Prologue: Castiel's POV

I was twisting and falling through the darkness, feeling the stinging air whip past my face. I had been falling for what seemed like hours, and wondered if there ever was a bottom to Hell. I was in Hell, I had to be in Hell, but it didn't feel like Hell to me.

For I had been in Hell when I was tasked with saving the righteous man, and this wasn't the fiery place that I had wandered through. Maybe Hell was like Heaven then in that sense, maybe Hell changed to fit the person, and maybe my Hell was falling through darkness never touching the bottom.

Yet that couldn't be right since the prospect of falling didn't really scare me, so maybe I wasn't in Hell. That would be unexpected, since whenever angels died they got sent to Hell, and hadn't I died? A loud thunk filled my ears, then I realized it was my true form (for Jimmy Novak's body was up in earth) hitting the bottom.

I realized to not have felt that, I must be disconnecting from my true form, that happened sometimes when you spent to much time on the earth plane. In here there was nothing to anchor me to my form, and I could very well just drift away and never be found again.

I slowly stood up looking around. It seemed I had fallen next to a house, but when I looked closer I realized it was Bobby's house! I thought it had burned down? I walked warily towards the house, thinking maybe it was a trap, since the house couldn't be standing.

The house though... it brought back bad memories of when I was a leviathan, how I had failed them all... How I had been so caught up in my hunger for power, I had forgotten the thing that truly mattered. Dean.

I still cannot believe how I had failed Dean, and every other human and angel who had believed in me. I still believe that I should serve penance for what I did, it is only just. but nothing ever goes the way I plan it seems.

Sometimes I wish that Dean wouldn't care so much, that he wouldn't care about if I was still alive, if I was still breathing. I do not deserve to be cared about, but Dean still cares about me no matter what I do.

Dean has always been beautiful, and spending time as a human with him has made me more aware then ever of how beautiful he is, I still find it hard to believe that I lost control of myself and kissed him, letting my emotions take over. I should not have done it, I should have had better control of myself, now he will hurt because of my loss of control. But it was so hard to resist.

I reach the front porch, and wonder what I should do next, since if this is truly Perdition there will be something nasty waiting behind that door. I brace myself and shove the door open, but I do not expect what I find. Dean is there, he is not just there but he is lying on the floor. In his blood. This is not real I tell myself, repeating it to myself as a mantra, even as I kneel beside Dean and check for a pulse.

"Dean? What happened? Who did this to you?" The questions pour out of my mouth, a stream, no, a torrent of words in my panic. You would think that seeing Dean dead earlier would desensitize me to the experience, but I feel that nothing could ever desensitize me to Dean dying. I checked his pulse again, searching for that pulse, for that spark of life that would show me that he was at least alive.

"Dean." I manage to gasp out, finding no pulse. Even in death he is still beautiful, his ash stained hair sticking up in all the right places, his features calm and peaceful. I stare at him, its not possible, this cannot be happening, he should not be dead.

"Hello Castiel." I whirl around, recognizing that voice, and find an exact copy of me, red veins stick out at the copies neck. This copy is being controlled by leviathans. I know now this is what killed Dean, i have no doubt. I charge at the copy, ready to take all my pain, rage, and guilt out, even if this is not real, this thing has killed Dean. Time for some payback.