Note: I don't owe Batman but I like writing about him, so don't sue me!

Title: Batman and Catwoman in war of the assassins.

I stand on the roof of the Gotham Merchants Bank looking down.

It had been a rare quiet night for Gotham. So far all I had to deal with were a few drug dealers and a car thief. None of my major enemies had made a move yet and for how long that lasted was anyone's guess. The only small comfort I knew was that Joker was lockup in Arkham Asylum. Out of all me foes he was the biggest monster of them all. As for the rest of them all I can do is be prepared.

As I made my way from roof top to roof top toward where I had parked the batmobile the sky had begun to clear. It had been getting colder and the snow had begun to fall as the year was reaching its end. This year had been a brutal one for me and not only physical but to emotionally. After fighting the Crime Syndicate, dealing with Bane in the aftermath and keeping all my feels bottled up when working with Selina during that time can make a man very tied.

("I haven't seen Selina in sometime I should check up on her and see how she doing")

As I made my way toward her apartment in the car thoughts of your past begin to flash through my mind. She was one of the first costume enemies I had ever faced. I remember the first time we meet. I had been spying on one of the biggest crime bosses in Gotham City Carmine Falcone and his family when she showed up. Selina had made her first entrance as Catwoman by taking down Falcone thugs and ruining my stakeout. At the time she was wearing a leather cat costume in purple that had fit her like a second skin. After that we had crossed paths many times over the years. We have been many things to one other enemies, friends, teammates and lovers but always walking different roads.

In no time at all I arrived and parked behind a building on the other side of Selina apartment complex. I got out of the car and shot a line to the roof so I could get a bird's eye of Selina home. Knowing her like I do I expected her to be home because of the cold weather. In one of the ways we are similar is that we both hate being on roof tops when it is raining or snowing. I guess it's true about that old saying about cats and water. When I got to the top I looked across to her terrace window and to my surprise found it open and dark.

"Something is off," I said as I used my grappling gun to get to her apartment.

Selina would never leave her terrace window open. It was like an open invitation to any lowlife trying to break in. The fact that she was Catwoman and would most like claw the hell out of any poor bastard stupid enough to try was beside the point.

When I landed on the terrace, I used the thermal imaging in my cowl to scan for life. I picked up one warm body ahead of me in one room and something cooling in another. As I made my way in I took in what I saw in front of me. The place was trashed: chairs had been over turned; broken dishes on the floor and furniture had been smashed or slashed all over. At first I thought the place had been ransacked until I saw the knife embedded in the television. A knife I knew all too well.

As I stand behind to the door leading to the next room, I used my cowl to check if the body in there had moved and found it in the same spot as before. The moment I stepped into the bathroom and saw who was laying on the floor, I rushed in. Selina Kyle had been beat within an inch of life. The black leather cat costume she wears now these days had been cut to ribbons. She had purple bruises all over body, the left side of her face and to make matters worse there were three knifes buried in her arm, back and leg.

It was the same type of weapons that had been used on me as Bruce Wayne by assassin in my own building.

"Penny One, this is Batman I need you to get the medical bay ready. Selina has been injured badly with several open wounds, bruises and three knifes embedded in her body. She looks like she hasn't last too much blood but she need immediate medical attention. I can't take her to a hospital without the risk someone trying to take her life while she there.

"Sir, I will have everything ready by the time you arrive with Miss Kyle. Sir, do have any idea as to who could have done this. I believe you said yourself that Miss Kyle is a highly skilled fighter and only you and a few others can win against her. So the list of possible suspects should be small."

I angrily made a fist as I looked at Selina bruised face.

"Yes, I know who did this. I have seen and felt theses knifes before. They belong to The Court of Owls. The person who tried to murder Selina was a Talon."

"But Sir, were not all the Talons put in Black Gate prison after you defected them and Bane upon your return to Gotham?"

"It's possible the Court may have kept a few Talons in reserve in case of emergencies or for special missions that only they could perform. Until I know more all I can do is look for clues. In the meantime I'm calling in the Batwing to pick us up. Getting Selina out through the front door without being seen will take up to much time. Before it gets here I need to checkout something in another room, Batman out."

I hated to leave her like that but I had to look over the scene before the GCPD got here. If she had ended up in that state then the fight must have been loud and someone would have called the police. The fact that I got here first must mean the fight was not that long ago. That still left very little time before they arrived.

I made my way to the room on the left and opened the door. It led to Selina bed room and there on floor was the decapitated body of a female Talon. I knew the she wasn't dead because of the special serum used to make her kind unkillable. The only way to stop one is with extreme cold. However without her head she should poses no risk to the cops when they get here, best to call Gordon on the way to the cave just to be sure.

As I examined the body I could make out what appear to be claw marks on the talon's black armor, they most likely belong to Catwoman. However Selina was not a killer and judging by the neck the head had been taken clean off by a bladed weapon.