Molly, Andromeda and Narcissa went into over drive on an engagement party and wedding. They were reminded though it was for the boys. They would be married Boxing day so they could have a ten day honeymoon. They had a number of homes to consider to use for a wedding. Harry owned three homes himself, two from his own inheritance, and one James had to give him. James still had three homes, including Potter manor, Harry would inherit, and 2 abroad. Sirius had gloomy Black manor and Grimmauld, but also the coastal home and Orion's getaway. Harry and Fred would use the home from James on weekends, or Grimmauld when in London with his dads. Harry had his own coastal home from Charlus. Sirius had assured Harry when they chose to marry at Potter manor, he was happy. Harry may be his son, but he was still very much the grandson of William. Sirius had loved the couple deeply, and knee they would be so proud to see their grandson marry at their main home. James, so happy to be invited, agreed. Fred had his siblings minus Ron, George serving as his best man to little surprise of course. Ron was on the other side, standing as Harry's best man. He would be joined by his wife, Neville, Oliver and Alicia. Angie and Katie were not hurt as their husbands were included. Hermione and Ron were the only married couple both in, but Harry could never have chosen between his two best friends.

The couple had chosen the location but had little say in the rest. As Harry was helped to get dressed, he had no idea what to expect. Though his dads would give him away, James was in the room. He had worried he would never get the chance and was happy Harry allowed it. Harry was happy to have all three men there. He was escorted by his dads down into the ballroom where he was told his grandparents hosted Christmas. Twelve floor to ceiling trees glimmering in lights and ribbons, lined the walls, no ornaments as Christmas was over. The roof had the spell from school, and it looked as if snowing. A huge fireplace flanked by windows was at the front. Hundreds of candles in boughs of green were on the mantle, and the Gryffindor crest above the fire. The flowers were the same as his father's he noted, which he knew meant they came from Wallburga's garden. He was a Black after all, and his new family was included even if married in a Potter home.

Lucius had been so honored to marry them. "We are gathered to join these men in marriage. Who gives the younger man in marriage?"

Sirius did the honors. "His dad and I."

"Do you Frederick Gideon Weasley take Harry as your husband and bond, sealed in magic, until you are parted by death?"

"I do."

"And do you Harry James Black take Frederick as your husband and bond, sealed in magic, until you are parted by death?"

"I do."

Lucius motioned. "Now to pledge your vows with rings, symbols of eternal love and link."

Fred took a ring from George. "With this ring I pledge my eternal love and fidelity to you."

Harry took a ring from Ron. "With this ring I pledge my eternal love and fidelity to you."

Lucius turned to the others with a look that dared someone to speak. "Is there anyone who has reason these two shall not be married?"

There was a resounding answer but it was. "No."

Lucius laughed. "Then by the powers that be, I pronounce you husbands. You may seal it with a kiss."

Fred drew Harry in for a kiss. "I thought he'd never say it."

Harry drew away breathless. "Finally."

Lucius announced after the contracts were signed. "Presenting for the first time, Frederick and Harry Black."

Sirius was the first to claim his son as the others clapped. "I am so happy."

Molly hugged her son but Harry too. "Welcome to the family."

There was no one who knew them that had not been thrilled for the couple. They had waited a bit longer than the others to marry. They were planning on trying for a baby on the honeymoon. Fred had surprised a few when he said he'd be carrier, even if Harry still was playing. But it was not about Harry's career, Fred had always liked the idea. Tonight would be a night of firsts for the two of them. Their families joined them for photos, while their guests had some wine and appetizers out in the attached main hall. Then they and all their guests took a sleigh ride around the grounds, well the grooms in their own sleigh, and the others in sleighs and a wagon. It gave time for the ballroom to be transformed. Instead of using the dining room, the ballroom was playing double duty, thanks to the elves and help from magic.

The trees remained, but the room was transformed when they got back. The head table was in front of the fireplace. The tables were in their school colors. The tables were done in Potter china and had Wallburga's flowers, but there was touches of the boys everywhere. The flowers were in quaffles, and the name plaques were in little snitches. There were pictures of them and their loved ones on the tables and behind the head table.

After the first course the band started and Fred drew Harry onto the dance floor. "Our first dance."

Harry settled in his arms. "Should enjoy it while it lasts."

"Never took you for a dancer."

Harry reminded him. "It won't last forever."

"The song will end."

Harry nodded. "And the families will descend."

Fred eyed one way. "They are looming."

"We could bewitch the song to continue."

Fred kissed him. "Too late."

Molly claimed Harry. "Our turn."

Fred eyed Harry's family. "Do I dance with a dad?"

Remus smirked. "The women drew straws."

Andromeda smiled. "And I won."

Molly was so happy. "Finally have you for real."

Harry kissed her cheek. "You are always family."

Molly more than agreed. "Arthur and I feel the same."

Molly and Arthur had always loved Harry and he would have been their son even if he and Fred never got together. Molly was the only mother Harry ever really had. He smiled at the thought of his kids calling her Grandma, he could ask for no better a Grandma for his kids than her. Though Narcissa and Andromeda would be there. Everyone was so happy for them and proud to be there. James watched Harry and thought of his parents. Catherine and William would have been so happy to see this day. Merlin his parents had loved Harry so much.

The night ended, after the cutting of a giant cake that looked like a giant candy store of all things, with fireworks that George had designed alone. The men were given a portkey and soon headed off on a honeymoon that neither of them knew where they were going.

Fred steadied his husband when they arrived. "Are you okay?"

Harry nodded. "Excited to see where we are."

Fred motioned. "Front desk is that way."

A manager welcomed them. "Our honeymooners I assume."

Harry smiled. "Yes."

Fred saw the brochure and smiled. "The elephant camp resort in Thailand."

A bellhop appeared. "I will take you to your suite."

Harry was amazed when they came to their private cabin of sorts. "This is amazing."

Fred pulled him in close. "Maybe explore later."

Harry smirked. "Later? I thought an elephant ride sounded good."

Fred pulled him towards bed. "Not the exploration I was hoping for."

Harry laughed as he sunk into bed with his husband. "They are likely asleep anyways."

Fred started undressing him but he stopped. "Are you okay?"

Harry put Fred's hands back on his buttons. "Yes."

They had been pretty intimate as their relationship progressed but they had never gone all the way. As Fred undressed his husband and explored, Harry had a flash here and there. But he reminded himself he loved his husband and Fred would not hurt him. Years of therapy and love from his dads and now husband, he knew he was safe. As they made love into the night, Harry not using protection when on top, Harry felt at peace.

As Fred slept later Harry lay with his head against his husband's heart and looked at the sunrise. "Finally."

The two of them had the most amazing honeymoon. The elephant resort in Thailand they were sent to was one of the most exclusive resorts. Their families considered Africa. Wizarding resorts were okay with gay, but they'd have had to be careful off the resorts, and Thailand was decided better. They got plenty of wildlife and adventure, riding an elephant, bamboo rafting and more. They made it to Cambodia as well. Though they did not return pregnant, they hoped it would not take long. They were both ready to be dads finally.

By mid-March they announced to their parents Fred was pregnant. They were shocked to learn George was not alone in twins. Unlike George and Angie, they were expecting one of each. They planned on a third down the road, a third to get Fred's shares and any personal money.

Only two weeks before their anniversary Harry watched his husband nursing the twins. "This is so amazing."

Fred looked up from the twins. "You should feel it from this end."

Harry kissed his husband. "I will take your word."

Fred looked on the babies. "I have no regrets."

Harry took his son for a burp. "Good as we said three."

Fred groaned as he burped his daughter. "In a few years."

"Good we had a daughter, or they would be pushing."

"Who? My parents or yours?"

Harry laughed. "Both, though your mom has a granddaughter."

Fred reminded him. "Two now."

Harry heard the door. "Seems we can't keep them out too long."

Sirius led the way. "Where are my grand cubs?"

Remus laughed. "Couldn't contain him any longer."

James smirked. "You were little better."

Molly took her granddaughter. "More pink."

Molly had plenty of grandchildren. Bill and Fleur's daughter Victoire bad been the only pink. Percy, Charlie, Ginny and Ron all had one son, and George had twin boys. Hermione and Fleur were both pregnant, and Penny trying again, so there was hope for more. Part veela, it was very likely Fleur would have another girl. Grandkid up to eight now, she had six grandsons and two granddaughters. For a woman who had to wait for her seventh pregnancy for a girl, she was used to it. Considering Ginny was the first girl in a hundred years, she was lucky to have two.

The twins were soon being gushed over by everyone in the room. The second set of twins made everyone happy. Like George's twins, it again reminded Molly of her brothers, even if not both boys. But like her sons, both of their sets of twins, would have good happy lives.

Hermione asked. "Godparents?"

Fred smiled. "Our little girl is our eldest, so we'd like George and you."

George grinned. "I better be."

Ron pouted. "I was your best man."

Harry agreed. "But Hermione lost the coin flip."

Fred added. "Since I already has a brother, seemed fair."

Ron smiled. "Well I guess she should have a godmother."

Arthur asked. "And your son?"

Harry did the honors. "Oliver and Luna."

Luna was touched. "Thank you."

Fred smirked. "No taking him on any hunt for horned beasts."

Harry whispered to her. "Not until he is at least four."

Luna kissed his cheek. "I promise."

Oliver beamed. "You know I will teach both to fly."

George reminded him. "Excuse me, stick to your own godchild."

Harry laughed as did the rest of the family. Between their parents, family and godparents, both children were bound to fly. Witnesses were usually godparents for the first born, Harry's dads had been. Harry chose Hermione not Ron, as he had a hard time not choosing her as his witness. They also decided a godmother was needed, Harry had Alice as well as two godfathers. Harry and Luna had become quite close through Neville, and since her dad helped with the paper. He was Frankie's godfather. He had considered one of the girls on his old team, but Fred had chosen Oliver. He was one of the few who never made jokes about Luna's odd stories. He hoped she would share them with both his kids.

Narcissa asked. "What names?"

Molly wondered. "The letter tradition?"

Fred shook his head. "We left that to George."

Harry agreed. "Enough for one generation."

Arthur held his wife. "I am sure they came with perfect names."

Sirius was bouncing. "Tell us."

Harry laughed. "Well our little man is Liam Arcturus Black."

Bill grinned. "William?"

Fred smirked. "Liam."

"Honor of my grandfather as well." Harry reminded Bill.

Arthur was touched. "Arcturus?"

Fred nodded. "Both his grandfathers."

"My grandfather." Sirius grunted.

Harry nodded. "Arthur is the anglicized form. And for your brother."

Sirius kissed his son's head. "Perfect."

Molly asked. "And your princess?"

"Rhea Marsali."

They had done their best to honor their families. Liam of course was for Uncle Bill and William Potter, Harry's grandfather. Arcturus was chosen to honor both Arthur and Sirius. It was the Latin for Arthur, Arthur's name taken from the star originally. It was also Sirius's grandfather's name. Harry was reminded of their beloved costal home which had been the man's. But it was also Regulus' middle name. Sirius had cleared his brother's name and Harry redeemed it more. Rhea, though a celestial name for the future Lady Black, was to honor Grandpa Remus. Though a moon and asteroid, both named for a Greek Titan, it came from the Roman myth of Remus. Rhea Sylvia was mother of Remus and Romulus. Marsali was a Scottish variation of Molly. Catherine had been considered, but since they used Liam, they decided to honor Grandma Molly. They lived in Scotland, and Catherine's family had been Scottish Harry knew. The home he and Fred used in Scotland was her family home.

James had a chance to hold both his grandchildren and smiled down at them thinking. 'Boy would my parents have loved you both. As I do.'

Harry and Fred were happy two years later to welcome a second son. Heir to Fred's shares of his store, and some of the money and a home from Dorea and Charles, they had chosen to name him Gideon Leo. Gideon was named in honor of one of Fred's Uncles, who like the marauders, had inspired their pranks. Leo was chosen to honor all their Gryffindor roots. Uncle Charlie and Tonks had been chosen as his godparents.

Harry was in Diagon Alley with his husband and kids a few days before school began. The twins were six, so it would be five years before they started, but they of course lived at school. They were going to visit both Uncle George and Uncle James. Rhea quite adored Uncle James.

James smiled when they came in."There you are."

Rhea hugged him. "Uncle James."

Liam asked. "Are you coming to lunch?"

James nodded. "Once my clerk comes."

Harry looked around. "I am surprised you bought it."

Fred agreed. "Could have retired."

James shrugged. "I like running it and wasn't ready for a rocking chair."

Rhea pouted. "You could come visit more often."

Gideon agreed. "Ride Prongs."

James laughed. "I promise to visit soon."

Harry smiled. "Good."

James mentioned. "Aberforth is in town."

"It is her first year."

Fred worried. "Are you okay?"

Liam asked. "Who daddy?"

Harry kissed his kids. "Just a child of someone I knew."

Lily had recently been removed from the prison but not freed. Times had changed since Sirius had been in prison. The inmates were allowed medical care and after she attempted suicide a second time, a psychological healer was sent. She had been deemed insane three years ago. She had been moved into a high security mental hospital under lock and key. If she ever recovered, she would be returned to prison to serve out her final seven years of her prison sentence. It had only been 11 years since she was sentenced, of fifteen, and she had spent the past 3 in a hospital. She slipped between stages of catatonic and manic fits, and had been confined to a padded room for her safety.

James was meant to have lunch with them and the marauders later. The consummate bachelor, he had surprised them when he bought the store. The old owner was retiring and liking his work, James bought it. It had changed so little, few realized the ownership of the shop had changed.

Harry ran into Arabella outside. The old woman smiled. "Harry."

Harry hugged her. "How are you?"

The woman smiled. "Good. Are all these yours?"

Harry smiled. "Well Fred tells me they are, I'm not sure."

Rhea tugged on him. "Not sure what Daddy?"

Fred smirked at his husband and kissed his daughter. "If he will have to sleep on the couch tonight."

Gideon looked. "Daddy sleep on couch?"

Liam beamed. "Can we have a sleepover too daddy? We can make a fort."

An answer was cut off by Arianne who appeared. "Aunty Bella, are you coming?"

Arabella smiled. "Decided on an owl after all?"

"No, I am taking Poe, I like kneezles better. But I have to get my wand."

Arabella went to lead her off. "How did I forget?"

Fred saw his husband's look and went to take the kids. "We better go find your grandfathers."

Aberforth turned to Harry. "She got in."

Harry nodded. "Severus let me know. I am sure she will do well."

Aberforth smiled. "She reminds me of my sister beforeā€¦.. She is most excited by history class and astronomy."

Harry smiled a little. "I am sure she will do you proud."

Aberforth nodded. "She always does."

The old man knew he likely only had a few years left. Luckily Arabella was quite a bit younger then him. He hoped he would see Arianne finish school. She was shy and quiet, a little book worm, nothing like either of her birth parents. There was definite pride in his voice and eyes as he watched her. Neither he nor Harry thought of her birth parents. Though she called them Aunty and Uncle, Aberforth and Arabella were the only parents she had known. All she knew was her parents had died, though she eventually would know more.

Harry watched James and his dads with the kids later and thought. "That is my past and they are done hurting me."

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