1st Challenge: An Interesting USe for a Scarf
Category: Gen (Canon AU)
Characters/Pairings: Merlin,Gaius
Rating/Warnings: M violence, character death, Dark!Merlin
Word Count: 300

A/N You can choose who the baddie is.

The body flew across the room and landed with a thud against the wall. Blood poured from the head, painting the area surrounding it.

Merlin felt his heart stop.

The woman in front of him smirked, her face full of victory. "Oh my, it seems he's dead. Oh well, maybe next time you'll remember not to interfere or, if you must, to come alone." She began to walk away, a sway in her hips.

Something inside of Merlin snapped. He was dead, his mentor and friend was dead and it was all HER fault!
He slowly got up and walked towards her as quietly as he could. Once he had managed to sneak up behind her, he pulled off his red scarf and threw it around her neck.

The woman began to fight, her magic going haywire in an attempt to through off her attacker. However, Merlin quelled down any magic that came his way and pulled tighter around her neck.

Breath started to leave her. Her body shook and her hands desperately fought at the neckerchief, trying to pull it off, but he had her in a tight grip and her neck was too tight.

Merlin laughed in her ear. "Oops, am I hurting you? Maybe next time you'll remember to stay away from my friends," and he pulled a little tighter for emphasis.

With what breath the woman had left, she let out a strangled sob and stopped her fight. Her body became limp and her heart ceased to beat. Merlin pulled the scarf away from her neck and the lifeless body fell to the ground.

The scarf was tied once again around the Warlock's neck as he began to walk away from the scene with a smile on his face. He had news to tell his King.