The Noah Clown

Chapter 1

Earl's Pov:

It was a cold winter night and the snow was gently falling to the earth, melting as it landed on the hard dirt ground. There was a gentle breeze that would rustle your hair as you stood there, though the breeze made snowflakes melt into your hair, or worse, stay there and make it look like you'd thrown glitter over your head.

I was walking down the street with an inhuman smile plastered on my face as I swung a pink umbrella back and forth behind me.

While walking past a graveyard I heard sobbing nearby. I walked into the graveyard, still swinging my umbrella, and walked up the hill to find a boy crying over a grave.

The boy was so full of grief and sorrow over whoever had died that he didn't even notice I was standing there. I read the name on the grave. The name read: Mana Walker. I stopped swinging his umbrella as I stood in thought, wondering why the name sounded so familiar.

I shook off the thought with a simple shrug of the shoulders and walked over to the boy crying. I was going to make another of my Akuma with the loss of this poor, pitiful boy's soul.

I bent down and looked at the boy cautiously before saying in my kindest voice "Good evening, little one."

They boy looked up at me, his eyes wide. Two tears ran down his cheeks and then fell off, hitting the ground and then seeping into it. "Good even, s-sir," the boy said in a sad voice, choking back sobs.

I looked at the boy with curiosity. I could sense something about him. There was a strong amount of Dark Matter that faded in and out. I stared at the boy for a minute until I realised it, this boy was the 14th.

"Little one, can you please tell me your name," I said in a cheerful voice, my non-human smile unchanging.

The boy looked me up and down with confusion in his eyes. "Allen Walker" he answered in a depressed voice "My name is Allen Walker."

"Allen, would you like to become part of my family?" I asked, noticing he had a glove on his left hand. He caught where I was looking and looked down at his arm sadly.

"You don't want me to be part of your family, especially not with an arm like this..."

I looked at his glove again.

"May I take it off?" I asked.

Allen sighed and pulled the glove off himself, showing me his arm. He had a red scaly arm and had a green, glowing cross in the back of his hand.

He pulled the glove back on, his cheeks colouring, and I wondered why a Noah could have innocence.

"Allen, it matters not that you have an arm like that. I will still let you become a part of our family" I said gently.

My smile grew wider and now even Allen had a small smile on his face. Allen got up and I extended a hand. He took my hand and together we walked back out of the graveyard and down the street, me swinging my umbrella again.

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