Chapter 7

I had just closed the door to the bat cave, put Selina's food tray on the table and was about to change my clothes when Alfred walked in. He made his way over to pick up the tray.

"I take it everything is going well with Ms. Kyle."

"What makes you think that?" I ask as I change my clothes.

"The fact that there are no claws marks on your bat suit and no hand print on your face. That pretty much tells me all I need to know. Do to the fact that you're luck with the ladies always seems to turn sour I was beginning to wonder if you and Ms. Kyle were fighting down there. I am glad to see I was wrong." Alfred said in an amused voice.

"That is not true. My luck with the ladies isn't that bad." I said in annoyance as I was done changing. "Well, I will admit to the fact that I have dated mostly good looking air heads but that was only to keep up the playboy act up. It's only my life style as batman that gets in the way."

"You and I both know that there are a lot of good looking female crime fighters out there. You just need to work on your pick up lines." Alfred said in a serious voice but with a small smirk on his face.

"Oh sure, I can imagine how that would work out. I would walk up to fire and ice and say: hey you two how would you like a tour of the bat cave and I will even let you play with my batarang. Does to term frost bite and third degree burns mean anything to you." I deadpan

We lock eyes for a minute and burst out laughing.

"Thank you I need that. Truth is me and Selina had a heart to heart and I going to bring her up here and stay with me in the manor. I told her a little bit about my life but not who I am. I gave her some clues to work it out and next time I go down there I will bring her up with me. Right now she is taking a nap and I need to buy her some cloths before she kills me. Thanks a lot for the men's underwear by the way. Can you get her a room ready while I am out shopping?" I ask.

"Your welcome for the laugh, master Bruce. I could tell the pressure was getting to you and you need to let out so steam. As for the room I will have the one next to yours made ready by to the time you come back. Will you be heading out to night or will you be staying in for the night?" Alfred asked as we made our way to the front door.

"Even with Selina here I still have to make my rounds. Have dinner ready so when I bring her up we can eat together before I head out" I said as I opened the door and stepped outside. This sun was lower in the sky when I last saw it. I most have spent more time with Selina then I thought.

"Very well Master Bruce, I will do my best to have it all done as soon as I can. How long do you think you will be gone?" Ask Alfred with his hand on the door.

"It should only take one or two hours at most. The things I am going to buy are mostly clothes and anything Selina may want or need. It would also give me some face time with the people of Gotham and let them see me up and about." I said as I turned my back to him and heard the door close as I made my way to the garage.

As I enter the garage I stop for a moment as always to marvel at my father's car collection. This was one of my father's few indulgences as a millionaire he had. Most of them are imports for outside the U.S. and old antiques. I don't drive any of them and do my best to keep them in top shape as a token of respect to him. Most of the cars people in Gotham see me drive are the kind they expect me to drive. So to keep up expectations I got into my Jaguar F-type v8, made my way out of the manor and head off to the city. Only by the time I got there did I forget to ask myself one very important question.

"ok, what do I buy for a woman who I have been sleeping with but never dated and I don't think our time on the roof tops count as a date since most of the time it's a fight or a chase." I ask myself in the rear view mirror.

It was a tough question and made me hate myself a little for the fact I did not know what Selina did in her spare time and what she wear when not dressed as catwoman. The only time she wears something different is when she was up to something or in disguise. It makes me wonder even if she has street cloths. I going to have to wing it and go with my gut.

Then an evil idea gets into my head and I smile.

(I am going to mess with her head a little. She said she wanted sexy and I will give her sexy. I am going to buy you all the things I wanted to see you wear Selina and have you model them for me in private. You are going to see a side of me none have ever seen Selina. Get ready lover I am done holding back.) And with that I made my way to one of the best and most expensive clothes stores in the city.

Its name was Treasure Chest.