It really wasn't complicated in theory. It never was, was it? But Jessie always found something wrong in everything she was asked to do – always. And the two voices didn't help either. When it was just one, it was hard enough. Her mother's funeral was the best example of this.

Her father's only instructions were not to cry.


"And how's little Jessie? This must be so hard for her," Aunt Matilda tutted, grabbing Jessie's pale cheeks and sticking her bottom lip out for whatever reason. Jack bit down on his jaw and nodded gravely.

What is her problem?

"It is tough on her, of course it is. She's brave, she can make it," he muttered. Jessie looked up to her Aunt Matilde – realistically, she had no idea who the woman was, and just guessed that she was some sort of long lost relative. They had pretty much all come out for her mother's funeral – people she hadn't even seen before.

Yeah, I'm brave, that's it.


"Jessie, you need anything, anything at all, you tell me alright sweetheart?" Aunt Matilde told her loudly, specks of spittle flying out onto Jessie's cheeks. Jessie didn't even flinch.

What a nasty little bit-

"Jessie?" Jack interrupted her thoughts. Jessie blinked a few times and cleared her throat.

"Yes, thank you Aunt…aunt…" she trailed off, unsure of who this woman was. Aunt Matilde just gave a sad laugh, her huge bosom heaving up and down as she did.

"Oh sweetie it's okay," she sighed. Jack put both firm hands on his daughter's thin shoulders. "I wouldn't expect you to know."

Then why ask me, you haggard old witch?

"Haha, sorry, loads of family members – I get confused," Jessie said flatly. She had been dealing with this for an hour and a half – just standing next to the coffin and pretending to make it through the funeral without showing any real emotion on her face. It was pouring down with rain outside and the house was full of people that she didn't care for, all dressed in black, with solemn faces.

Like they cared.

They only came to see if Jack was going to crack.

Well he wasn't.

And even when he was the Joker, he wasn't going to change this time either.


The dinnerhall wasn't as full as Jessie assumed it would be. There was only one table occupied, to The Joker, Harlene, and a few other people, all chewing on huge slabs of dark meat. Harlene was cutting into hers creating small little chunks of meat. The Joker was the only one not eating – but when Jessie and Sticks walked in, his eyes lit up. "Newbies! Over here!" he called excitedly, waving them over. Sticks picked up a tray of food from the kitchens and glanced behind him.

"Jess," he hummed. Jessie didn't need him to say anything, she already knew. "They want us to-"

"I know," she answered shortly, picking up her own tray. All eyes were on them, definitely. Sticks turned around and walked over to the crowded table, settling himself down in one of the free seats. Jessie followed timidly. The table fell silent.

"Jess…how's it going?" The Joker asked brightly. Everyone turned to face her, including a confused looking Sticks. Pressure, a lot of pressure.

"Fine," Jessie finally coughed. It went silent again.

"Oh, sorry – I didn't wanna talk to you directly, I meant X," The Joker blinked, as if it were obvious. Sticks' frown got even deeper. Now he was confused.


"Oh WHAT do you want?" Jessie barked suddenly, breaking the tense silence. The Joker's mouth curled into a sly smile.

X was back.

"Why are they feeding us like dogs? I think I deserve more than slabs of meat."

"When we get out of here, you can have all the luxurious food in the world," The Joker assured her quietly. Jessie sat there with her mouth clamped shut. She didn't want to make things worse for herself by letting this voice take over. That was a little too risky. "So are you ready to help us escape?" Jessie had to open her mouth. She had to speak.

"I can't say I am. I don't see why I have to help you and your madmen escape into the streets of Gotham," she hissed, grabbing her fork and stabbing it into the steak in front of her.

"Oh you are not serious!" Harlene gasped in mock horror. "You think that we're madmen? Offensive."

"Bite me," Jessie scoffed.

"I feel like you're going to help us anyway," The Joker blinked, ignoring the mini argument taking place. Jessie sat back and crossed her arms.

"And what makes you think that?" she whispered daringly. The Joker clicked and two of his biggest henchmen stood up immediately, marched up to Sticks and roughly yanked him up.

Jessie didn't flinch.

"How about this. Either you help us orrrrr…we kill your buddy here," The Joker suggested lightly. One of the men held Stick's head back and the other retrieved what looked like a shard of glass from his back pocket, holding it to Sticks' pale throat. Jessie stared at the veins throbbing out through his skin as Sticks began to hyperventilate, transfixed. His eyes went wide with panic.

But Jessie didn't flinch.

"You wouldn't be surprised to know that threatening Sticks wouldn't bother me," she announced. They put the blade even closer to his throat. There was now a dribble of blood coming from his neck as the glass made a small incision.

"Jess," Sticks panted. "This isn't you. Whatever 'X' is, it's not you. Don't let them do this. Don't let it control you!" The Joker raised an eyebrow as he watched the scene unfold in front of him. Jessie felt her head buzz and burn and she shoved it into her hands.

She was shaking, like crazy.


CRaZY/'#Q# LFK3**£0U29)&^

It's like her mind was glitching.

"Jess?" The Joker encouraged her slyly, breaking the madness. "Whadaya say?" Jessie was trying, she was trying so hard.

But the voice was too strong.

"Do, your, worst," she spat.

"If you insist," The Joker shrugged and gave the signal with his hands.

"N-NO! Jess! Jess please…I love you Jess…I love you no matter what, don't let them win," Sticks cried out before squeezing his eyes shut and bracing himself for death.

Then Jessie knew.

He what?


"OKAY! NO! I'll help you!" Jessie screamed immediately, standing up and pulling the glass out of the tough guy's hand, which then sliced her own hand.


Keep her in.




She is. Get lost.

Sticks was released immediately. He lunged forward and threw up, probably out of a mix of fear and relief – all over the dinners.

"Oh that is vile," Harlene crinkled her nose, shuffling her plate further down the table. Jessie sat back down, still shaking.

"Well, looks like we got ourselves a team," The Joker applauded, starting a chain reaction of everyone else applauding too. This was too much for Jessie.

She blacked out – again.

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