Chapter 18: The Defeat

Serenity let out a scream as Beryl's attack crashed into her staff. "Don't give up, Serenity! Keep fighting!" Luna called to her, "The love of Touma and the others surround you!" Serenity let out a gasp, she could suddenly feel it. She felt the warmth of the love from her friends, from Touma…Rowen. The others, the heat engulfed her. Letting out another gasp, she threw her head back as her entire body began to glow brightly.

"What?!" Beryl hissed, looking at the girl.

Serenity gripped her staff tightly. "My darling daughter, you have fought so famously," a voice whispered, "Finish what you started, sweetheart! Do it now!"

"Mother," she whispered.

"My children, this is your destiny!" the Queen called out.

Serenity swung her staff around her head when she suddenly felt hands gripping her shoulders. She looked over to see Ryo standing there, his tiger blue eyes glaring at the woman. "No…that's impossible!" Beryl shrieked. Serenity held her staff out when a hand reached out, gripping the top of it.

"Together," Rowen said beside her.

Serenity beamed when one by one, her friends surrounded her. Each girl had transformed into their princess alter egos while the men stood there in their own Silver Millennium garb. Serenity beamed before she held the staff above her head, throwing its power at the evil queen with all ten powers combined with her. Beryl used all of her magic and Meratia's magic in the attempt to stop the power flying at her. Serenity gripped the staff tightly when the girls all reached out, gripping it with her to help her steady it.

Beryl let out a scream as the light engulfed her completely, turning her into dust. When it was over, Serenity let out a gasp having used all of her energy for the Silver Crystal, she collapsed but Rowen caught her into his arms easily. "Serenity!" the girls called out, transforming back to their Sailor Scout uniforms. Serenity slowly faded into Sailor Moon, but then the girls saw something that made them all freeze. Serenity's broach was shattered. Sailor Mars started shaking Sailor Moon's shoulders.

"Sailor Moon, wake up! You did it, you stopped Queen Beryl!" she called out.

Ryo stared at his long lost sister with sadness in his eyes when she didn't even budge. "No!" Sailor Mars said sobbing, "Sailor Moon…no! This isn't how it's supposed to end."

"The Silver Crystal used up all of her energy," Mercury said crying softly as Cye held her from behind.

Jupiter let out a sob. "You have to wake up…you can't leave us like this!" she told her friend before turning around into Sage's arms, crying softly.

"This isn't fair!" Venus exclaimed.

Rowen held Sailor Moon in his arms, his eyes showing the heartbreak. "Sailor Moon…" he murmured. Closing his eyes, his kanji symbol glowed brightly on his forehead while her crescent moon glowed just as bright. Leaning forward, he rested his forehead against hers and kissed her still lips, holding her to him. The Silver Crystal, that was lying lifeless on the floor beside them started shining, before it flew up and landed into Sailor Moon's broach, creating a whole new one. When Rowen pulled away, Sailor Moon had color back in her face.

"Rowen," she whispered.

A smile appeared on his face. "Hey, Beautiful," he answered. Sailor Moon reached up, her arm going around his neck before she sat up and hugged him tightly. Rowen hugged her back.

"At last," she said with tears in her eyes, "We're together again!"

Rowen hugged her back, feeling nothing but relief. Letting Rowen go, she was immediately engulfed in tight embraces from her friends. Everything began to change, and they were suddenly back in Tokyo. "I thought I'd never see this palce again," Lita commented.

Rei ran over, throwing her arms around Ryo's neck. Ryo easily lifted her up, swinging her around in a single circle. "We remember now, and Queen Beryl's gone. What now?" Cye commented as he held Ami to him.

"I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a vacation," Kento answered.

Mina wrapped her arms around his waist. "I agree with that," She said smiling, letting out a shriek when her boyfriend lifted her up so she was sitting on his shoulder. Sage wrapped his arm around Lita's waist as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"I'll be glad we can just be us until the end of our high school days," he commented.

"Yeah, we've got a wedding to attend to in a few years don't we?" Kento asked, smacking Sage on the back.

Sage just shook his head slowly as he rubbed his shoulder. Rowen held onto Serena, pressing a kiss to the top of her head as she rested her head on his chest. Ami wrapped her arms around Cye's waist, her head on his shoulder as they stared up at the bright blue sky. It was a perfect new day of a new beginning for the world.

That night, Rei was sleeping besides Ryo, her head resting on his chest as his arm was wrapped around her waist. White Blaze slept beside him when the tiger suddenly raised is large head with a slight growl. His brown eyes looked over at Rei who was beginning to toss and turn a little in her sleep.

She saw Ryo standing in white armor. "GIVE ME THE ARMOR!" a voice boomed so loud it echoed off the buildings to a city she didn't recognize.

"Try it on first! If it fits…it's yours!" Ryo answered.

She watched as her boyfriend was absorbed into a demon looking being. She then saw as Rowen, Sage, Kento, and Cye each attacked the demon one by one while Ryo was still inside.

Rei sat up with a gasp. "NO!" she screamed. Ryo jolted awake to his girlfriend's screams.

"Rei, Rei what's wrong?" he asked, looking at her.

Leaning back, she tried to catch her breath. "Rei, what is it?" he asked. Looking at him, she shook her head slowly.

"It's nothing…just a bad dream," she answered.

She lied back down on her pillow while Ryo lied back down behind her, pulling her to him. "It's nothing," she repeated softly before closing her eyes.

Stay Tuned For: This Means War