Harry was sitting in total shock in the headmaster's office. The final task had ended a few hours ago, and with it the war. Lucius and Severus were both in the room, and their lack of marks confirmed it, Harry had destroyed Voldemort once and for all. Cedric who had been killed would be the last victim. Harry had been rescued from the fake Moody, and Barty and the others who had not been killed, were sent off to prison. Harry was pale and shaken from seeing Cedric killed, and from the ceremony as well. If not for the cloaked figure who had whispered to him to give his blood freely, he would never have known how to defeat the man. He assumed the figure had been Lucius or Severus, they had both been there, as spies. Harry was not sure why neither was taking credit, for helping bring down the Dark Lord. He thought Lucius definitely would want it.

Remus was there with Harry, and he had been told that Sirius would come soon. He prayed that they could finally clear Sirius' name and he could go home with his godfather. He hoped he would never have to face his so called relatives again.

Sirius came in the door. "Cub."

Harry ran to him. "Siri."

He hugged Harry. "It's over."

Remus agreed. "And you can come home."

Severus reminded them. "Sirius is still a fugitive."

Sirius bristled. "We can clear that up."

Albus agreed. "You will be a free man."

Harry worried. "But Peter is dead."

Peter had been in the graveyard and had been killed when the cauldron had erupted. They had been counting on him to testify for Sirius. He was the one who could prove that Sirius had not been the secret keeper. And he could also prove that he was the one who had killed all those muggles. Harry had watched Peter die and he had been struck with the realization his dreams may die. He prayed that Albus was not wrong.

Before they could react, the door opened again, and Fudge and a few others came in. Harry could see the real Moody was with them, and an auror named Kingsley. He had heard Arthur speak about the man but had never met him.

The man looked their way. "Sirius Black."

Harry was pale. "He is innocent. I won't allow you to arrest him."

Severus even grudgingly said. "We have proof enough."

Lucius looked at the man. "I have spoken to you of Peter."

Cornelius calmed them. "None of you are under arrest."

Sirius looked at the man. "I already was."

Cornelius handed him papers. "You are a free man."

Sirius gasped at the papers and he could not explain what it felt like. He had been in prison and now on the run for almost two years. He looked at Harry and at Remus. He could offer Harry a home finally and he and Remus could give Harry the life that he deserved. Harry never spoke of it, but they both knew he had been more than neglected with Petunia. They would ensure he came home with them now and he would remain with them. He had been named Harry's guardian, and Remus after him. Remus had been denied when he was in prison, because of his status.

Albus though looked at the three of them and he knew he needed to clarify a few things with them first. Harry would be going home but it would not be with the two of them. He knew the news would be a shock but he was certain it would be a happy one in the end.

Sirius held Harry. "You can come home."

Remus agreed. "Grimmauld is a bit creepy."

Harry shook his head. "As long as I am with you."

Sirius assured him. "We will find another home."

Remus thought. "That one on the coast."

Albus cut in. "You need to pause."

Sirius turned to him. "What do you mean?"

Remus agreed. "Harry will come home."

Albus sighed. "Harry has a home."

Harry was pale. "I am not going back there."

Sirius assured him. "You won't."

Lucius looked at Cornelius. "He will not."

Lucius was family of sorts to Sirius and he would offer some aid. The boy had saved their world, and he had ensured Lucius, his wife and son were safe. Lucius knew the boy believed he helped him, or Severus, but neither had any idea what had happened or who had helped him. But they would help him now. Lucius owed the boy a debt, and though it was barely a start, he would ensure the boy went home.

Cornelius agreed with Albus. "He will go home to his family."

Sirius growled. "We are his family."

Remus pushed. "We are his guardians."

Albus shook his head. "No."

Harry looked at him. "I am not going back to Petunia. I won't."

Albus assured him. "That was not who I meant."

Sirius reminded the old man. "Harry has no other blood family."

Albus motioned to the door. "But he does."

Shock ran through the room when two figures came in through the doors. They were both in robes like death eaters, but they did not have the masks. Harry realized one of them looked to be the same one who had helped him in the graveyard. He realized that it had not been the two spies. Confusion turned to real shock, when the two figures pushed back their hoods, and revealed their identities.

Harry looked into the faces of his parents. "Mum….Dad…" He fainted in shock.