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Stepping into the shower, Natasha slips off the shoes and turned on the water. After a while, she grabbed a towel, dried herself, and strolled out (ignoring the lack of clothes, but she has fur). Back at the living room, everyone was waiting for Natasha to be done. And once she was out, Knuckles wasted no time running towards her, face just inches away.

"Listen pal, you may have everyone fooled by your tricks, but not me! I've been the Guardian of the Master Emerald for my whole life, and I've never heard about this mind-swapping or whatever! I swear if you're lying to me I'll..." He didn't get to finish because Natasha raised her hand, signaling him to shut up.

"I can understand the skepticism about this. I, myself was not convinced when this happened before backed home. But I guarantee to you that this is possible, I am Natasha Romanoff, and this was an accident." She replied, matter of fact-ly with a side of coldness.

Knuckles was still skeptic, but he backed down nonetheless. Natasha made her way to sit on the couch, the others kindly move out of the way. Amy started the conversation.

"So Natasha, how was your world like?" She asked.

"...As normal as it can get." Was her response.

"Wow, I bet your life must be really excited!" Amy replied, with a smile.

"You...could say that." Nat said.

"So, do you want to talk about it?" Her face has "curiosity" written all over it, at this point. Natasha just stared.

"Sorry, but it wouldn't be fair if I said mine, but don't know yours." She replied, hoping to changes the subject for now (A/N: Not that I blame her, her past is not something you want to hear in a conversation. And these guys despite their aventures, can they really handle what Nat has to go through on a daily basis?).

"Oh, I forgot! How rude of me, that wouldn't be fair! Allow me to start from the beginning!" And so she talked, about her, about Sonic, about all of them, about this "Shadow" person, and their adventures throughout the years. The others chimed in on occasions to help Amy fill in some missing details (they seem honest enough, no deception anywhere). All the while she took some main notes about her friends.

Sonic the Heghehog: The hero of this dimension (planet, etc...). Apparently, he is fast enough to break the sound barrier. Cocky, but isn't afraid to ask for help. Has save this world countless times, the majority of them involving these "Chaos Emeralds". Magical gems with infinite power(that are just left out there in the open, not in some high-tech security vault or something).

Amy Rose: A sweet girl who is constantly in danger. But has giant hammer to defend herself.

Knuckles the Echina: Is very obsessed with his job, a little hot-tempered and easily provoked (That explains why Rouge loves to mess with him).

Miles "Tails" Prower: A young mechanical genius. Has the ability to build anything. (Apparently, the TV is made by him, entirely out of paper clips). Something tells her Stark would love this kid.

Rouge the Bat: A world famous criminal and spy. Sounds familiar. (Why didn't she got swapped with her. She's, at least the same gender as her).

Blaze the Cat: Has fire powers, a little bossy, but means well.

Silver the Heghehog: Has telekinesis. Is a little, shy but will help in any way he can. Oh yeah, he's from the future (Yet isn't causing any paradoxes by traveling to the past).

Cream the Rabbit and Cheese the Chao: Innocent little children who doesn't mind to be in the crossfire. She secretly wished they didn't. If the stories were true then they could be in danger (she has a soft spot for kids, because obvious reasons). But they wouldn't be here if they were.

Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik: A crazy scientists who has tried to take over this world on multiple occasions with robotic animals(?) and fails miserably. Is the one responsible for most of the catastrophe that happens here. Yet he's still alive, roaming free, and not in a prison cell somewhere.

Shadow the Heghehog: A science experiment whose original purpose was to be a cure of all diseases. But was betrayed by the government, and was put to sleep for 50 years (sounds familiar). Tried to destroy the world, but ended up saving it. Is completely antisocial, and grumpy on a few occasions. At this point, she was angry at him. According to Amy, he has tried to destroy the world, again. And is not exactly allied with anyone, nor trust anyone, especially humans. So she was sure her team would be having a hard time.

"I hope this Shadow won't do something I'll regret" She thought. Then there was a blue blur zipped by and she was face-to-face with Sonic.

"Hey there, Nat! Glad to see your settling in!" He spoke, giving her a thumbs up.

"I guess, your world is...interesting." She replied, ignoring the nickname. Natasha then realized the stare Sonic's giving her.

"Is something wrong?" She asked. He snaps out of his dazedly state.

"Oh! No, nothing at all! I'm just not use to Shad responding without a grunt or silence." He anwser, while rubbing his head, looking rather sheepish.

"I understand. Your...friend has been informing me about you and your companions." She replied.

"Sonic! You're back! How was the fight?" Tails shouted from his workshop.

"Oh! It was nothing I can handle! The old Egghead's got nothing on me!" He said.

"Well, I'm glad to see your ok! But now that Eggman's out of the way, we can can work on how to get Shadow back, and send Miss Romanoff home." He said. The others gathered around, it was time to get serious.

"This is going to be easier than I thought." Natasha thought, letting a small smirk grace her lips.

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Meanwhile, at Eggman's secret base (which is in the middle of the sea where ships can easily spot the egg-shaped boat). Eggman and sitting on a computer typing away. Dukow and Bukow were trying to repair themselves after today's failed invasion.

"Doctor, maybe you should take a break for a while?"Bukow spoke, trying to reattach his arm.

"Yeah, this is 34th time you've failed to take over the world this month. A break might do you some good." Dukow was the one who spoke this time, with his head in his arms.

Eggman remains silent, just typing away. Suddenly, he chuckled. Then it turned into an all-out evil laugh.

"Failed!? On the contrary, I have succeeded in my plan!" He replied, grinning ear-to-ear.

"WHAT!?" The two robots asked, shocked.

"B-B-But sir, Sonic destroyed your machine!?" Bukow asked, confusion written all over his robot face.

"Yes, because I let him. Today was just a set up so I can get close to him, and try out my lastest discovery." He responded, eyes not leaving the screen.

"Have a look." He said, gesturing the computer. The two robots comply, and was shock at what they've seen. Dukow even dropped his head.

"What is this!? This can't be true! Can't it!?" Bukow screamed.

"That what I thought at first, but after experimenting with the Chaos Emerald. I can 100% guarantee that this is indeed true." He explained.

"If all goes as planned. Sonic and his litlle friends will powerless to stop me. After all, how can you stop someone, when you're not even here!" He then proceeds to let out a maniacal laugh echoing through the entire base (Yet no nearby boat hears this).