The Noah Clown

Chapter 23

How did it get to this? And why did he let it?

He - Allen - was now sitting on the floor with his hands and feet bound as annoying brat wailed in the background as his brows twitched. He released an annoyed sigh as he growled faintly, he could've just left but that was proven difficult last time because of the strings, the strings that Noise produced. After all the blasted things were the reason he was caught, Noise wrapped them around him as he tried to get away from the ill-tempered samurai.

So currently, he was sitting in an orphanage waiting to take another accommodator back the Order, but the wailing wouldn't stop and he was losing his patience.

He narrowed his eyes at the kid as he reached down to untie his feet, the rope rubbing against his ankles in an uncomfortable manner. The rope fell to the floor as he tensed, looking towards the window as he felt something familiar move around outside the window, a zap being sent through his head as the area around them shook and darkened.


They were creating a barrier around this place, Allen jumped to his feet as he looked around, the wall bursting as he jumped in front of the child and women protecting them from the debris. He lowered the white mass - Crown Clown -surrounding them, his hands still bound as Crown Clown disappeared, and he looked over at the giggling akuma. Allen's brow twitched as he glared before it softening as he grinned, he could get away. Allen chuckled as the exorcists cursed and grumbled, mostly Kanda doing that. The level four looked over to him as it lowered its head faintly in a bowing manner as it giggled. Its crimson gaze falling back onto the exorcists as golden strings wrapped around it, making it howl in pain as it was thrown away from the small group.

Allen watched as the exorcists dashed after level four, his gaze moving over to looked at the brat and women, their eyes wide from what had unfolded in front of them. He growled faintly in annoyance as he softened his voice as he spoke to them, "Go downstairs. They'll handle this and you go hide, all of you."

Allen's wrists were still tightly bound, causing faint marks to appear on his skin as they looked at the bindings with confusion. He rolled his mercury eyes as he moved towards them, gently pushing them towards the stairs, "I said, move unless you feel like dying."

They quickly hurried down the stairs, Allen following not far behind as a grin slowly made its way onto his lips. 'Foolish. He would take this child with him; he would bring him to the Earl as the akumas played with the rest of the humans.'

He chuckled quietly to himself as the brat and blonde-haired woman halted, Allen rose his brow at this only to stop as the nun and children fell to the floor like dolls, they were dolls. An akuma with an appearance to a wizard, singular eye with a star in it glowed a faint yellow as the blonde woman slowly began to shake and fall. Allen found this amusing as the brat tried to help her, not noticing the dark blue ribbon that wrapped around him.

The brat's – Timothy's – honey brown eyes looked towards him in a pleading manner, silently begging him to save him as the material was wrapped tightly around his mouth, keeping him quiet. Allen chuckled faintly, it rumbling in his chest as he slowly moved towards the level two, stepping over the children's doll bodies as they cried and wailed. He smiled charmingly towards the boy as the akuma bowed to him, his hands gently reaching towards Timothy, "The Earl would be glad I have you, but that crystal won't be easy to remove…"

Tears began to roll down the young child's face, his body trembling as he sobbed and cried for help, hoping that someone would come to his aid.

But no one did.

Allen's bound hands looked towards the other akuma, them standing off to the side in the shadows. Allen opened his mouth to say something but stopped when the akuma holding Timothy began to glow and scream in pain, Timothy's crystal glowing as he possessed the level two akuma.

Allen narrowed his eyes as they slowly bleed to a piercing gold, his lips twitching down as he jumped back as Timothy launched an attack at the akuma and him. His hands curled into fists as he ran towards the corrupted akuma, kicking it with the help of Crown Clown propelling him faster towards it. The force broke him and Timothy through the wall and was now out in the dark space surrounding the destroyed orphanage, Allen panted as he was hunched over slightly, glaring down at the boy as he hissed. "Stupid child. I was going to take the innocence and remove you from the war!"

The remaining akuma slowly moved to join one of their many masters; sickening grins planted on their lips as they lasted out, feeling the emotions radiating off Allen, these emotions being annoyance which was manifesting into anger. The weaker level twos were dealt with quickly as the level three was slightly more of a challenge, but they were still brought to an end. The level four lurk behind as Allen turned away; speaking evenly as he looked over his shoulder, "Deal with them."

The level four cackled as it began to shoot many rounds of akuma bullets at them, the exorcists not being hit once. Allen sighed as he slowly walked back over to the building, the children and the nun should be almost back to normal, and might as well keep them back or out of the road.

Slowly stepping onto the debris as he stopped, listening for something that wasn't there. His ears met with…


Allen froze in his tracks, tensing as he slowly turned around and looked upon the tattered and roughed up forms of the exorcists. I growled as pieces of debris began to flake off to nothing, the binding on my hands flaking away as he sighed. He closed his eyes for a split second before snapping them open and speaking with a lulling effect, "Children~ Come here~"

Timothy's eyes widened as the orphans, still recovering from the puppet state, limped and stumbled up behind him. Allen soften his features as he softly said, "I want you to bring Timothy to me~"

The children nodded as they slowly moved towards Timothy, Kanda, and Noise jumping in front of him, Kanda grunting out, "Stupid Moyashi! You're not getting the kid! Noise!"

Noise nodded his head as golden cords moved towards Allen. Allen narrowed his eyes at the cords as he dodged at the last minutes, the cords striking the ground in front of him. He jumped and ducked away from the cords, one snagging his ankle and pulling him hard to the ground.

Allen coughed; as the air was knock out of him, making him lose his concentration on the children, as they looked around confused. He grit his teeth as more and more golden cords were wrapped around him causing him to cry out in pain. The strings lifting him into the air as he thrashed around, trying to get it off him.

"Stop! Let me go! Get it them off! They hurt! S-stoP!" Allen cried out as they tightened on him, burning his clothing into his skin as they slowly began to break and cut open his flesh. He shut his eyes as Crown Clown lashed out, cutting the innocence as he fell to the ground. Cuts slowly releasing crimson as he struggled to stand to his feet, his body shaking as the innocence-inflected wounds made him dizzy.

"I'll… Get you back…" He growled out as he stumbled forward, falling to his knees as he panted. His eyes begin to close as Neah screamed in the back of his head, telling him not to close his eyes.

He was tired; he wanted to take a small nap.


A groan left his throat as something heavy was holding down his wrists, he slowly blinked open his eyes. Mercury eyes falling onto golden glowing paper binding his wrists together, he grit his teeth as he pulled his legs closer to himself, halting when he couldn't pull them closer. He looked at his ankles to see them cuffed and chained to the floor, preventing much movement.

He growled lowly as the clicking of shoes were heard when the clattering of keys opening a door was heard. A groan of protest was heard as the door was opened, the light hitting his eyes and causing a faint hiss to leave his lips.

"Ah, you're awake Noah, " A voice grated on Allen's ears as he cracked open his eyes to glare at the man in front of him, his brown tainted blonde hair slicked back as a small mustache was above his smirking lips, "Good. Now, I'm going to put you through various experiments and see what it takes to break you into submission."

The hairs on the back of Allen's neck began to stand on ends as a shiver raced down his spine; this man gave him a bad feeling. He continued to glare at the man in front of him, growling under his breath as a stinging pain on his cheek caused him to stop.

He slapped him.

"None of that, now. Let's begin," The man smirked as something cold was placed against his cheek, "I want to see how fast you heal."

A scream passed his lips as the cold weapon was roughly pushed into his stomach, a dark crimson surrounding around the blade as red slowly ran down his chin. He grits his teeth as he panted, narrowing his golden eyes as push the man back. He cried out as the small knife was dragged across his stomach, blooding pooling out of the wound as his eyes drooped, and sweat began to gather on his forehead at the strain. The knife was yanked from his stomach as the man watched as the wound quickly began to knit itself back together, smiling in satisfaction.

"Excellent." The man murmured as he stood up, crimson rolling down the blade and dripping to the floor, "This means I can go and gather the scientists."

Allen lay slouched against the wall trying to regain his breath as he heard the multiple pairs of footsteps coming closer. Allen lifted his head faintly as his golden gaze pierced through his reddish hair, the door creaking open as multiple people in white lab coats came in. A woman with short blonde hair came forward, her white fur coat dragging behind her as she leant down in front of me sneering, "I'm Renny, the head of this Branch and you are our test subject."


A loud explosion broke Allen out of his memory, gasping as he grabbed onto the Earl's coat, moving closer to the round figure. Allen's bony fingers shaking as he held onto the Earl as if were a lifeline, he didn't want to think this is a dream and he'd wake up again chained to the floor. The ground shook as Allen's grip only tightened; the Earl wrapped an arm around Allen as the boy shook at his side, holding him tightly as Alma began his awakening.

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