A/N: After Deep Breath I couldn't resist, Sorry not sorry. Read while listening to In my Veins by Andrew Bell for max feels.

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"Miss ya,"

He heard the line click.

His breath started to come out ragged. The back of his eyes burned. His head thumped against the back of the doorway behind him. This pain was different from losing Rory and Amy and Donna and even Rose. There was something so final about leaving them, about them leaving him. Here he was on the brink of tears for someone he hadn't lost quite yet. Possibly someone he wouldn't.

He will collect himself, he promises this, and his knees forget to obey, because somehow he is on the floor. The phone has dropped from his hand, and he doesn't have the heart to collect it. His fingers have tangled in his own hair and they are pulling, and he realizes he had forgotton that most important thing he wanted to tell her. The words escape him in whispers and sobs, echoing over and empty TARDIS.

"I love you, I love you, I love you Clara. I love you. My Impossible Girl I love you."

It isn't incredible, but I needed to get it out after and episode that was BASICALLY A REFERENCE TO THEIR RELATIONSHIP LIKE WHAT THE HECKEROO MOFFAT