"…got a lead, warming charm in Wales, looks like his signature!" Uncle Ron stood up quickly and followed Uncle Harry out of the hospital wing.

"Be careful." Molly said but they had already left.

She had been in the hospital wing for a week now and Madam Pomfrey was planning on discharging the following day. Ted reached from his armchair and held her hand.

"They'll be fine Molls, they're Aurors." She nodded but did not reply. Ted had also been discharged but him and Victoire had stayed with her at Hogwarts. Her parents had stayed too and her father had withdrawn from the re-election.

"Hi Molly!" Said Hugo, slipping into the hospital wing and walking up to her. He had visited her every day and Molly was pleased to see that being in Gryffindor hadn't changed him one bit.

"Hi Hugo, good class?" She asked as he sat next to her.

"Yeah, it was great!"

"What was it?" Victoire asked, smiling.

"Transfiguration, I think it's my favourite." He said, pulling out his text book and then disappearing behind it.

"So anyway we're thinking of getting married in the summer, at the Burrow." Said Victoire.

"Good idea." Said Molly, looking at the doors and hoping her Uncle's would come back unharmed.

"Yeah, you'll be maid of honour obviously…"

"Yeah." Molly replied, not listening in the slightest. What if they were hurt? What if they were killed like the Medi-witch?

"She's not listening, Victoire. Molly, we want you to come naked, do you mind?"


Hugo giggled and Molly closed her eyes, praying for them both.

She had a small nap and when she woke up Hugo was gone but Lucy and her parents were there.

"Hey, good sleep?" Her father asked, smiling at her.

"Are they back yet?" She asked,

"No, we haven't heard anything." Said her mother and Molly sighed.

"It's not been that long Molls, you've only been asleep for about twenty minutes." Said Ted but Molly shook her head, this nightmare had been going on for months.

The hospital wing doors burst open and Ron and Harry walked in with Kingsley, looking like heroes in a muggle movie. They all look distinctly battle-worn but essentially unharmed.

"What happened?" Her father asked, standing up. Madam Pomfrey came out of her office but Harry indicated that she wasn't needed.

"We're fine, it's over Molly."

"You caught him?" Molly croaked, hardly daring to hope.

"He's dead." Said Kingsley, her mother burst into tears and Lucy also broke down but Molly looked at her Uncle Ron, needing him to confirm it. He walked up to her and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"It's over Molly, I killed him." He said, firmly.

"You…you promise?"

"I promise, it's all over." Molly kissed him on the cheek and then broke down into sobs of relief, her Uncle held her while she cried and she finally felt safe.


Molly watched Victoire and Ted kiss in front of the congregation and clapped along with everyone. They were finally married.

Molly followed them down the aisle, smiling at her parents as she passed them, and when the left the marquee both Ted and Victoire turned around and hugged her.

"Congratulations, guys." She said, although she doubted either of them could hear her as they were hugging her so tightly she could barely breathe.

"Thanks Molls, now go and check that computer thing!" Molly shook her head at Ted.

"I told you, I probably won't hear today, it's the weekend."

"I don't care, do it or you'll ruin the wedding!" Victoire said, moving away to hug her parents.

Lucy walked over to her.

"Have you checked again?" She asked, smiling at her sister, they were closer now than they had ever been.


"Molly, go and check for Fuck's sake!" Said Uncle Ron, standing behind her. Molly sighed and passed Lucy the flowers to hold.

"Fine, but don't expect anything, Muggles don't…"

"Just go!" Lucy pressed.

Molly walked into her Grandfather's shed and started the computer, it was an old operating system so she waved her wand to clean the sawdust from the chair and then sat down to wait for it to load.

The past few months seemed to have fled by. When she was discharged from the hospital wing she had moved to with Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron, everyone else had offered their spare rooms but Molly now felt a bond with Uncle Ron, he had saved her sanity, and her life.

For a few weeks she did nothing, she was still coming to terms with everything that had happened. She was jumpy and paranoid and didn't like going out.

Aunt Hermione had seen her writing one day, just odd notes, and had questioned her about it. Molly confessed about her Muggle writing and Hermione had encouraged her.

Molly had started slowly, writing every other day, but soon she had become hooked by an idea. When she had finished the first chapter of her book her Aunt had sent it to an old friend who worked in publishing, he had offered to be her agent and now Molly was waiting to see if the book would be picked up by a publisher.

At first she had managed to keep it between herself and Hermione but when the rest of the family started suggesting jobs she might want to apply for she had told them that she wanted to be a writer. She was worried that her parents would dismiss the idea as a childish dream but to her enormous surprise they had been supportive, her father even bought her a new computer.

"Anything?" Molly jumped so much she almost bit her tongue, she turned and saw Uncle Charlie looking apologetic by the door.

"Sorry, didn't mean to startle you."

"It's okay, I was just thinking." Charlie came and put his hand on her shoulder and she leaned into him.

"Any reply?"

"It's still loading, Grandpa's computer is slow."

"Oh, you did well today, Molly."

"What do you mean? I was just a bridesmaid."

"You know what I mean, I know it's still hard being in the spotlight."

"It's getting easier, I think." She said, typing in her e-mail address and logging in.

"We're all really proud of you, Molly." Molly nodded but didn't reply, she wanted something to make them proud of her, not just the fact that she wasn't crazy.

The computer whirled and then the webpage changed and she saw that she did indeed have a reply from her agent. She clicked on it, Charlie sat down next to her and held her hand in support.

Dear Molly,

I'm sorry for contacting you on a weekend but I wanted to let you know the good news as soon as possible. I have four publishing houses interested in your book! At the moment I am negotiating the best price for you but in the meantime congratulations and get writing!

Best wishes,

Henry Lloyd.

P.S. Please give my best wishes to your Aunt Hermione.

Molly read through the e-mail again, and then looked at her Uncle, just for confirmation.

"That's really there, right?" It wasn't that she didn't trust her eyes, it was just that she trusted her Uncle's more.

"Congratulations Molls, you're a professional writer." He gave an easy laugh and then pulled her in for a hug.

"Go out and tell them, I'll be right behind you." Molly nodded and turned off the computer. When she stood up her legs felt shaky but she managed a small smile.

She opened the door of the shed and saw a large number of Weasley's, nearly all of her family.

"Well?" Her father asked, looking nervous. Molly was so glad she had good news, she couldn't even comprehend how embarrassing it would have been if she hadn't.

"Yeah…he liked it…the publishers liked it…"

"Have they signed it?" Aunt Hermione asked, stepping forward.

"No, four of them want it so Henry has to…" The applause from her family interrupted her and suddenly she was overwhelmed by Weasley's. She was hugged, kissed, clapped on the back, her Uncle Ron even spun her around.

Eventually they started to return to the wedding and it was only Molly, Lucy and their parents left by the shed.

"Well done Molly, we're so proud of you." Her mother said, eyes shining with tears.

"Thanks, I can't believe it." Molly said, looking at the ground.

"Molls, will you come and live with me, I'm moving to that new cottage by the river, we could…try again, at being sisters." Molly smiled at her sister.

"I'd like that Luce." She replied, her voice thick with emotion.

"We're going to try again, all of us, we're going to make sure that you never feel like 'The Other Weasley', Molly, never again, okay?" Her father said, holding her tightly.

Molly nodded and then looked around at her parents and sister, she no longer felt like the same person, she had grown into her family and they had let her. She was a Weasley now, and always would be.

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