She ran back into the study, intending to dig through the drawers of the desk to see if she could find a key. Maybe there was a back door somewhere.

Finding nothing of use in the drawers, she ventured over to the bookcase. One book stuck out among the rest of them. She pulled it out, finding it was a book on etiquette. It was bookmarked to a page on tea arrangements.

It is essential that the tea be set up properly for the ease of the guest. The sugar always goes to the right of the teapot, and the handles of the cups should always face towards the front of the tray, where the guest can grasp it with ease.

Violet flipped through a few more pages when she found a note.

I remember you like tea. Chamomile your favorite, right? Drink up!

The note was taped into the book, oddly enough.

Interesting. Chamomile is my favorite too.

She placed the book back on the shelf, glancing around.

There's nothing useful in here… I'm going to have to go back in that other room…

She tiptoed across the hall, slowly opening the door. She eyed the collapsed clock, and carefully stepped over the broken shards of glass.

Standing in front of the coffee table, she glanced down at the tea set. Her eyes widened in surprise.

There's tea here?

She picked up a silver spoon and stirred the tea in one of the cups. She took out the spoon and brought the cup to her face, taking a delicate sniff.

Oh wow, it's chamomile…. Just like the note said.

She brought the tea cup to her lips, preparing to take a sip, when she paused. Something was wrong. She didn't know what it was, but something in her mind was telling her not to drink the tea.

She absent mindedly glanced down, when she noticed something odd. The silver spoon was now a coppery rust color(1). Her stomach churned uncomfortably, and she slowly set the cup down. Shakily, she tried to focus on something else.

Why would the chamomile tea note be in the book?

She leaned closer.

Speaking of the book, didn't it say that the sugar should go on the right of the teapot? It's on the left.

She slid the sugar over to the correct side of the tray. A loud sound suddenly rang out, causing Violet to jump. It sounded like a door unlocking.

Acting on a hunch, she tried the other door in the room. It was open now.

Pulling it open, she found herself in front of a staircase.

A staircase? But I don't want to go up… How is it that those were the only rooms on the first floor? Ah, well, this is the only way… I've got to find something to get out of here.

Perhaps the only way out… is in.

As she ascended the staircase, she noticed a large burlap sack lying off to the side. She thought nothing of it until she came to the landing, where the sacks were piled everywhere.

What could be in those?

Curious, she tiptoed forward and cautiously lifted the edge of the bag with her finger.

Inside was a black cat, lying down on its side, asleep.

A small smile came to her face. She loved cats! But why was there one here, in this bag…?

Perhaps it was seeking warmth?

She reached forward to pick it up, cautiously.

Immediately when she touched it, something in her mind once again knew something was wrong. But she ignored it and continued to try and lift the cat. But she couldn't. Confused, she tried harder, wondering why it remained unmoving.

She kneeled down in frustration, when her knee landed on something soft.

Glancing down, she gasped in horror. One of the bags had come undone.

Inside the bag were tons and tons of cats.


Now it made sense why she couldn't lift the cat.

She jumped to her feet and backed up quickly until she bumped against the wall, a hand clamped over her mouth to hold in a scream.

The bags began to move.

Absolute terror took over as she pressed herself into the corner, shaking uncontrollably, as the bags all opened themselves. Dozens and dozens and dozens of bodies of dead black cats, piled over each other, some mangled and twisted in disgusting positions, fluids and matter leaking out.

Tears leaked from her eyes.

And she finally screamed.

As if a switch had been flipped in her body, she jumped up and ran towards the stairs, her feet pounding against the wood floor, her heart pumping wildly, beating against her chest.

She came to a door at the end of the hall and didn't hesitate to throw it open. She rushed in and slammed it behind her. She dropped to her knees and buried her face in her hands.

Her hyperventilating breath eventually calmed, her shaking died down, and the tears finally stopped. She took deep breaths to calm herself, her hands placed over her pounding heart.

She glanced around the room, noticing she was in a library. She slowly got to her feet and stepped towards the bookshelves. She glanced around uneasily as she walked, still unsettled.

As she approached the back, she noticed several ropes hanging from the ceiling. There were about seven. The first six were in a circular position. Red ivy-like plants hung from the ceiling, limp and lifeless. Violet quickly glanced down, seeing red-stained white flower petals scattered below them.

The seventh in the middle was the most eerie: an empty noose hanging idly, slightly swaying side to side, affected by some unknown breeze.

Violet gazed down curiously. If there was no one there, the why was there a shadow below it?

She walked around the ropes, going behind them, where she spotted another open book on a desk. She leaned over it cautiously.

I ran away, back to where my old house was.

But there was nothing there.

So I made a new one.

If I wait long enough… she'll come back.

I know she will.

Her brow furrowed in confusion. These diary entries were so cryptic. Why did this mysterious author write in riddles?

She stood from the desk and navigated back around the ropes, continuing throughout the library.

She glanced to the side, and saw something move.

She jumped back, whirling to face that direction, eyes wide, heart pounding.

She placed a hand over her panicking heart, gasping, when saw what it was that had moved.

A mirror was mounted on the wall across the room.

Approaching it, she looked into it hesitantly.

Gold. Green.


Violet jumped back, landing on the floor as the mirror shattered. She scowled. What was wrong with this house?!

And where were the owners?

She suddenly remembered what she's seen in the mirror. Gold and green? Why?

It should have been purple and red. Why would the mirror show those colors? It was as if it was showing a separate person. Was it somehow able to alter colors? She'd never heard of such a thing, though. Was it possible?

Glancing back at the wall, she noticed something new. Beneath the frame of the mirror was another message, written in the same dripping red ink.

You do remember me, right?

(1) - Every image here is a reference to the game. If you remember, in the dining hall, the was that bowl on the table. In one of the books, it mentions that silver spoons were used to help detect poison for nobles. When coming into contact with certain poisons, silver tarnishes, turning the coppery rust color mentioned. So yes, the tea was poisoned.