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Part 1: The Tributes

Chapter 1:

A young sixteen-year-old girl, with brown hair piled upon her head and blue-grey eyes, watched as Katniss Everdeen walked away from the Seam. Obviously, she was going hunting. Well, she wasn't going to tell anyone. The girl's name was Saralyn Greengrass, and she was an orphan. Saralyn walked into the Hob, to do any work so she could have food that day.

The Hob was filled with people bartering and making deals. Greasy Sae waved the young girl over. "Saralyn! How are you today? How many times has your name been in the reaping?"

"Hello, Sae," Saralyn replied, softly. "I'm fine, just nervous. My name is in there forty-six times."

"Well, if you wouldn't try to feed other little orphans," Sae laughed. "But I'm proud of your caring nature." She hugged the girl tightly, showing how scared she was.

At One o'clock, Saralyn found herself following other sixteen-year-old girls into the square. She signed in, and looked around as she walked. There he is! The guy she had a crush on. She mentally brushed his light brown hair from his eyes. She could never do something like that in person! She hadn't even told him that she liked him! Lost in thought, she jumped slightly when Effie Trinket began speaking. The girls around Saralyn gave her sympathetic smiles.

"Ladies first!" Effie walked over to the glass ball with the girls' names. She reached in, and pulled out a slip of paper. Smoothing it out, ignoring all of the held breaths, Effie read out the name.

Saralyn Greengrass.

A/N 2: I know this chapter is short. I'm writing each chapter like the book has them, the events' order I mean, and some chapters will be short while other chapters will be slightly longer. I hope you enjoyed this chapter! :D