Ellen's face lost the happy look it possessed.

"You have… family?"

Violet nodded. "Yeah. I live with my uncle and – "

"You came back!" Ellen yelled angrily. "You went through the house! For me!"

"B-but couldn't leave…" Violet said slowly, Ellen's yelling unnerving her.

"You came in because you wanted to! This is what you wanted!"

Violet looked into Ellen's eyes, her face solemn. "I'm sorry," she said softly, "but it's not."

Ellen scowled.

In a moment, she raised her hand and delivered a sift chop to Violet's neck.

Everything went black.

Her eyes opened to darkness. Groggily, she squinted, trying to make something out through the inky black.

Where am I?

"Hello?" She called out softly.

She leaned forward, attempting to struggle to her feet.

A clinking noise reached her ears, and she was roughly jerked back to the ground. Gasping, she tugged her wrists.

She was… chained to the wall?

She looked up as a loud clunk reached her ears, and a door opened, illuminating a large rectangle on the wall.

"Ellen, what is this?!" Violet asked, anger and panic in her voice.

"You came back." She stated. "You came back to this house, entered, and went through all of that, just to prove that you love me. I know you do. You wouldn't have gone through all of that twice if you didn't. I'm going to leave you here until you realize what you want."

"What?!" Violet's eyes widened, alarmed. "Don't leave me here!"

"It's for your own good. And our happiness." The door shut, taking the light with it.

Violet leaned back against the wall, in shock.

She was stuck here…in the dark…chained to a wall?

Who would ever find her here?

…would anyone even look?

Uncle certainly wouldn't.

She closed her eyes as tears of bitterness and despair trickled down her cheeks. Why? Why did this happen to her? Was she cursed? Why did Ellen continue to sacrifice Viola's happiness to secure her own?

Her mind drifted into unconsciousness as sleep overtook her.


She ignored the voice, passed it off as her mind filling the silence in her dream.

"Hey, you."

Her brow furrowed.

"Purple-head, I'm talking to you."

At that, her eyes snapped open.

The first thing she noticed was that there was now a light in the room. She glanced down, seeing a lit candle sitting a few inches from her feet.

What startled her, however, was finding a large black snake coiled right next to it.

Before she had time to scream, or even jump, it spoke.

"Finally, you're awake." The snake spoke with a deep voice.

She blinked. In an instant, her mind linked this image with one she'd seen in the first house.

"You're a demon." It was more of a statement than a question.

A chuckle emitted from the creature as a red, forked tongue slithered out from it's mouth.

"Well done. You're smarter than you appear. Yes, I am a demon."

Violet ignored the half insult-half compliment.

"Quite a predicament you've gotten yourself into. Well, that's where I come in."

She raised an eyebrow.

The snake smiled – or, came as close to a smile as possible, being a snake.

"Your Uncle hates you. Your Aunt abandoned you. Your parents are dead. And now, you've been more or less kidnapped by a psychotic girl with an obsessive complex. Your life is going to end here, either way."

She flinched at his harsh words. "What are you suggesting?" She muttered.

"I can get you out of here, and give you the revenge you desire." It announced.

She blinked. "What?"

A chuckle.

"Let's start with your chains."

Just like that, they fell to the floor with a clatter. As if they were never attached to the wall in the first place.

Violet rubbed her now free wrists slowly, eyeing the demon. "How did you do that?"

"Make a contract with me. I can give you power, power to take control of your life and get back at those who hurt you."

She stared at the snake, at it's coal black scales and deep red eyes, a sinister combination.

Her uncle hated her. He hit her. Abused her.

She had sacrificed so much for Ellen, and she continued to toss her around like a rag doll to cater to her every whim.

A deep anger filled her. She was done. Done with trying to make everyone happy. Done with giving her all to those who threw her away.

For once, she would take action and be in control of her own fate.

She looked down at the snake, into it's red eyes, and nodded.

"Yes. I will be your witch."

Soon, Ellen would regret the day she had heard the name Viola.