Chapter Six

Waking up earlier never seemed so difficult yet blissful before. It was completely obvious what had happened last night once Grell woke from his slumber, noticing Undertaker at his side. There was still some energy left in the red reaper to get himself up to take a quick bath before the bounder woke himself.

"I depart in four hours," Grell said. "I'd like to know what those two souls rank together."

"Patience, patience," Undertaker replied, crawling out of bed. "It's been a while since I've slept in a bed." Grell stopped at the door, his hand on the doorframe and he looked at Undertaker.

"Did I break you?" Grell asked, showing his teeth.

"Is that a challenge I hear?" Undertaker asked, emerging from the sheets.

"Hardly," Grell replied. "Another time, perhaps. Now come on. Let's go." Grell, refusing sex? He really was in a hurry.

The doors to the Grim Reaper Library creaked slowly as Undertaker took the two souls into the weighing room with Grell Sutcliff. From there, Sutcliff placed the two souls, documenting them as one and set them onto the scale to be ranked by weight and strength to determine a difficulty ratio.

The two waited anxiously for the results. Each soul was judged on a scale of 0 to 100 to make numbers easier to define. 0 meant that the soul was willing or perhaps wished to die. 100 meant quite a fuss. Attempting to predict the soul's weight determined which reapers collected which souls, but sometimes, the rankings were slightly off. The couple's rank was determined by the scale's balancing act, sinking until the arrow literally pointed to a number upon the soul collection scale.

"This is about what my soul caused you...alone?" Grell turned. Undertaker nodded, remembering the experience like it was yesterday.

"You don't see a soul like that every day," and his words were true. There were rarely any souls that passed into the 80s on the scale of reaping and collection. This couple, however, surpassed everyone's expectations.

"What?!" Grell screamed, echoing throughout the library. "A seven? You must be joking." He turned away in shame after what seemed liked more work than it was worth.

"Wait," Undertaker pointed out. "They're separating."

Grell turned to see the fusion disappear. "The humans almost succeeded. Their souls would have overpowered us or even been stronger. Had both of them wanted to cheat death."

"But, but they did!" Grell whined.

"No, not both of them. One of them did. When we reaped the soul, I think the truth out of half of them came out. She did not want to live forever."

"So, wait her soul weighs-" Grell gasped as he saw the first soul lay to rest in its cinematic record. Before raising into heaven, the spirit locked itself inside the record book. It would not come out until it was ready to leave.

The second soul's number appeared on the scale.

"That's more like it," Undertaker pointed. "93."

Grell screamed again. "Together they'd have been the perfect soul. A perfect 100. Does that mean that combined they caused us the fuss of a 100 point soul?"

"It's your system," Undertaker smirked. "You tell me."

"That depends," another voice emerged from within the library. Both reapers turned to where the voice was coming from as it got closer to them to look at the soul scale itself.

"Will!" Grell said.

"A soul with a weight such as this one happened to find a perfect match, but the other half could have been much worse. Even still, had she been willing to fight as much as he, the scale would have only gone up to 100. because that is the maximum strength a soul can posses on its own. Combinations like the two souls you witnessed seldom happen, but do not combine the totals. Just because one soul has a high number and one a lower number, together they will never possess the strength of a 100 level soul. This is not addition and subtraction, Grell Sutcliff."

"I see," Undertaker said. "But still, a 93 level soul? A bit hard to miss isn't it?"

Will adjusted his glasses. "There was no error. Reaper Sutcliff was supposed to retrieve both souls. Good to see you're putting him to use, Undertaker."

"Hold on, I took the minister," Grell said. "Have you ever collected a soul that ranked 93, Will?"

"I have not," William admitted, glaring back. "It must be one of the most frustrating tasks. You see, I did not receive a triple A in practical skills."

Spears was returning a few materials and as he walked away, Undertaker saw Grell blushing.

"Aw, how nice of 'im to give you the most difficult work on your vacation time," Undertaker said. "Most rude indeed."