Ezekial may be a warrior but they are gentle as well. They use their gentleness and the soothing voice of their vessel to convince Dean Winchester to allow them to possess the younger Winchester.

Even as Samuel Winchester had laid in that sterile environment and slowly let go of the life inside of him … Ezekiel could see faint whispers of the soul inside, even without all of their Grace intact. They vaguely wondered how any being – Angel, Demon, or otherwise – ever thought that Samuel wasn't a good person filled with love. However, the conversation between Death itself and Samuel shocked Ezekiel.

Samuel sounded so tired.

Ezekiel ran through Samuel's memories, picking up Dean's mannerisms and quickly did his best to convince Samuel to keep living.

As Samuel's body accepted what was left of Ezekiel's Grace Ezekiel was surprised even more and found themselves in awe. The broken, tired soul of Samuel Winchester seemed drawn to Ezekiel and recognized damaged Grace – it wound itself around Ezekiel's Grace. Ezekiel pushed it back a bit and instead wrapped their Grace around the broken and stitched-back-together and tired soul – comforting. They quickly created a barrier in the space between them but still let the comfort and healing powers of their Grace bleed through.

As Ezekiel inhabited Samuel's body – the muscles and bones, the brain, the heart, the metaphorical heart oh.

Emotions Ezekiel wasn't aware of (their other vessel hadn't felt like this, didn't express emotions in such a wide range or so deeply) slugged through their Grace. Within seconds Ezekiel knew Samuel – Sam – Winchester. His thoughts, fears, dreams, reasons, insecurities, hopes … his somehow still standing faith.

Ezekiel cupped his Grace around Sam's soul like protective hands and pushed a bit of Grace beyond the barrier. It filled Sam's soul – diluted power that healed his exhaustion and a few of the scratches inflicted upon the soul. The soul settled contentedly in the cup of Grace.

Ezekiel nodded to themselves; that'd do for now.

On his side the barrier Ezekiel heightened the senses and heard the voices of other Angels. So much anger, so much confusion …

Ezekiel turned to Dean Winchester – they had some work to do.