A/N: Hey everyone! I'm not going to be continuing with this story, but I found a short chapter that I never posted & thought I'd at least share it (even 3 years later). And I would like to say thank you to everyone that supported me with my writing! (-:

Nora POV

"If he's not back in a week, we are going to get him," I said, turning and walking away from the people who just told me some of the worst news ever. I knew everyone would be staring at me but I didn't care. I needed to leave. Now.

There was a semi-large group of men huddled by the small TV, which played some kind of sport. I shoved my way through the awkward lump of men and slammed through the heavy bar door in a few short, jerky motions. I felt the chill in the air rush into my lungs the second I stepped out the door.

Where would I go now?

Vee has the car keys so I can't just go back and get them. I guess I'm walking; Vee's house is only a few short miles away. Gavin should be at work right now so I'd have the place to myself.


After trudging 2 miles in the misty air, I was freezing. Briskly walking, I make it up to Vee's door. I reach my hand on top of the door frame and grab the spare key. Even though we may live in different countries, I still know almost all of Vee's decisions.

I open the door with maximum amount of effort used, since my hands were still numb from the walk. I swing the door open with a heavy sigh I didn't realize I was holding in until I let it out. The warm air reaonated through me and heated my core. It almost made me forget about all of the heart ache I felt, without Patch.

I knew I had to find him. I had only one major thing to go off of at the moment it would be simple enough as it is.


"I know, Patch, I'm sorry. It wasn't me though. I swear! An evil archangel possessed me. I didn't do any if that. He just wanted to get Nora out of the picture without killing her himself. A few of the uncorrupted angels got me out of hell. And... Here I am." Rixon said in the most desperate voice I've ever heard him use.

"Give me the keys," I demanded.

"Fine," he said with a grumble and tossed the keys.

I ran through all of my memories trying to find any clues of where to go first. I decided on the most obvious, the hotel room.


I pulled up to the once gorgeous hotel. I bolted to the room, so fast I hadn't even realized i was there. I opened the slightly ajared door. Almost everything was strewn about the room. I looked around for clues, and one thing caught my attention. Where was all of Nora's stuff. Would the me. Have take it with her? Doubt it.

Did she escape with her stuff? Where would she go?

I felt my jean pocket, my phone was still there. I pulled it out to make a call.


"Patch?! Where the hell are you?" She basically screamed at me

"I'm fine! Where is Nora?!" I felt the urgency slip out of my normal calm voice.

"She just left. Oh, fuck! I shouldn't have let her go alone. They might try and go for her now! Why the hell was I thinking?" She kept rambling.

"What are you talking about?" I started to panick.

"I brought her to meet some people to try and find you. We thought they tried to take her because of the rumored revival of Hank. And they might try and go for her again," he said it all in one breath.

"Where was she heading?!"

"She walked off, I'm not sure check my house. Or the hotel room. Meet at my house in 5." She hung up.

Fuck. I muttered under my breath. I ran out of the room trying to forget those horrible memories that were already imprinted on my brain. I passed Rixon just outside the room, who looked utterly confused.

"Get back in the car," I snarled.