"Well, fuck." Black star grumbled. Marie shot him a look that could shatter bones. "That didn't get us any where" Stein finally said, "I can look more into this, you guys will just have to live like this until we can fix it, sorry." "I'll call Kid and see if he got anywhere at the library." Maka pulled out her phone and dialed Liz.

"Hello?" came the deep voice that belonged to Liz.

"Hey, it's Maka. Just checking up, did you figure anything out?"

"Unfortunately no, but Kid over here wasted nearly half our time sorting books so the colors were symmetrical." there was a pause. Maka could tell Liz was glaring at Kid. "What about you, did you guys find anything out?"

"Well, our only lead is whatever Black Star put in his drink. We called his friend who gave him it, but he has no idea. Professor Stein says we will probably just have to live like this for a little while until we can fix this."

"Okay, I'll tell patty and Kid, bye."