from the pain.

"Aang!" Katara panicked as she rushed over. She pulled him to his feet, careful not to hurt him and laid him back onto the bed "Aang what were you thinking!" Katara almost yelled out of pure frustration.

"Im sorry" Aang began with tears in his eyes from the pain "I-I just wanted t-to get some w-water"

Katara pulled Aang into a tight embrace as tears threatened to leave her eyes. "shhh.. I'm the one that's sorry Aang I just got so worried" Katara kissed Aang forehead "Do you need a healing session?" she asked as she caressed his face. He nodded gently, still holding his sides. She helped Aang sit up, his back facing her. She bending the water around her hands like a glove. They glowed a sky blue as she rubbed them on Aangs wounds. Aang gasped painfully at the sudden contact on his wounds. Tears trinkled down his face. Katara immediately stopped when she heard his muffled sobs from behind his hands. She turned him to face her. "Aang?"

"M-my back.. I-it hurts so b-bad" Aang sobbed

"I know Aang, but it helps you" Katara said nicely "I know its painful but you have to try and ignore it okay?"

"O-okay" Aang stuttered, once again turning his back to Katara so she could help him. She began to work on his back, once she had done all she could she moved to his arms, legs, chest and face. She could not do much but it would all add up in the long run. She bended the water back into her pouch and hugged Aang.

"T-thankyou K-Katara" Aang mumbled. Katara found it hard to hear but she understood. She nodded in response. They gazed into each others eyes before Katara gently pulled Aang into a kiss. It was short but it was full of love and compassion.

"Katara" Aang asked pulling away.


"H-how long was I-I out?"

"A few weeks''

Aang just stared at Katara, shocked and wide eyed. "N-no, I couldn't h-have" Aang said bringing his hands up to the sides of his head.

"Aang, its okay" Katara said placing a hand on his shoulder "Nothing has happened while you were out, except Ozai getting a few hundred more followers"

"A few h-hundred!" Aang fumed. He punched the wall leaving a small dent in the snow

"Aang calm down" Katara demanded "Your going to hurt yourself even more"

"I-im sorry K-Katara" Aang said, head hanging low.

"Its okay Aang" Katara said pulling Aang into her embrace. "I love you"

"I love you too Katara" Aang responded and once again, falling asleep in her arms. She smiled, she was happy Aang was awake now, it had been so long since she had been with Aang while he was conscious. She kissed his head and then his shoulder as she tucked him into bed. She decided she would stay with him for the night to make sure he was okay, so she pulled the sheets over herself and Aang as she cuddled up next to him. This would be a night she would remember.

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