Ok so this epilogue takes place about 9 years later (everyone is 30 now). I've finally got the chance to write this and I can't wait!

Disclaimer: This is my last disclaimer for this story so I want to make it special but I don't know how so I'll go with boring and just say it: don't own

Natsu and Gray sat together on the sofa and chatted with everyone. It was Natsu and Gray's 7 year wedding anniversary and they were supper excited. Gildarts congratulated Natsu and Gray and then continued to harass his daughter, Cana. When Natsu and Cana decided to tell everyone that Natsu was Cana's uncle everyone freaked out. Then there was Natsu's dad Igneel who sat beside his son and ruffled the pink hair. His mom Grandine was equally pleased to see how happy her son was. Happy and Cana were standing behind the couch and leaning over it to tease their nephew. Gray's sister, Ultear, sat with her daughter on the couch across from her brother. Next to her was Lyon. Wendy sat at the end of the couch with Romeo standing next to her, their fingers intertwined on the armrest. That's when Natsu turned to his pregnant sister and asked her, "Do you know the gender yet?" (Right now Wendy is 25 and has been married to Romeo for a nearly a year and Romeo is now 26). Wendy shook her head, "we're keeping it a surprise because we don't really care what gender as long as it's our child." Natsu smiled. That's when a little girl came running into the room and jumped onto Natsu's lap. "Daddy! Daddy!" Natsu looked at her and wrapped his arms around her, smiling at her energy. "What sweetie?" "I want a brudder!" Gray laughed at the 4 year old's poor way of speaking, he leaned in and ruffled her hair. "We'll make sure to adopt a boy this time ok?" She nodded excitedly, "Thanks for picking me!" She snuggled up against Natsu and reached for Gray's hand to hold it. "I love you daddys!" "I love you too, Mika." Gray nodded in agreement with his husband, "We will always love you."

Gray and Natsu said their goodbyes to everyone as they went home before walking back inside the house. Mika was asleep in her own room since it was past her bed-time. Gray grabbed Natsu from behind and buried his face in the other boy's neck. "I love you so much." Natsu smiled and reached behind to wrap his arms around his husband's neck. "I love you too." Gray smiled softly and turned Natsu around and kissed him lovingly. The two men stood there kissing in each other's embrace for a while until they heard a door open. They let go and went into the hallway hand-in-hand to find their daughter standing there in the doorway to her room. "Whats wrong sweetie?" Natsu crouched down and looked at Mika in concern. "I had a nightmare that you and papa stopped loving each other. A lot of my classmates have parents that don't love each other any longer." Natsu and Gray frowned at the thought of Pre-Kindergartners having to deal with divorced parents already. Gray crouched down next to Natsu and grabbed his hand, "We will always love each other. Don't worry." Natsu and Gray both smiled at the huge grin they got from the little brunette. Gray stood up and Natsu picked up Mika to put her to bed. After she had fallen asleep, Natsu and Gray walked out of the room together and went to bed. "Goodnight, Natsu. I love you." "'Night Gray," Natsu replied snuggling against his husband, "I love you too."

Love my OC Mika? I love her! How do you like that ending? I think Natsu makes such a wonderful mommy! I'm actually kinda sad that this is ending but it had to eventually. This is goodbye unless you read any of my other fan fictions. Have a wonder full day and a happily-ever-after life!