I know that I'm well overdue for an update and I'd like to apologize. It's just I've been trying to write but it seems as if inspiration is just beyond my reach and I can't grab it. So, I'm going to re-read/watch the anime/manga and hopefully get back that spark I need to update.

Although, I must address the fact that this year in school I'll be doing more studying and my part-time job allows very little time to myself. I'm sorry if I'm making excuses or blabbering on, but I'll try to get a chapter out once I again my inspiration to write at the moment.

Also, on a side note if you have any possible scenes or ideas that could be implemented into the story, just leave me a PM or a review!

And just for the time being, I really want to express my gratitude to ALL THE PEOPLE who have read and stayed with this and the rest of my stories. I'm thankful for you even like my writing and stories, it means a lot and helps the low self-confidence that I've been struggling with.

I know it's easy to say I love you but I must admit that I'm eternally grateful for the kindness and advice given, THANK YOU!

KillerAkuma Destroying Her Way Outer Here~!