Chapter 12



"AI/phoenix thought/speech"

-pov change-



-With Yang and Neptune-

In the club district of Vale, the sound of an engine getting closer and closer was heard until Yang's motorcycle, Bumblebee, pulled into the street and stopped just short of the sidewalk.

"Come on, my friend's right in here!" Yang exclaimed after taking off her helmet. She got off the bike to reveal Neptune sitting right behind her, hair and goggles messed up with a petrified expression of terror on his face.

"Cool..." Neptune mumbled, sounding dizzy. Shaking his head, somehow perfectly fixing his appearance, Neptune got off the cycle and looked around worriedly. "And where exactly is... here?"

Lockon lands beside Bumblebee as he deactivates the Dynames. Running a hand through his hair he sighs as he snaps his free hand in front of Neptune's face. "Eyes up. Wouldn't want the boss man to find out you were checking out his girl now would we?" Lockon laughs as Neptune runs into the club behind Yang with a look of fear in his eyes. Ah, the perks of being the White Devil of Vale. Checking his appearance in one of the side mirrors Lockon growled to himself as he notes the helmet hair. "I thought I fixed this already?" he growled as Haro sounds off a taunt.

-inside the club-

"Close the door - she's coming!" The henchman exclaimed as he and another henchman proceeded to roll the doors shut and keep them closed with their bodies.

"What are you two idiots doing?!" Junior yelled as he walks out from the bar.

The henchmen shouted incoherently until an explosion knocked them to the ground and forced the doors open, allowing Yang to walk in through the smoke as a familiar song started playing.

"Guess who's back!" Yang exclaimed. She continued to smile and pose as eight guns were pointed in her face with an equal number of angry henchmen behind them. Though this doesn't faze her, she stopped and glared at the recording studio where the track was messing up until the frightened bear-headed DJ took the needle off the record and retreated back under the table.

"Yeah, so could you define "friend" for me?" Neptune questioned as he appeared behind Yang.

"Stop, stop! Nobody shoot." Junior exclaimed, cutting his way through the crowd of goons. "We don't want anyone to do anything they'll regret."

"Insurance costing too much for you Junior? I am shocked." Lockon says in

"Blondie, you're here!And you brought the brat" Junior said, straightening his tie. "... Why?"

"You still owe me a drink." Yang said before grabbing Junior by the arm and dragging him to the bar through the hired guns.

Lockon shrugs "I'm here on official business."

"Whoa-ho-ho-ho, what a woman..." Neptune said, breaking from his lovestruck stare to see the two girls of the Club. One was a teenage girl with long black hair and pale green eyes, highlighted by heavy cyan makeup. She wore a white strapless dress with cyan lining. The second girl was a teenage girl with short black hair and pale green eyes, highlighted by heavy red makeup. She wore a red strapless dress with black lining. These two were twin sisters Melanie and Miltia Malachite.

"'Sup?" Neptune said.

"Hmph!" Melanie and Miltia said as they began walking away, their noses in the air as they spoke in sync. "Whatever."

Lockon pinched the bridge of his nose "What did I just finish telling you?"

-With Blake and Sun-

Meanwhile with Blake, Sun,and Dearka. Blake's fingers traced three scratch marks on a wall before peeking around its corner and seeing a pair of horned Faunus as they were ushered into a building by a bearded man. Her outfit had undergone a change of attire, Blake now wore a white v-neck zip-up shirt that was black along the bottom and had mid-length sleeves. Her belladonna flower emblem was printed in off-white on the left side of her shirt. She wore black pants that had a vertical gray stripe on the outer side of each leg, and she wore a black belt with them. Attached to the inner side of the belt was a black, somewhat curved, banner-like piece of fabric that hung from the back and extended forward to her hips. On the underside of this was a thinner, longer, similarly-shaped purple piece of fabric. Her black high-heel boots came halfway up her calves and had a pair of belted straps across them. She still wore her black ribbons on her arms and her black bow overtop her cat ears.

"This is it." Blake said.

"You sure?" Sun asked as Blake glared at him and started moving towards the entrance while unfastening her bow. "Y'know, I'm just gonna take your word for it."

The three walked inside the building to a hallway filled with cases.

"New recruits, keep to the right!" a man announced at the younger pair as they followed.

Dearka narrowed his eyes slightly "Guys, I'm not seeing any way in for me. No animal traits is a major turnoff for the White Fang these days."

Blake rolled her eyes "Two Faunus and what looks like a human at a White Fang rally tends to mean the human is a Coordinator Dearka."

"Oh." was the intelligent response.

"Just keep quiet and you should be fine." she sighs in annoyance.

"I don't get it." Sun said, holding out the half-mask in his hand. "If you believe what you're doing is right, why hide who you are?"

"The masks are a symbol. Humanity wanted to make monsters out of us, so we chose to don the faces of monsters." Blake explained.

"Grimm masks... That's kind of dark." Sun commented.

"So was the guy who started it." Blake said, putting her mask on and walking onward.

"Always sunshine and rainbows with you..." Sun said, following her lead. The new recruits to the White Fang were moving in a line to the side of the stage, a mere few dozen compared to the hundreds of white-vested, black-hooded soldiers to their left and up above in the balconies. The three looked around themselves when they stopped, and a fully-masked man with tattoos stood and started speaking before the large sheet emblazoned with the bloody wolf and claw marks.

"Thank you all for coming. For those of you who are joining us for the first time tonight, allow me to introduce a very special comrade of ours! I can assure you, he is the key to obtaining what we have fought for so long!" the White Fang Lieutenant exclaimed. The dark pants and brown shoes stepped forward before the orange tip of a certain cane tapped on the stage. Smiling confidently at the crowd, despite the protests from said crowd, was Roman Torchwick.

"Thank you, thank you!" Roman said, waving mockingly. As he spoke, a woman with pink and brown hair and two large guards walked out from behind the stage. "Please, hold your applause!"

"What's a human doing here?" an Antlered Faunus in the crowd called out, pointing at Roman.

"I'm glad you asked, "Deerie"! Now, I'll be the first to admit, humans... are the worst." Roman said, saluting as an example. "Case in point. So, I understand why you would like to see us all locked away, or, better yet, killed."

"So, is he going somewhere with this?" Sun whispered, leaning over to Blake. The two had the demonic masks of the White Fang on their faces to conceal their identities.

"But, before the claws come out, I'd like to mention the fact that you and I all have a common enemy: the ones in control; the people pulling the strings; the dirty, rotten humans that run our kingdoms!" Roman stated, the crowd changing their tune and starting to agree with him. "Government; military; even the schools: they're all to blame for your lot in life!" he exclaimed, letting the crowd cheer as the three students shared a look. "And they're all pests that need to be dealt with! Fortunately, I'm the best exterminator around... No offense to any rodents in the room." With a snap of his fingers, the curtain behind him fell, and the whole mass of Faunus applauded at the sight of what was behind the fallen curtain. Looming on the stage, was an enormous mech with various guns and the White Fang symbol emblazoned on one side of it. This was the yet-to-be-released Atlesian Paladin-290.

"Whoa, that's a big robot..." Sun said.

"How did he get that?" Blake asked.

"I am more concerned with his buddies on stage" Dearka whispered gesturing to three individuals standing on stage behind Torchwick. On the far left was a rather short girl that resembled ice cream, if Dearka was honest, carrying an umbrella. The next were two guys roughly as well built as, if not more so than, Yatsuhashi a upperclassmen at Beacon.

"As some of you might have heard, this right here..." Roman started, tapping the giant mech. "... is Atlas' newest defense against all the scary things in the world. And thanks to my "employer", we've managed to snag a few before they, uh, "hit the shelves". Now, many of your brothers have already moved down to our new operation in the southeast. If you'd rather stay within the city, that's fine... But if you're truly ready to fight for what you believe in, this is the arsenal I can provide you. Any questions?" The White Fang's roaring applause was the response he got.

"We should get out of here." Blake whispered to Sun.

"Will all new recruits, please come forward!" The White Fang Lieutenant commanded.

"Welp!" Sun said as the line surged forward with the two having to follow.

"Escape plan?" Dearka asked Blake as they were slowly forced forward by the crowd.

-With Lockon, Yang, and Neptune-

Back at the Club, Junior placed his glass down as he sat behind the bar separating him from his interrogators.

"I don't know!" Junior exclaimed.

"How can you not know?" Yang questioned.

"I haven't talked to him! I haven't even seen him since the night you first came in here." Junior said, leaning over to point in Yang's face. "He paid up front, I lent him my men, and none of them ever. Came. Back."

"So where did they go?" Neptune asked, rushing to Yang's side to raise a question of his own.

"What kind of stupid question is that? They never came back!" Junior said before looking at the blond. "Who is this guy?"

"Don't worry about him; worry about me if I don't find out what I want!" Yang said, pushing Neptune out of the way with one hand.

"I already told you everything! Torchwick hired my boys, and I guess he wasn't happy with them, which is something I can relate to!" Junior said, directing that last part at his own men, who grumbled and walked away in response.

"Lets try something new then shall we?" Lockon says as he makes his way to the bar, a few of Juniors men laying splayed out on the floor behind him.

"How many times do I have to remind you that I don't need these guys sent to the hospital!?" Junior slammed his hand down angrily as Lockon shrugged

"Give me what I want and I won't do it in the future."

Junior grumbled as Lockon pulled out his scroll "I need information."

"There's a shocker." Junior mumbled.

"Cute." Lockon says as he places his scroll down in front of Junior "I need anything you have on this."

Junior scans the list before looking up at the sniper with a raised brow "Why exactly...are you looking at this?"


"Okay," he looks back at the list "Anything you can tell me?"

"Lets just say there is a rumor going around that I want confirmed."

Junior hums as he inspects the list a final time "This bit here about a blue Zaku is new."


"It isn't a Zaku but a new model entirely. I don't know how many or even what its called but I do know that its powerful. Allegedly it could fight the White Devil and win if they ever were to meet in battle."

Lockon nods his head "Anything else?"

"Yeah. There are two things here that are...difficult to get a hold of. The first is this rumor about an organization calling itself Celestial Being. Showed up a few days ago in Mistral fighting against Zeon. They claim to be a prevention force using armed interventions to end and prevent wars. Even claim to have mobile suits called Gundams." Lockon's eyes widened a fraction. "You know what those suits are?"

"Yeah, just so happens I do."

"You're not going to tell me are you?"


Junior sighs "Well then, the last one is about OZ. From what I understand they are Mistrals Mobile Suit Corps. Rumor has it that they are developing two new models for their own forces and are tracking down the best weapons designers to help them make something that could replace and eliminate the White Devil."

Lockon took his scroll back and filed that information away for later "You've been a big help tonight Junior. Enjoy the rest of your evening."

Junior snorts "So long as you and Blondie stay away for a while I'll be fine."

"Come on, Lockon, Neptune." Yang said, turning from the bar and walking away.

"We get everything we need?" Neptune asked, following Yang with his hands in his pockets.

"Well, we got everything we can. Hopefully the rest of the team is having better luck." Yang said.

"Only thing we can do is hope for the best" Lockon sighs.

-With Blake and Sun-

The White Fang was still cheering loudly as the recruits were marched to the stage, with Blake, Dearka and Sun having no choice but to follow along.

"What are we going to do?!" Sun whispered to Blake.

"I'm thinking..." Blake said. Roman leaned on the robot smoking his cigar and laughing with the girl and his two henchmen before he zeroed in on the two, frowning.

"He sees us..." Sun said as he tried to smile and wave.

"Sees you two, not me." Dearka says.

"He can't see us in the dark." Blake said, noticing the junction box on the wall. With that, Blake unsheathed Gambol Shroud, transforming it into a pistol, and shot at the box, making the lights go out for the whole building.

"Don't let them get away!" Roman exclaimed.

"Sun! The window!" Blake exclaimed.

"Stop them!" Roman yelled.

Before the two student Huntsmen crashed through the window and started running as fast as they could, the mechanized sound of running power signaled the Atlesian Paladin's activation, and it crashed through the wall of the building in pursuit of the runaways, who leapt off of a car and managed to get on the roofs. The Paladin followed beside them on the street as Blake and Sun ran, jumped, and flipped from rooftop to rooftop. Dearka running behind the large mech suit.

"So you wouldn't happen to have... oh, I don't know... some form of backup?!" Sun asked amidst twirls in the air.

"On it!" Blake exclaimed, grabbing her Scroll and putting it to her ear as she continued to jump.

-With Weiss-

Weiss was seen leaving the Cross Continental Transmit tower's elevator when she grabs her own Scroll and listened to Blake's message.

"Everyone! If you can hear me, we need back-" Blake started.

"HEEEELLLLP!" Sun exclaimed.

-With Ruby and Tatsuya-

Ruby was still beside the dumpster, which was now boarded up to keep the rat imprisoned, staring at her Scroll.

"Big robot! And it's big! Really big!" Sun exclaimed.

"Oh, I am not missing this!" Ruby exclaimed

"Race ya." Tatsuya says running off to join the fight.

-With Yang Lockon and Neptune-

Yang was back on the motorcycle in her helmet and sunglasses with Neptune looking at the Scroll in her hand over her shoulder.

"That Torchwick guy is in it! But not, like, it didn't eat him; he's, like, controlling it or something!" Sun exclaimed over the Scroll-call.

"Where are you guys?" Yang asked. Right on cue, behind them, Blake and Sun could be seen running through the street with the Paladin hot on their heels before they disappeared from view.

"HURRYYYYY!" Sun exclaimed both in person and on the Scroll.

"I think that was them." Neptune stated.

"Yeah, I got it." Yang said, putting the Scroll away and quickly circling her ride around - much to Neptune's alarm - and drove off to follow them.

Lockon activates Dynames before leaping into the air behind them.

-With Blake and Sun-

Blake and Sun somehow managed to make it to the highways, jumping down into the busy street and continuing their escape by hopping on cars while the Paladin followed them by pushing vehicles out of the way. Sun paused to look at their pursuer's path of destruction.

"Whoa!" he exclaimed before leaping onto more cars, much to the anger of Roman inside the robot, his face surrounded by blue holographic screens.

Yang and Neptune were able to follow the mech suit on their ride, coming up next to it as it ran.

"We've gotta slow it down!" Yang exclaimed.

"Got it!" Neptune said, reaching for the gun on his back. Roman noticed the pair on his sensors and crashed into a multitude of cars with the Paladin's strong bulk, sending them flying towards his chasers.

"Hold on!" Yang said as she swerved, leaning her bike to the side in avoidance of flying debris.

"Wuh-oh..." Neptune exclaimed, flailing around in a panic. Back on two wheels again, Neptune unslung his weapon and aimed it at the Paladin, sparks flying off of it before several bolts of blue electricity shot at the massive mech, causing Roman to grimace from the force of the attacks.

Switching strategies, Neptune flipped the gun and it grew a shaft and an energy blade at the end, then jumped from Yang's bike as the spear's head began to split in three and drove it into the top of the Paladin. Sun and Blake paused in their car-hopping to look back.

"Neptune, hang on!" Sun exclaimed. Neptune tried his best, but the mech kept bucking and threatened to make him fall. Closing his eyes, Sun smashed his palms together, and from the golden Aura around him, his Semblance created two glowing outlines that copied their creator, leaping off and going back over the tops of vehicles to collide into the Paladin's front. They exploded into blinding light upon contact to let Sun leap forward with his staff held high, but Roman finally turned enough to send Neptune flying off and knocking into his leader, sending both of them off the highway.

"Oh crap!" Lockon exclaims as a car knocks him out of the air. As he gets up with a groan Deaka lands beside him with the Buster active.

"Need a hand?"

"Thanks partner." Lockon says as he stands up with a groan.

The two look in the direction the Paladin was headed. Cars on their sides or being launched through the air leaving a path of destruction in its wake.

"Any chance we can get an 'easy' day?" Dearka asks.

"not on your life Elsman" Tatsuya says as he comes to a stop beside the two.

"You made it." Lockon says greeting the speedster "Wheres Harry?"

"He should be here any second now."

-With Team RWBY-

Weiss jumped up and twirled over the highway and landed in the middle of the road, holding Myrtenaster at the approaching Roman. He smiled as his robot charged the girl, but Weiss spun and plunged her blade into the ground, summoning a circle of ice across the pavement that caused the Paladin to slip and crash, actually flying over the young Huntress and falling off the ramp, landing further down before Ruby, already having her Crescent Rose out in scythe form.

The Paladin stood back up, and the rest of Team RWBY fell beside Ruby to take up positions. Roman chuckled, moving the robot slowly towards the girls.

"Freezer Burn!" Ruby exclaimed as she and Blake jumped back out of the way as Weiss performed her same ice-circle trick, but backed out of Yang's way when she jumped into the air a smashed the epicenter with her Ember Celica, creating a wave of mist that surrounded Roman.

Immediately, the Paladin activated its laser sensors to make up for the lost sight, but it barely saw the afterimage of Blake and narrowly missed the dashing Yang. A gun managed to fire at the area between Blake and Yang, but out from the blast came Ruby, who slashed the metal with her blade, causing it to falter.

"Checkmate!" Ruby yelled. Blake and Weiss went in this time, each girl going for the feet until Weiss jumped up and stabbed a sensor before leaping off of a white glyph. Roman lifted the Paladin's foot to crush Blake, but Weiss summoned another glyph under her teammate to launch her backwards before the crushing blow could land. Roman growled and fired off the missiles, but Weiss and Blake flipped backwards as the explosions merely hit where they were.

Finally, Weiss jumped up too high, and Roman fired a double energy blast at her. Myrtenaster absorbed the damage, but Weiss was thrown back, so she casts a beam of light in midair from her weapon to the ground under Blake, forming a yellow clockwork circle that was absorbed into the Faunus girl, allowing her to slice through each launched missile with ease in a flurry of super-fast slashes. Weiss flew through the air, fully expecting to land on the ground in a large impact, but was caught by a pair of arms. Her mysterious rescuer helped the heiress to land safely before vanishing. No running, no vehicle just straight up ninja fade into the shadows.

"Ladybug!" Ruby exclaimed, running into the fray as she shot herself forward and cutting the robot's legs, then turning as Blake aimed herself at the giant's feet as well. They both dashed forward and attacked at the same time, circling each other around the Paladin with each strike until they both launched themselves into the air and coming down together on the shoulder, cutting off the left arm entirely.

Yang didn't waste a second, jumping onto the Paladin's back and punching the top with fiery shotgun blasts. Roman was knocked around in the cabin, but seeing as he couldn't reach her with his remaining mechanical arm, he ran backwards through two columns and leaving her embedded in a third before backing away and turning towards her. Just as she is falling down, the remaining arm extended a closed fist and knocks Yang through the final pillar.

"We have to slow it down!" Ruby said.

"And how do you propose we do that?" Weiss questioned.

"Ice Flower!" Ruby exclaimed. The two girls twirled their weapons so they both pointed at Roman, Weiss creating a series of glyphs in front of the scythe's sniper barrel, and a single shot through the circles created a dazzling spiral of energy that created large icicles upon impact with the Paladin. Ruby continued to shoot as Weiss froze the fire, and as the ice completely enveloped the robot's body, Blake swung Yang around in a circle one more time, but with Roman unable to move, the Paladin was hit by the speed and power of Yang's fist tearing the suit apart.

"Just got this thing cleaned..." Roman said as he got up, slightly dazed but unharmed, as he inspected the damage while brushing himself off. Standing next to him was the same two-toned girl from before, her pink umbrella opened and hanging over her shoulder.

"Ladies... Ice Queen..." Roman said, addressing the group in front of him.

"Hey!" Weiss exclaimed, feeling slightly ticked off at the nickname.

"Always a pleasure! Neo, if you would..." Roman said. The pink-and-brown girl curtsied her enemies with a bow ticking off Yang as she charged forth with fists raised to strike the trio, only to break their image as if made out of a mirror and turned just in time to see them escape in a Bullhead.

"So I guess he got a new henchman..." Yang said.

"Yeah, I guess she really made our plans... fall apart!" Weiss said jokingly. Ruby giggled, and Blake started walking away.

"No. Just... no." Yang said.

"What- But, you do it!" Weiss exclaimed.

"There's a time and a place for jokes." Yang stated.

"Was this not it?" Weiss asked.

"No, it just wasn't very good." Yang said as she followed Blake.

"Well, at least I'm trying!" Weiss said.

"Wait... Where are the guys?" Ruby asked.


"I have said it once and I will say it again. I. WANT. AN. EASY. DAY!" Dearka raged as his shots missed the blue Zaku before him. The new Mobile Suit appeared shortly after Harry arrived. Without any warning it just attacked them firing bullets from its fingertips, lashing out with an electrified whip and somehow going toe-to-toe with a heat sword against Tatsuya's beam tomahawks.

Lockon was quickly taken down when the whip wrapped around his torso and short circuited his suits power lines. Tatsuya and Dearka were having little success in hitting their opponent. And as for Harry….he was analyzing the suit with Wing's own scanners.

"This is insane." he mutters to himself "For Zeon to have a suit this advanced, and without my help...its impossible!" Tatsuya is kicked past Harry "No way could they have helped, so then who made this thing?" Dearka is given a swift uppercut before Tatsuya joins in the fight again "Could it be him again Wing?"

"Negative. Nemesis hasn't been sighted outside of Mistral, and he doesn't have any record of making Mobile Suits."

Harry growled as he drew his beam saber. Dearka and Tatsuya backed off when their last assault failed. "Let's see just what you are capable of."

The blue Zaku turned to face him. The suits single purple eye focused solely on him. The suit drew its heat sword and acknowledged Harry's challenge. The two stood still for a beat before rushing their opponent. Harry was impressed when his blade was actually stopped by the heat weapon. Against basic metal blades of Huntsman and Ginns the beam weapons could cut right through them but this heat sword could somehow stop them.

"You are good for a child." the pilot spoke "But now you face the Blue Giant!"

Harry was pushed back by his opponent. Raising his left arm the man fired the machine gun concealed in its left hand. The bullets bouncing harmlessly off of Wing's armor. In response Harry fired his vulcans actually managing to damage his opponents armor. Seizing the opening Harry rushed forward, knocking the heated weapon out of his opponents grasp with a kick Harry kicked the side of his opponents helmeted head knocking him to the ground.

"I have to say your Zaku is impressive," Harry admits as his opponent stands back up "To best my team and withstand my blade, a true testament of your suits strength."

"Zaku? This is no Zaku boy!"

Harry raised an eyebrow "Oh? Then what is it?"

"This is the GOUF. And even though you look like the White Devil, I will defeat you! Sieg Zeon!" he cried as he lashed out with his whip, catching Harry's right arm.

"What!?" Harry cried out as the whips electrical charge disrupted his suits sensors. He let go of his blade as he tried to endure the pain.

"This suit was designed to fight the White Devil on equal footing. I would expect him to be able to end this fight in a more spectacular fashion than you children have so far."

Harry grit his teeth "Shame then,!" Harry grabs the whip with both hands and pulls the GOUF towards him. As it soars towards him Harry pulls his right fist back and activating his semblance for an added boost punches the suit right in its monoeye.
The GOUF hits the ground with a resounding thud. Harry groans as he flexes his right arm, feeling the sore muscles as he does so.

"Is it over?" Dearka asks as he inspects the blue suit. Tapping the helmet a few times he jumps back when the purple eye appears on the vizor almost glaring at him.

"Looks like in the middle of a fight, Ramba Ral forgot to fight." he groaned.

Tatsuya's head snapped up at that as he helped Lockon stand "Wait, you are Ramba Ral?"

"So you've heard of me." the now identified Ral says "At least one of you children knows about the Blue Giant of Zeon."

"Tatsuya, mind explaining who the geezer is?" Dearka asks as Ral gets a tick mark above his head.

Harry shakes his head "Once again Dearka, you have a way with adults."

"Elsman, this man is one of the few people we should be wary of in combat. Creuset, Char, each other, the professors, and the Tri-Stars of Zeon are the only ones who can take one of us out in single combat."

"Technically the Tri-Stars never fight alone." Ral points out.

"So he's what? The blue version of the Captain?" Dearka asks.

"No you dunce! He is one of Zeons best commanders." Tatsuya clarifies.

"So, better than the Captain?"

Cue face-palm "You explain it!" Tatsuya growls in irritation to Harry who sighs at his teammates cluelessness.

"Mr. Ral here is a commander of Zeons armies and an 'Ace' if his combat record is anything to go by." Harry explains.

"Ace?" Lockon groans out.

"An Ace is anyone who uses a Mobile Suit and has gotten ten kills with it against other Mobile Suits." Ramba Ral explains.

Dearka grins "Guess we must be double Aces or something right?"

Harry smirks "What our teammate is insinuating sir is that we have fought against some of ZAFT's best and held off Le Creuset on our own."

"You children...fought Rau and lived?" Ral was stunned. Children not even in their second year of school had fought one of the strongest Aces from ZAFT and won? Preposterous.

Dearka shrugged "Wasn't really us. It was all Harry. He did the work."

Harry rolled his eyes at Dearka's boasts "I don't like bragging that much. So what do we do with you Mr. Ral? You gonna report to your superiors about us or are you going to come quietly?"

"Who says we have to turn him into the police?" Tatsuya stood between the two. The look he was giving his team was one of seriousness. "We could take him back to Beacon."

"Are you crazy Tatsuya!?" Dearka shouts at his partner "He is Zeon! If anything he will study us and report his findings back to his own people!"

Ral laughed boisterously "Why do you think I came here boy?" the four gave him questioning looks "I was ordered to infiltrate Vale, assess its defenses and eliminate the White Devil. What my superiors refused to mention was that I was to report back any 'special' individuals and kill any witnesses to my operations."

"What do you mean by special?" Harry asked suspicious of anything relating to Zeon.

"Tell me, what do you boys know of Zeon Zum Deikun's Newtype Theory?" Ral asked them.

-Beacon Academy-

Terra stood atop the rooftop of the first year dormitory watching the night sky. It had been a while since he felt this kind of presence in the air. How could he describe it? It felt like every other night before a major battle but something was off with it. Something was missing. He was so focused on his inner musings that he missed the arrival of his partner.

"What took you so long?" he asked as his partner coughed.

"Those kids you wanted me to watch, they've begun investigating the current situation."

Terra raised an eyebrow before he laughed to himself "So it begins then?"

"Yes," he could hear the amusement in the man's voice "They are just like we were back then. So naive and heroic, it almost makes me wish I could break it all."

Terra scoffed "He wouldn't be pleased with that. Alec would want us to continue with our tasks and keep tabs on possible recruits."

His partner contemplated for a moment "Think that he knows what's going on here?"

Terra shook his head "Unlikely, Eins' agents haven't infiltrated yet, he won't know that anyone of us is here. After all, if Alec isn't here then we aren't a serious threat to him. Right Hiei?"

Hiei smirked "That is correct. Eins fears only certainty, not possibility."

AN: You all hate me. Don't deny it. I am putting too many things out there that you are just not expecting. Admit it! To explain: I am keeping Ramba Ral alive only for two reasons. First is that his original incarnation I felt could have been useful as a traitor of Zeon due to his own beliefs and honor-ish system, second is his Build Fighters incarnation is perfectly suited as a teacher/mentor role with comedic relief mixed in. See where I am going with this? He is Peter Port before Peter Port was created, think about it. Rotund, mustache, boasts a lot and is a teacher? As for the 'Newtype Theory' you should already have an idea in mind. The hierarchy, just so you don't have trouble, is currently Humans/Naturals at the bottom, Faunus above them, Coordinators above them and four more above them. Yeah the world is slowly coming together isn't it?