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Lucy sighed in boredom as she listened to her chemistry professor go on and on about absolutely nothing important. She was impatient to interrogate Natsu, who walked into class with Gray, both of them looking WAY too excited for class. When professor Erza finished instructing the class on what the lab would be and finally let them get into their lab groups, Lucy looked Natsu strait in the eye and asked, "What did you and Gray do last night?" Natsu immediately blushed and giggled as he looked away. Gray also heard what Lucy said and turned equally red. "I knew it! You have to give me details," Lucy demanded. Before Natsu could respond, their 4th group member came and sat down. "Ok, so now that I'm here and our group is complete we should probably start the experiment," said Jet. Lucy pouted slightly as the boys enthusiastically chorused "Yes." As the boys discussed the lab, Lucy took out her phone and texted Mira, 'drill Natsu about him and Gray when you guys are on break at work then fill me in.' A few minutes later Mira replied, 'will do ;)' Lucy smiled mischievously at the unsuspecting boys. She would just have to corner Gray later...

~Next class: US History~

The impatience for the day to be over only got worse in professor Nab's class as he droned on for every lesson in his room. He was a lazy old man who read word for word from the book because he didn't want to do the work of figuring out what to say on his own. 'How did people ever pass his class and how is he a college professor? It'd be understandable if he got away with teaching high school classes like that but this is just crazy!' thought Lucy. She brought out her phone and noticed a text from Loke. 'The group is meeting at the front of building A after class so we can all go out to eat for lunch, you coming?' Lucy smiled as she remembered eating lunch with everyone in 8th grade. 'Wouldn't miss it for the world.' Lucy replied. 'The group' consisted of Natsu, herself, Gray, Loke, Cana, Lisanna, Bickslow, Laxus, Levy, Gajeel, sometimes his younger brother Lily, and Erza Knightwalker. Lucy found it funny that her child hood best friend and favorite professor have the same first name, they both looked considerably similar too. Lucy frowned, Erza had been killed in an accident soon after moving to Edolas, she didn't even get one day in high school despite being so close, she had been so smart and kind. Lucy took a deep breath to avoid crying and tried to focus on what Professor Nab was saying.


Lucy ran to building A with all her might. Her last class was in building Q so it was considerably far from the main offices building at the front of the university. She made it there, panting for breath, to find everyone waiting for her. 'The group had changed the last couple years but only slightly. Erza and Lily weren't there because Lily was too young for College yet. Jet was there and someone else. They looked like brothers and were obviously fighting for Levy's attention which was focused solely on her boyfriend, Gajeel. Jet was wearing a purple button down shirt open half way with a fur edged coat on IN THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER! The new kid was a black-haired boy wearing just a plain white, long-sleeved shirt with his trousers. the two of them had absolutely no sense of style but at least the new kid's clothes weren't that bad, it was his hair that really threw Lucy for a loop. 'How is it even possible to make your hair look like a dolphin tail?!' To say that 'the group' that year was one weird combination would've been an understatement. Levy gestured to Jet and the new kid and introduced them to everyone, "This is is Jet and Droy. We went to Shadow High together. These two are brothers." They both smiled at everyone. They took a vote and decided to visit their old hangout spot. They arrived at Blue Pegasus Cafe and were looking over the menus when their waiter came up to take their order. "Hello my name is Hibiki, I'll be your server today." Natsu looked at him and gave him his signature goofy grin. "Hibiki, how can you not recognize us? It's only been 4 years!" Hibiki did a double-take when he looked over at Natsu. "Natsu! Bob, Ichiya, Eve, Ren, come see who's here!" Hibiki shouted. The owner of the cafe, Bob, came out and ran towards them to smother everyone in hugs. Behind him came Ichiya, the manager, to greet them with his signature "Men" and way too strong perfume. Eve ran up to the table of people and smiled. Then came Ren, who acted casual as if he meet with old friends all the time. Everyone knew he was inwardly excited though because he couldn't hold back a slight smile. Natsu looked around the nearly empty cafe then turned to Bob, "Why is the place so empty? It used to always be so full." That made everyone mellow out some as Bob dramatically wiped a tear, "We have competition so business isn't going too well, the new cafe across the street is taking away all the customers. Oracion Seis is really popular now and they have a special dish called Nirvana that everyone is raving about. Even our special Blue Pegasus dish didn't stand a chance."

~At the same time in the Oracion Seis Cafe~

Brain, the owner of the cafe, looked at all the customers occupying the cafe and he smiled. He was glad he went with the "ancient city" theme, it proved to be much more 'fresh' than the girly competition. That's when he saw a large group of customers walk into the other cafe. He counted how many went in. "1, 2, 3, 4..." Brain mumbled to himself as he counted, "12!" He nearly shouted but he kept his volume low enough that only Racer over-heard. "What's wrong boss?" he asked. Brain shook his head in disbelief, "12 customers just walked into Blue Pegasus Cafe." Racer thought for a moment, "We could get Angel to charm any of the boys to come and if they had any girls with them they would bring them with for sure. With one taste of our food they're sure to come back here instead of go there again." Brain thought about that for a little bit, he noticed how friendly the group of 11 were with everyone who worked there and he knew that just charming the boys wouldn't work, he had to come up with a different idea. "Waiter!" someone in the cafe called so Racer went back to leave Brain to his thoughts.

~Walking back to Fairy Tail University~

"That's so sad!" Lucy said, "I can't believe that's happening to such a great Cafe!" Natsu nodded his head, he suddenly turned to Lucy, "I have an idea!" Lucy instantly knew she better be scared, it was Natsu's idea after all. "What?" Gray asked, obviously excited. "We have to get them new customers!" Gajeel grunted, "Count me out, your ideas never turn out good." Levy looked at him, "But we can't just let it go out of business!" Gajeel turned away, failing at attempting to look indifferent before he let out a bored "fine." Levy smiled up at him as Droy and Jet let their jaws drop at the scene between the two. It was Cana's turn to speak then, "How 'bout I challenge all the men in that cafe to a drinking contest and who loses has to buy a meal at Blue Pegasus Cafe." Her idea got an immediate "NO!" from multiple people at once. "Well that was my idea so if you need my I'll be drinking at my favorite local bar." She walked away after winking at the group. Loke sighed and shook his head before immediately hitting on Lucy right after. Lisanna spoke up then, "What if we all wore cute costumes and stood outside the cafe to advertise it?" Bickslow stuck his tongue out and said, "Good idea baby." Laxus rolled his eyes, "way too girly." They all continued pitching out ideas until they had to split up to go to their classes.

The rest of the day Lucy thought up ideas then quickly dismissed them as soon as they came. She didn't even notice until too late that she had bumped into someone on her walk to the dorm at the end of the day. The blue haired girl quickly got up and bowed to Lucy. "Juvia is very sorry for bumping into you." She then ran off towards the boy's dorm. Lucy stared after her, 'Juvia huh?' Lucy shook her head, 'weird girl,' she thought as she headed off towards her dorm once more to start working on her home work.

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