The slumber party had been going fine. Soul, Maka, Liz, Patty, Kid, Black Star, and Tsubaki had all been having a nice time watching movie and playing Board Games. It was simple and not to extravagant like the ones Black Star would host. It was obvious that black star had put a little something in his drink, but nothing was too crazy. Maka made sure that everyone had gone to bed before midnight. All was peaceful until... "WHAT THE HELL!" this loud burst woke everyone up. Maka immediately went to yell at Soul who had made the sound, but was stopped when she saw that soul wasn't exactly Soul. Soul was franticly waving his arms around his torso. Black Star was the next to talk. "WHAT THE FUCK SOUL, WHY DO YOU HAVE BOOBS!" then stopped in surprise of his unusually high voice. "WHY THE HELL DO I HAVE BOOBS!" he screamed after he realized that he was in the same situation. Everyone was in horror as they examined there new bodys. Each and every one of them had changed genders. "I HAVE BOOBS!" Black star said a bit more cheerfully. He started to bounce his new attachments up and down in excitement. This offended Maka which ended in Black Star with a dent in his head. Maka was amazed at her newly found strength. Liz latched on to Patty in somewhat of a whimper. Patty was past the confusion state and now wanted to go back to bed. "STOP SCREAMING EVERYONE I WANT MORE SLEEP!" Patty screamed much louder than anyone else had by far. "Patty's right," Maka said, "we should stop screaming, but i think we better sort this out before we go back to bed." Patty made a sad face. Kid stood up to speak, but was interrupted when his pajama pants fell down due to his skinnier waist, and grabbed his boxers before they fell down too. The now pink-faced Kid pulled up his pajama pants and suggested, "Patty, Liz, and I should go to the library to see if we can shed any light on this." Maka nodded and Kid scurried of back to his mansion with Liz and Patty close behind to change. " We should all borrow each other's clothes, until we can solve this." Maka said as she got up. She then then realized that her bra made her look ridiculous and blushed. She quickly said, "C'mon Soul." and ran off into her room.

She looked at souls new body. He looked somewhat close to her previous self so she felt safe guessing that that he now had the same breast size she did. She handed him a bra, white panties, a black and white striped t-shirt, a black skirt, and black leggings. Soul made a face as she offered him the pile of clothing. Eyeing the bra Soul said, "Wait, that bra is large, and came from you dresser. Maka, did you steal someone's bra?" Maka looked at him weirdly, confused why he would make that assumption, then finally realized that he was calling her flat chested and couldn't believe that the bra belonged to her. Her face got red. Soul could tell what was going to happen next and grabbed the clothes and ran off giggling.

Soul came back not to long after, smiling. Maka instently knew why, he had just gotten naked and saw a girl body. She rolled her eyes and lead soul into his room to get her clothes. He picked up a few dirty clothes off the floor and handed them to her.

"I am not wearing dirty clothes."

"Too bad none of them are clean. You should have done the laundry" Soul replied

"It was YOUR turn to do the laundry!" She snapped back

"Oh well." Soul said smiling

Maka went throu his messy room and found a un touched basket of clean laundry in the corner and gathered some clothes out of it. "God Soul, you got to clean your room" Maka pestered. "Is now really the time?" Soul snapped.