"Do you think he will say Yes?" Mac asked her husband as they exited the Oval office to go and have lunch with the kids since it was winter break and they were now off school.

"I hope so, you know how good a VP he would be" Rod replied as he took his wives hand once they had exited the West Wing and were now in the residence.

"I do, but you know his history as well as I do. Will he make it through a confirmation hearing?"

"He's a democrat, but the republicans like him, and he is got a secret weapon, Alicia"

"I hope your right, as I don't want anyone else as my VP"

"It will be tough, and Alicia and the kids will need to be prepared for the whole sorry affair to be resurrected again" Rod stated

"Alicia can handle it, but what about the kids, especially Emily and Louisa, they are our God kids, is it fair to ask them to go through this"

"You know they will have to go through it, the public know that their father had an affair, it is not going to be kept secret from them, and they already know some of it, Even though they were only young."

"Emily was only 3 when Peter was in Prison, she doesn't remember it" Mac stated

"Why don't you ask Peter tonight, give him some time to think about it, he and Alicia will talk to the kids, and they can decided for themselves what they want to do, but first, lets go and have lunch before they arrive. Amy is already hyper about them coming; your Mother said she is bouncing off the walls."

A few moments later Rod and Mac were in the dining room with their family, Rod was right Amy was hyper, and very excited about seeing her best friends.

"Mummy, can Emily stay in my room tonight?" Amy asked excitedly

"If that's OK with Aunt Alicia and Uncle Peter" Mac replied

"What are you two doing tonight?" Rod asked the twins

"Well, there is a party, we thought we could go, secret service have already checked the house over and stuff" Horace asked expectantly

"Please can we go?" Rebecca asked

"Will you take Zach and Grace with you?" Mac asked

"Um, well they weren't invited so I don't know?" Horace responded. The last time he had taken Grace anywhere she had embarrassed him by getting on her soap box and trying to convince everyone to go to church.

"If they can't go then you can't go" Mac replied

"But Mum, Grace is such an embarrassment" Horace complained

"No she isn't" Becca replied. Grace and Becca were very similar in political view and religion

"I stand by what I said Horace, if Grace and Zach can't go, then you can't go, and besides, don't think we haven't forgot about your English Essay, have you finished the re-write?"

"No" Horace replied sullenly

"Well, you're not going anywhere until it's completed" Rod replied

"Mummy, can me and Louisa and Emily watch Frozen in the Cinema tonight?" Amy asked to which her parents agreed.

Just a wee short update, hope you enjoy