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Kick. Kick. Twirl. One. Two. Three. Jump. Kick. Kick. Head toss. Smile. Split.

"Great! Everyone take a five minute break. Valerie and Anna please come here." the dance instructor shouted, clapping his hands together sharply. The dancers dropped their position and moved around the stage, talking and laughing loudly.

Rachel flopped herself down in the center of the stage, tossed an arm over her eyes, and took huge gulps of air. This was their second week of practicing for the big reveal of the Stark Expo and she was ready to get it over with.

"What are you doing?" an amused voice asked from above her. Rachel groaned, but didn't remove her arm to see who was speaking to her.

"I'm trying to save up energy to off myself so I don't have to continue this torture." She muttered. The stranger barked out a laugh. She smiled; he had a nice laugh.

"That's strange. Most women would be thrilled to have a chance to stand so close to Stark." He continued. Rachel scoffed.

"I'm sure Mr. Stark is a ball of sunshine, but I didn't put myself through two weeks of nonstop torture for a five minute glimpse." She said, grimacing as her sweat odor reached her nose. She really needed to shower. "Ugh, I need water."

She sense the stranger move away and return. "Here." He said. She removed her arm and sat up, her arm already stretching to receive the bottle. She froze as she took a good look at him. Sitting beside her, indian style, in the most expensive gray suit she had ever seen, with a giant smirk on his face, was Tony Stark. The Tony Stark.

Rachel yelped and scooted away from him, the water bottle dropped between them. Tony raised an eyebrow.

"Well, that's the first time a beautiful woman has reacted that way to me. Most either faint or flirt shamelessly." He said thoughtfully. "Like the hair by the way. I've never seen anyone with that particular shade of blue before. Let's hope for your sake it doesn't clash with the costume."

"It doesn't." She said automatically, her eyes still wide as she stares at him. Why was he here? She mentally hit herself. Of course he was here. This was his expo. But why was he here with her? Talking to her?

"I came in to find Pepper and saw you instead. Your dancer friends were practically throwing themselves at me and you were the only one not anywhere near me." He shrugged, handing her back the bottle. She accepted it dazedly. "I was wondering why that was."

"Does it bother that not everyone is throwing themselves at your feet?" Rachel asked, her cheeks flushed as she realized she had spoken her thoughts out loud. Tony tilted his head to the side and smirked. He really was handsome.

"Yeah, it's a very rare occurrence when I'm not being worshipped. I thought it would be best if I checked you weren't suffering through a stroke or something." He said. Rachel shook her head in amusement and finally took a sip of her drink. She sighed happily as her insides cooled.

"Thanks for that." She said smiling. He waved it away.

"Least I can do since I'm apparently causing you ridiculously amount of stress and pain." He chuckled as her face turned red again. Before she could defend herself, a woman in the biggest heels she had ever seen appeared next to Tony, a pad in one of her arms and a small frown etched on her pretty face.

"Tony! I've been looking for you everywhere. The construction workers are having trouble with one of the buildings in section four." She paused and took a good look at the woman next to Tony. "Are you harassing her?"

Tony scoffed and stood up, buttoning up his suit jacket. "I never harass. We were just having a lovely conversation, weren't we…?" He trailed off. Rachel stood up as well and nodded.

"Yeah." She smiled at the redhead. The woman smiled back. "Well I better go back to practicing. It was nice meeting you, Mr. Stark."

She quickly walked to the group of chattering women on the other side of the stage. The dance director was in the middle of the group, in the middle of a lecture of proper decorum when meeting a celebrity. Rachel couldn't help turn her head and watch Tony leave with his CEO.

I found it kind of weird that there wasn't many OC/Tony fanfics at least in in the romantic sense. Maybe because we all agree that Pepper is just so damn awesome. Not that I'm saying this is one... Anyway, hope you enjoyed it. Remember to write your thoughts below.