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Chapter 1



Earth: October 31, 1981

A small blue world brimming with life. That is what many would call the planet Earth. Home to several billion people and a multitude of various species of life, this planet is the center of many conflicts. One such conflict is a war in a secret community of magical beings. The aggressor in this conflict is a Dark Lord by the name of Voldemort, descendent of Salazar Slytherin and one of the most powerful users of the dark arts to date was on the war path. The only person able to hold him at bay for a time was Albus Dumbledore, leader of the light and his former teacher; however a new piece was added to the game. One of his spies overheard a prophecy speaking of a boy who could defeat him.

With a strategy worthy of the best strategist Voldemort only had to lay in wait as one of his underlings, a Peter Pettigrew, watched the child while the parents were away at the Ministry. Then he would strike. He waited for several minutes as children sped past him with plastic bags or pumpkins in hand giggling happily as they ran to the next house to procure more candy. Voldemort scoffed at their 'traditions' a special night in the magical community such as All Hallows Eve was turned into nothing more than a muggle child's chance for a sugar rush.

'Despicable.' He thought. As soon as the boy was removed he would turn his wand on the muggles in the street and be rid of this farce of a holiday. His murderous planning was interrupted when the lights inside the cottage were put out. He grinned underneath his hood. 'Oh yes, he thought 'this would be a great night.'

Voldemort approached the Potter's cottage in Godrics Hollow at a steady pace. Peter was inside waiting for his master's arrival, and ultimately his possible promotion, when the door was opened he ran up to greet the Dark Lord before being hit by a green light.

As Pettigrew's lifeless body dropped to the floor the Dark Lord chuckled "Foolish rat. Why would I let someone willing to give up his own friends live as one of my own subordinates?"

Making his way up the stairs to his would be nemesis' room he took careful note of how the room itself looked. A mobile hung from the ceiling with a full Quidditch team hanging from it, a toy snitch and broomstick lay in the far corner next to toy wand, on the wall behind the crib was a magical alphabet spelling out 'Harry Potter' over and over again.

"Such a frail thing," he said while looking at the infant staring up at him with bright green emerald eyes "You could have been a great asset to my cause, had your blood not been tainted by your mudblood mother."

Voldemort began to enact his plan. Originally he was going to simply kill the child but that would possibly backfire if he was 'destined' to defeat him. So he came up with a backup plan. He began creating a special rune he discovered in an old tome on the floor of the nursery. What it was meant to do was transport whatever was placed on it to another world entirely. A work of art, in his opinion, from his ancestor Salazar Slytherin himself. Placing the child in the center of the rune he began channeling his magic into it.

"Without anyone to take care of you in this other world you are certain to die." The rune began to glow a cerulean blue color "This is good bye, Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Disappeared."

In a flash of light Harry vanished. The only trace left of his existence being his name on the wall. Voldemort couldn't contain the laughter that escaped his mouth at his handiwork. The only one who could possibly stop him was gone from this world. No more prophecy, no more need for a war, his conquest was assured. What he failed to realize in his arrogance was that the rune he used was originally meant to transport one person to another world for research or privacy purposes. The drawback was the reason few people knew of it or used it.

Voldemort felt a pain in his chest. Looking down at his chest he watched as a light blue shapeless object began emerging from it. The wind picked up as one after another five more of these objects merged with the one in his chest. He slowly began connecting the dots as this 'object' being his own soul was put back together. He desperately attempted to force it into his chest but it was futile. His soul, now whole, was ripped from his body and pulled into the rune. The last thing he saw was the tool he used to banish his enemy disappear before he was taken by Death.



What the once Dark Lord failed to think of was that Harry's fate may end up being fulfilled with his banishment. For young Harry Potter ended up on the doorstep of one Glynda Goodwitch. As luck, or fate, would have it his arrival went unnoticed by all but the Huntress. Glynda found him mere minutes after his arrival sitting on her doorstep staring up at her with bright eyes. Something inside of her was drawn to the child and he in turn to her, from that day on Harry Potter was no more, now in his place was Harry Goodwitch.

(Time skip 16 years)

Over the course of Harry's life in Remnant he became somewhat of a rebel. He believed that while dust and aura were the strongest tools to use against the Grimm he believed that together they could create something even stronger. At the age of six Harry began studying about Aura and the effects it has on the Grimm. From there he began learning about dust and the weapons of Hunters and Huntresses. What people failed to realize was that he was far more intelligent than he let on. At the age of eight he created his first weapon, a long range rifle/sword powered by dust, aura and a strange energy he found he had. By the time he was twelve he had created a suit of armor that to anyone could be considered strong enough to take on a fully grown Ursa on its own, armed with two collapsible heat shotels and a large shield on the left forearm. Over the years he began building different suits with similar design schemes. By the time he was fifteen he had completed his sixth suit. The first one he had named Sandrock, he developed a unique system for it that gave it and the other suits personalities and a minor form of sentience. The suit itself acted more like a bodyguard and friend than anything else. The other five suits were more like family, each having its own ideas of what to do during the day. Shenlong spent his time meditating; how something without a brain could meditate he didn't know but Shenlong did it anyway. Wing and Heavyarms focused primarily on Harry's designs and their weapons. Harry once caught Deathscythe attempting to disturb the two during a weapons test. Needless to say Harry couldn't stop laughing when Wing cornered Deathscythe and was prepared to incinerate him. That left the last one of his creations, Gundam, slightly shy around strangers but loyal to no end. Gundam was the first one he designed but the last one he finished. It was also the only suit he used for tournaments since his weapons weren't entirely lethal to other people.

Now at the age of sixteen Harry is seen as one of the smartest people in Vale and the most dangerous. What few knew was that the young man was accepted into Beacon earlier than most students. His Uncle Ozpin wanted him to join the year before but Harry wanted to get a bit more experience with his suits. That and he wanted to be able to use a scythe like Qrow, but he eventually conceded to his Uncles wishes when he learned that said scythe wielders protégé would be attending Beacon.


As much as Harry enjoyed being in the air, travel by airship was his least favorite. It could have to do with the fact that he hates flying with someone else in control. Or it could be because flying with Wing was in his opinion the only 'true' way to fly. In the minutes before landing Harry overheard a news report, nothing new, Faunus movements for civil rights, dust robberies, oh, and the escape of well-known criminal and thief Roman Torchwick.

While everyone else made their way of the airship Harry stayed on board for a few seconds longer. When no one save for a single blonde with a motion sickness problem was left near the ship he chose that moment to leave. Let it be known that Harry Goodwitch was smart, stealthy and slightly anti-social. Years of socializing with adults and animate suits of armor do that to kids nowadays.

Harry patted the guy on the back, being the only 'nice' person to pass by so far, the kid was visibly shaken still from his flight.

"You okay?" Harry asked

"Fine, well, better." He said.

Harry smirked when he saw the kids face turn green for a few seconds.

"Names Harry, I may run and hide but I never tell a lie. That's me in a nutshell." He said cheerfully. The boy was about to say something before being reunited with the nearest garbage can. "If you vomit on my shoes I can't be held responsible for my actions." He said with a grin.

"Thanks," the boy said sarcastically. Holding out his hand he said "The names Jaune Arc. Short sweet, rolls off the tongue – ladies love it!"

Harry gave him an 'are you serious' look. "Do they?" he asked.

He immediately regretted his question when he saw Jaune deflate. 'Nice one Goodwitch, break another man's ego why don't 'cha.' Before Jaune could reply the two heard a small explosion. Harry couldn't help but sigh at the fact that he himself didn't cause it, oh well, there's always the days that follow right?

"Meet you inside later then?" Harry said as he started walking towards the academy.

"Wait! Where you going?" Jaune asked

Harry stopped, turned, and raised an eyebrow as he said "I just told you."

Jaune looked sheepish "Don't you want to see what that explosion was about?"

Harry kept walking "I'd rather not. Don't want to be late and all that."

He burst into a light jog. It wasn't a total lie but it still left a bad taste in his mouth. 'Mom's going to kill me if I get in trouble before starting.' He thought.

After jogging for nearly two minutes and quite a few misdirection's later Harry realized that he was 'lighter' than usual. Checking for anything different he realized he left something back with Jaune.

"Yup, she is definitely going to kill me." He said "This is such a drag."

Harry ran back. The only changes to the situation were that in place of students the place was clear of all life. All life except for Harry, his briefcase and the large desert fox Faunus holding it. The man was large compared to Harry. Easily reaching six feet in height. He was dressed like his station, black suit and tie, that being a butler/bodyguard for the family. His light sand colored fox ears sticking out sideways on his head.

"Are you forgetting something Master Harry?" the man said holding the briefcase out to Harry.

Harry rubbed the back of his head sheepishly "Didn't think she'd send you to bring it." Harry said as he accepted the briefcase from the man "Maybe Wing but not you Rashid."

Rashid smiled warmly at the boy. In Harry's early years while Glynda or Ozpin were too busy to watch him Rashid was his babysitter. Rashid protected Harry and still does mostly because of the fact that now he no longer needs the money Glynda paid him but because Harry and his family treat him and all Faunus as equals. Rashid sees fit to pay them back with a life of servitude as a part of the extended family of Harry's much like Sandrock.

"So, do you have any idea of which one you're going to use for the test?" Rashid asked seeing his childlike master zoning out.

"Hadn't thought of that." Harry said looking up at the clouds in a thinking pose "It would have to be an all-around type right?"

Rashid nodded his head "But it would also have to be one that you are used to fighting with in an unknown situation." He said sagely.

Harry waved him off "Like spending my 'youth' studying the Emerald Forest doesn't give me an edge." Harry checked his watch before his eyes widened. He immediately broke into a run now realizing what he had to do now. Looking over his shoulder he yelled back "Sorry to run but I'm running late here Rashid, I'll be sure to stop by on the weekends!" he waved goodbye to his oldest companion before almost tripping on his own two feet.

Rashid sighed as his young master rounded a corner. 'That boy is something else. I just hope he doesn't over do things like he usually does.'


After the five minute detour to grab his stuff Harry managed to find the courtyard where his Uncle Ozpin was about to make his 'new arrival' speech. Harry spotted Jaune in the crowd. The guy was hopelessly alone, lost, and scared? Yeah. Being the good friend he is Harry slowly made his way up to the blonde.

"Miss me?" he asked with a grin.

Jaune turned to him "Hardly noticed you were gone."

Harry blinked.

Jaune laughed at the look on his face. He was slightly miffed that Harry had ditched him but he was glad to see his first friend here again.

"That was a joke wasn't it?"

And he laughed again. Harder this time. Harry sighed before chuckling to himself.

"Yeah, and paint our nails, and try on clothes, and talk about cute boys, like tall, blonde, and scraggly over there!" someone said in a mocking tone.

Jaune and Harry stopped laughing. Turning to the speaker Harry recognized the heiress of the Schnee Dust Company, Weiss Schnee, he tried to contain his laughter when he saw Jaune deflate then brighten up as an idea came to his head.

"Don't even think about it buddy, that one just isn't for you." He said snickering at the end.

"What are you talking about? Not now but given time it could work." Jaune replied.

Harry rolled his eyes as Ozpin came on stage. He might show respect to adults who deserved it but his Uncle was a strange case. Harry respected him, just not his addiction to tea, or coffee for that matter. Jaune caught on quick when everyone else turned towards the podium. Ozpin pushed his glasses up slightly and scanned the crowd for one trouble magnet nephew of his.

"I'll keep this brief," he began "You have traveled here today in search of knowledge, to hone your craft and acquire new skills." Harry felt his Uncles eyes sweeping the crowd "When you have finished, you plan to dedicate your life to the protection of the people." Ozpin sounded detached when he said this. His eyes trained on Harry specifically "But I look amongst you and all I see is wasted energy, in need of purpose, direction. You assume knowledge will free you of this, but your time at this school will prove that knowledge can only carry you so far. It is up to you to take the first step forward toward your goals."

Harry watched his Uncle walk off the stage. Having to say the same thing year after year like that did get tiring he would admit. After all, as a kid, Harry listened to the speech that his Uncle gave with rapt attention. When his mother walked onto the stage Harry visibly paled. Most did considering Glynda's reputation for being both a strict teacher/rule enforcer and being the one person that you would not want to make angry.

"You okay man?" Jaune asked noticing his friend's distress.

Harry just calmed himself down and shook off Jaune's question. "No worries." He said. Not like his mother was about to give a short speech, possibly embarrass him or ward off any girl from coming near him. Oh how fate loves to torment him.

"You will gather in the ballroom tonight. Tomorrow your initiation begins. Be ready. You are dismissed!"

Short, strict, and to the point. Yup, she did not have her coffee this morning, that or she saw the looks that Harry was getting.

"I'm a natural blonde you know."

And Jaune just did what he was told not to do. 'Perfect start to the day' He thought. Harry shook his head at his new friends comment as they were guided to the ballroom.


Harry set his briefcase down in a corner of the ballroom. Behind him everyone was either changed or changing in some cases into their pajamas, sleepwear whatever you want to call it. He was too busy checking on his 'cargo'. All Harry had with him was extra dust for his weapons. The weapons themselves were always connected to him by these special designs he made. Special circuits he designed on the inside of the suits that connected them to him by his aura and the other energy he has. Whenever he wants one of them he just needs to 'will' it to appear and boom! Instant suit of ass kicking potential right there anywhere, anytime he needs it.

Harry closed his briefcase and sighed. He thought about choosing his armor now or waiting till the morning when he felt like he was being watched.

"Is there something you need?" he asked.

Standing behind him were two girls, he recognized them from the reports his Uncle and mother had on prospective students, the blonde was just a few inches shorter than him if he had to guess. Lilac eyes, plus blonde hair, this was the infamous Yang Xiao Long that his mother kept going on about. Then again, anyone who could take down a club full of thugs, axe gang or not, and make his mother that uh, distressed? Was easily someone to look out for.

Then there is the redhead, with silver eyes. Uncle Oz's favorite hopeful, Ruby Rose, niece of Qrow and younger sister of Yang. A scythe user if he remembered correctly.

Ruby was trying to get a look at his briefcase. The look in her eyes reminded Harry of himself when he first saw one of the many tournaments held on Remnant for Hunters and Huntresses. That same spark of pride, joy, and curiosity was prevalent in her eyes. Harry chuckled as Ruby reached for the briefcase before he pushed it further from her.

"Nice try Red but no dice." He said teasingly.

Ruby let out a whine as she focused her attention on him.

"Your that guy Jaune was talking about." Was all she said.

"I'm sorry?"

"He mentioned a guy that was funny, rude and kind of insane." She said without blinking.

Harry could agree with funny, on occasion he comes off as rude but insane? That just wasn't his normal shtick. Despite the things she said he actually laughed. Okay, okay, his laughter can be sometimes insane.

"No, seriously what did he say about me?" He grinned.

Yang caught a mischievous glint in his eyes "He was right about the funny part, but he never mentioned you being…anti-social?" she supplied seeing him slowly edge away from the pair.

Harry stopped moving away. Now he knew why his mother didn't like this girl, she was too wild for her taste, but she was just rebellious enough for Harry.

"Well what does one do when two people he hardly knows are trying to touch his stuff?" He moves the briefcase further back when he sees Ruby reaching for it again "Stop that."

Harry sighed when Ruby pulled away from the case "I guess I can be rude sometimes."

He stood up and extended his right hand out to the two sisters "My name is Harry; just Harry is fine, I am sorry if I was being rude to you two."

Ruby hesitated before shaking his hand, thinking he might run off, though she still didn't take her eyes off of his case. Yang and Harry knew what she was looking at and both rolled their eyes.

"My names Ruby, and this is my sister Yang," Yang smiled briefly "I'm sorry for bothering you but I was just curious of what you had in that briefcase."

Quite a few prospective students were curious. Many chose not to bother with Harry while a few, like Ruby, were studying him as best they could from afar.

Harry sighed as he handed her the case. Ruby opened it up with a bright smile on her face before Harry started chuckling. Her smile dropped, Dust. That was all he had in the case? Dust? Where were the weapons? Or the parts for one?

By now Harry was almost laughing outright. Yang couldn't help but snicker when she saw the Dust from behind Ruby.

"That can't be it. There's got to be more!" Ruby cried.

Harry shook his head "Sorry, if you were looking for my weapons you'll have to wait till tomorrow."

Ruby's shoulders slumped. She handed the case back to Harry and tiredly walked back to her sleeping bag. Harry put the case back in the corner he had claimed. Yang was now more curious of him than she would admit.

"Aren't you going to join her?" His voice snapped her out of her musings.

"You're not trying to get rid of me already are you?" she said with a pout.

Harry couldn't tell if she was being serious or not. Falling back on his Uncles teachings he shook his head. "Me? Get rid of a beautiful girl like you? I must be out of my mind if that's what I'm doing." He laughed lightly at the end.

Yang would've laughed with him but she had a better idea in mind.

Wrapping one arm around Harry's shoulders and leaning into him for emphasis she looked up at him and said "Then you won't mind if I stay with you tonight."

The reaction was instant. Harry was a sputtering mess, and imitating a tomato perfectly. He wasn't new to flirting or being flirted with but Yang was a unique individual. Considering she could control fire and was on his mother's 'watch out for' list he was both impressed and scared for his life.

"I don't believe in sleeping with the girl right after the first date." He grinned.

"Handsome and a gentleman," Yang smiled at him and Harry felt another blush coming. She walked away, not before kissing Harry once on the cheek, she did love embarrassing him. Harry tried to clear his mind of any 'stray' thoughts but to no avail. Shaking his head he sat down with his back to the case and fell asleep in that position.

(Time skip 11 hours)

If one were to check the ballroom they would see it clear of all soon to be students minus one Harry Goodwitch. He was in the same corner as last night, briefcase behind him as he slept protectively in front of it; he was shaking his head back and forth as if he were having a bad dream. In truth he was having a rather pleasant one. Harry was fighting against his other suits switching between which one he used in order to see just what he should use for the initiation. His body fell back as he was kicked in the chest by Shenlong in his mind. His head hit the back corner hard. His eyes snapped open, blinking rapidly he took in his surroundings as if in an actual fight. Realizing he was the only one still in the ballroom he jumped up to his feet, grabbed his briefcase, and made his way to the nearest shower.

After his quick shower Harry got into his self-dubbed 'battle clothes' consisting of one blood red t shirt, black jacket, jeans and sneakers. Heading to the weapons locker room he stopped by the kitchens 'liberated' several biscuits and began the search for his locker.

"It's always the large numbers." Harry muttered as he passed by locker 79. The piece of paper he was given with his locker number on it was well past the eighties. 117. Of all the lockers he couldn't get one that was earlier on his tour of the locker room. "113, 114, 115, 116, 117! Finally!" he cheered.

Quickly opening his locker Harry saw everything he would need. "Now which one to use?" he mused "Needs to have a close range weapon, but still have the range, definitely not Deathscythe then."

Harry pulled out two blue gauntlets, white greaves, and a pair of green lensed white sunglasses. Getting his stuff together he put his briefcase inside and closed the locker. 'I just hope Uncle Oz doesn't start till I get there.' He thought breaking into a run.


Emerald Forest Ciffside-7 minutes later

Ozpin, though he didn't show it, was nervous. Before him standing on launch pads were the new students. All of them were ready and armed, all of course but his nephew Harry. The boy hadn't shown up on time as he was certain Glynda hoped/wanted nor did he show up five minutes like he himself believed he would. Now standing with quite literally all eyes focused on him as he checked his scroll for the time he felt pressed for time.

'I hope Glynda doesn't kill him when he gets here.' He thought silently praying for his nephew's arrival and good health. Just as the ten minute limit was about to be reached he was surprised to see Harry running towards them. The boy stopped on his pad next to Jaune Arc panting heavily.

"Do you…have any idea…how long….a run…..that is?" he asked between pants.

"If you had woken up at the same time as everyone else then you wouldn't be panting now would you?"

Harry glared as best he could at his Uncle. He could be an evil man at times. Ozpin cleared his throat as he began one of the many speeches he'd give today.

"For years, you have trained to become warriors, and today, your abilities will be evaluated in the Emerald Forest," he began.

"Now, I'm sure many of you have heard rumors of the assignment of 'teams'. Well, allow us to put an end to your confusion. Each of you will be given teammates… today," Glynda added.

"What? Ohhh…" Ruby murmured in concern.

"These teammates will be with you for the rest of your time here at Beacon. So it is in your best interest to be paired with someone with whom you can work well," Ozpin said, hearing this Ruby and several others groaned. Harry chuckled at their despair drawing several strange looks from Jaune, Ruby and surprisingly his own Uncle.

"That being said, the first person you make eye contact with after landing will be your partner for the next four years,"

"Whaaaat?!" Ruby cried in panic.

"See? I told you-!" the orange haired girl further up the line started, Ozpin had cut her off before she could continue.

"After you have partnered up, make your way to the northern end of the forest. You will meet opposition along the way. Do not hesitate to destroy everything in your path… or you will die." Beside him Jaune laughed nervously. Harry gave him a slightly sadistic grin which only proved to scare the boy even more.

"You will be monitored and graded through the duration of your initiation, but our instructors will not intervene. You will find an abandoned temple at the end of the path several relics. Each pair must choose one and return to the top of the cliff. You will guard that item, as well as your standing, and grade you appropriately. Are there any questions?"

"Yeah, um, sir?" Jaune asked hesitantly raising a hand.

"Good! Now, take your positions." Ozpin said.

Everyone got into their own fighting stance. Harry watched as the students started being launched into the air.

"Uh, sir? I've got, um… a question," Jaune asks, not noticing the number of students being launched increasing, "so, this landing… strategy thing… Uh, wha- what is it? You're, like, dropping us off or something?"

"No. You will be falling." Ozpin said simply.

"Oh, uh, I see… So did you, like, hand out parachutes for us?" Jaune asked as more students were launched. Harry saw the orange haired girl be launched into the air, giggling madly as she flew through the air. Her friend followed seconds after with a tired sigh. Before Yang was launched she put on her own sunglasses and Harry could've sworn he saw her wink at him before she took off.

"No. You will be using your own 'landing strategy'."

"Uh-huh… Yeah," Was the intelligent reply "So, just what exactly is a landing strategYYY!..."

Harry watched the blonde go sailing into the sky. Looking at his uncle he could only say "You are an evil man Uncle Ozpin." before he too was airborne.

Ozpin took a sip of his tea. Glynda began monitoring the students, or more specifically her son, on her scroll.

"You are going to keep a close eye on him, aren't you?"

She didn't care to respond to that. Instead she focused solely on his excited face flying through the air.


Chapter end

A:N: If you cant guess, this is what has been keeping me busy for the whole summer, that and school work, but enough about bad things. This is the ultimate creation of my warped mind, a combination of the best selling series Harry Potter, new craze that is RWBY and of course the Mecha anime known as, Gundam. Why not add them into a crazy idea that could possibly blow people away, or get me run out of town by an angry mob.