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He walked into his college dorm, ready to meet his room mate for the first time. His mom Ur and his siblings Lyon and Ultear had sent him off for his first day of college that morning and he was starting to miss them though he'd never admit to it out loud. He heard a voice coming from the kitchen so he walked toward the sound. As he got closer he heard his room mate talking on the phone, "ya... tell dad i miss him... ok, bye sis... oh and tell Romeo i said hi... bye." By that time, Gray had arived at the kitchen and was walking in to see his pink-haired child hood friend. "Natsu?..." Natsu turned at the sound of his name to see a raven-haired boy. With a blank look Natsu said, "Who're you?" "It's Gray you flame head." Natsu looked at him for a few minutes more before realizing, "Oh it's you, ice-block." Gray rolled his eyes, "took you long enough to realize," He then walked into the kitchen and ruffled the pink hair of the shorter boy, "how long has it been? 5 years maybe?" Natsu looked at him and pushed the taller boy's hand off his head before replying, "dunno." Gray snorted and walked out of the kitchen to find his room so he could put down his luggage.

~next morning~

Natsu was walking to his first class the next day when he re-looked at his schedule to make sure he was headed to the right building. "chemistry is in building E... and here it is ok" he mumbled to himself as he walked before arriving at the class room. He sat close to the front before noticing a blonde girl next to him. "Oi Luce, you've got this class too?" he asked. She turned to him and smiled, "Natsu! How've you been? You will never believe it, I share a dorm with Cana!" Natsu looked at Lucy and smiled, "She's a regular customer at the bar I work at, talk about coincidences, I hadn't seen her since 8th grade until she started showing up there." Lucy laughed, "So what's your room mate like?" That's when someone behind the two spoke up, "he is amazingly handsome and all around awesome." "shut up ice-block, youre not that great." Natsu replied, turning toward the raven haired boy. Lucy looked at Gray in shock, "Gray! You're Natsu's room mate?" Gray nodded in response. Their conversation was cut short as professor Erza walked in. "Good morning class, I'm professor Erza Fernandez. We will start the day with our first experiment of the year just to introduce you all to the lab procedures and equipment. This is a lab class so we will be doing a lab every day so wear appropriate clothes for dealing with chemicals, glass, ect. Any questions? None? Ok lets go into the lab now"

~Next class: Physics~

Natsu saw Lisanna walk into his class with Bickslow and he got up from his seat to greet them. "Hey Lisanna, how've you been?" She lloked at him and, realizing who it was, ran to hug him happily. "Natsu! it's been too long! How've you been? How're Grandine, Igneel, Gildarts, and Wendy?" "Everyone's fine, mom and dad were excited for me, Gildarts and his wife are doing great, and Wendy called me the second I sent her the text that i had arived at my dorm, aparently she really misses me," Natsu said smiling, "How's Elfman and Evergreen?" "We just found out Ever is pregnant!" Lisanna said excitedly. Natsu was obviously suprised, "Thats awesome!" Bickslow laughed at his enthusiastic girl friend before they all decided to sit down because class was about to start. Just at they sat down, the professor walked in. "Hello, I'm professor Jellal Fernandez. To start this class I want everyone to, when I call out your name, stand up in the front, introduce yourself, your major, and one thing about your self. I'll go first since I already introduced myself. I double major in physics and education. One thing about myself is i am married to another professor here and we have beautiful children named Zeref and Mavis. Now Natsu, your turn." Natsu stood up at the front and turned to the class. "Hi I'm Natsu Dragoneel, I'm majoring in the medical field, and something about me is that I want to be a doctor for the military." When it was Lisanna's turn she went up to the front and introduced herself. "Hello everyone, I am Lisanna Strauss, I am majoring in nursing, and one thing about me is that I used to live in Edolas." Then it was Bickslow's turn. "Hi, I'm Bickslow Raijin and I'm majoring in engineering. One thing about me is that i have an older brother named Freed and an older sister named Evergreen."

~Next Class: Biology~

Natsu didn't know anyone in his biology class until Loke walked in. "Oi Loke!" Natsu called. Loke looked toward the familiar voice. "Natsu, you go to college here?" "Yup!" Loke laughed, "Awesome, Lucy goes here too!" Natsu nodded his head, "I know, I have class with her!" Loke looked at Natsu in surprise, "What class?" "Chemistry" Then the professor walked in. "Hello, I'm professor Mystogan..."

~Last class of the day: Algebra 1~

Levy, Natsu, Laxus, and Gageel all sat in class together working on the problems professor Doranbolt gave them. "Laxus, put your feet down" the professor called toward the group. Laxus just rolled his eyes and put his feet down. Levy then said to everyone, "ok I've got it! This is how you solve number 23." she showed them how to solve the problem as they listened intently until professor Doranbolt announced the class to be over.

~back at the dorm~

Gray walked into the dorm to find Natsu collapsed asleep on his homework. Gray laughed at the sight before going to wake up his friend. "Oi Natsu, flame head, wake up." Natsu groggily opened his eyes and looked at Gray. "Oh, I fell asleep huh..." Natsu then grabbed his pencil and looked back down at his homework to keep working on it. Gray went into the kitchen and made a snack and walked back out to find Natsu still on the same problem, staring intently at the paper. Gray sat across the table from Natsu and asked, "Need help?" Natsu looked at him gratefully with an expression that made Gray think 'cute.' That thought was quickly pushed aside as he thought to himself, 'what's wrong with me? It's just Natsu.' Gray shook his head then started helping Natsu with the homework.

It wasn't until 6:30 that they both finally finished all their homework. Before then Gray had made them dinner. They both got up and sat on the sofa together. Natsu turned on the TV and started watching the news. A few minutes later, Natsu slumped to the side with his head resting on Gray's shoulder. Gray immediately started blushing as he turned his head toward his sleeping friend. He picked Natsu up bridal-style and caried Natsu into his room. After tucking him in, Gray went to his own room and slept.


Gray awoke to an alarm coming from Natsu's room. The alarm went off for a few seconds more before it was turned off. Gray listened to his room mate moving around the dorm before he left. Gray then remembered that Natsu worked at a local bar. Gray closed his eyes once more and fell asleep.

~At the bar~

Natsu walked into the locker room for employees at his work and put his things in his locker before putting on the apron and roller blades needed to complete his uniform. He rolled out of the locker room and greeted Mirajane, the bartender, before going around and taking peoples orders. During his and Mira's break, Natsu turned toward her and said, "How're the twins?" She smiled, "Rogue is still as calm and relaxed as ever but sting is a handful, ever since he learned to walk I've been having difficulty keeping up with them. They're both excited to have a new cousin soon, did you know Ever was pregnant? Oh by the way, Lisanna goes to your college now." "I know, she's in my physics class. She told me about Evergreen being pregnant, does she know if it's a boy or girl yet?" Mira nodded, "I'ts gonna be a girl, Elfman keeps going on about how he'll teach her little girl to quote," Mira formed air quotes with her fingers, "'how to be a real man!' it's gotten him in trouble with Ever a few times." The two of them burst out laughing.

Natsu left the bar at 3:00 am and headed to his dorm where he slept untill 7:00.

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~Sister: Wendy

~Brother: Gildarts

~Mom: Grandine

~Dad: Igneel

~Aunt: Carla

~Uncle: Happy


~Sister: Ultear

~Daughter: Melody

~Brother: Lyon

~Mom: Ur

Lisanna, Elfman, and Mirajane are siblings like in the Anime/Manga. Bickslow, Freed, and Evergreen are siblings. Lisanna is dating Bickslow, Elfman is married to Evergreen, and Mirajane is married to Freed. Freed and Mirajane have twins who are Sting and Rogue, they're 3 years old now. Evergreen is pregnant with Kinana (if you don't know who she is, she is Cubellios aka: Cobra's pet snake).

Erza and Jellal are Married! Yay for them! Their 7 year old son is Zeref and their 6 year old daughter Mavis. (who would've thought right? haha)

Romeo is Wendy's boyfriend and he has the same dad, Marco, as in the Anime/Manga.

Droy and Jet are brothers and they both constantly fight over who gets Levy but Levy is curently dating Gajeel.

Mystogan and Jellal are brothers.

Hope this explained everything well enough and I know some of the characters I listed are yet to be introduced, don't worry you'll meet them in the story soon enough, I just couldn't decide how to introduce them yet.