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Azuveya: Fury, Oh Fury

Chapter One: My Heart Beats

Let it be said first and foremost that Aloe was not stupid. She knew, somehow, someway, that she was no longer who – where – she had been, despite not quite recalling what had happened. The steady sound of muggle machinery, the smell of muggle medicines and sicknesses, and the pervasive ache throughout her whole body told her this. The witch felt for her magic, nearly crying out loud when she felt only a tiny fraction of what her core had been. Even then, it trickled like water through Aloe's grasping 'hands', nowhere near as potent or as strong as it had been before this. . . incident.

A door creaked open, finally urging Aloe to open her eyes. The light pierced them, though, causing pain to spike through her skull. The person – brown haired and pale, though a blur to Aloe – gasped, then ducked out again, calling out for a doctor and for someone named John. The witch blinked her eyes, trying to rid them of the blurriness. A sudden bout of exhaustion and her weakened magic flaring heralded the return of her sight.

Aloe turned her eyes onto the woman, assessing her. Dark brown hair, pale flesh spotted with freckles, bright blue eyes – a total stranger. Yet she looked at Aloe with recognition, with happiness. . . with love. It made her chest ache with longing.

"Kelly," the woman sighed in relief, coming to sit at Aloe's side, taking her hand. Who is Kelly? Aloe wondered, And how is she mistaking me for . . . The witch's thoughts trailed off as she realized just how small her hand was. It was a young child's hand. There was a simple tag on her wrist:

Black, Kelly Sex: F
DOB: 14/06/2508 Adm:06/06/2517
Attending Dr: DuFresne, Matthew

What? What? She – Aloe wasn't nine years old. She . . . There isn't really much I can do about this, though. Not with the amount of magic I have. Just what the bloody hell happened to me? Aloe wondered, shocked. In the future, and de-aged? Was it a potions accident? A spell?

"Kelly?" the woman asked, shaking Aloe's hand gently. Worry was clear in her voice. What happened to her daughter? If I am her daughter, why don't I remember more?

The witch took a deep breath, forcing her eyes away from the hospital tag, and stared at the woman. "Who are you?" Aloe asked, knowing almost as soon as those words passed her lips, she was breaking the woman's heart, "W-Where am I?"

Before the woman could rouse herself from her apparent shock, the door opened, admitting two men. One was in a typical muggle doctor's outfit – At least that doesn't seem to have changed much – while the other seemed to be in a uniform. Both men had dark hair and dark eyes, though the doctor's were a dark blue to the other's hazel, and they both seemed fairly tan.

"Kelly," the doctor greeted with a wide, genuine smile, "How are you feeling today?" Aloe stared at him silently, then let her eyes shift warily between the three . . . the three adults. She waited for the woman – Missus Black, presumably – to speak.

"Doctor DuFresne," the woman managed to choke out, "She – Kelly doesn't seem to remember anything." The doctor's eyes widened in shock, the smile vanishing as worry took its place. He had such an expressive face.

"Is this true, Kelly?" DuFresne asked, already walking forward to grab a – a thin metal pad at the end of her bed. The equivalent to a clipboard?

"I don't – . . . I'm scared," Aloe whispered, hunching into herself, "I don't remember any of you. I don't remember who I am. Why am I here – where is here?"

More worried looks were exchanged between the adults, the least expressive of which was the man in uniform. "Your mother," the man in uniform finally said, indicating Missus Black, "Is Eva Black. I am your father, John Black. You are Kelly, our daughter. You collapsed a little while ago, and we brought you to the hospital. He is your doctor, Matt DuFresne. You are nine years old, and you are ill."

Aloe was quiet, musing on that information. She studied her hand conjoined with Eva's. Finally, she nodded slowly. "Okay. What am I sick with?" she asked quietly. They turned to DuFresne, who shuffled uncertainly.

"We. . . We aren't sure, to be perfectly honest. Your heart just shut down of its own accord – we can't figure out why. Then your lungs did, about a week ago. Both managed to re-establish – to, er, start again on their own, with little help from us, but. . . again, we don't know how or why," the doctor admitted reluctantly, "We would like to run a few tests, to make sure nothing else seems to be at risk." He looked at the Black adults, no doubt seeking permission.

Aloe felt a scowl flicker onto her face, but quickly shook it away. Just because she knew she was an adult mentally, didn't mean they knew that, and she couldn't exactly tell them without seeming insane. This would take getting used to.

"So long as your tests don't hurt her," John allowed, a frown in place as he studied his 'daughter', worry shining in his hazel eyes.

"They shouldn't," DuFresne was quick to reassure.

Except they did. Kel- Aloe's nerves seemed to be oversensitive, as if she had been under Crucio. Anything heavier than a light, barely-there touch stung. Needles certainly hurt far worse than she recalled, and her migraine worsened with each 'test'.

This would take a lot of getting used to. And she still didn't know where she was.

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