Chapter Eight

Daisy woke up to find herself alone in bed, but she was only wearing her undergarments. Slowly, she remembered what happened last night and yesterday. Her body sat up and she scanned the room for Waluigi, who seemed to be in the shower. As she rose from out of bed, her legs were terribly sore. She could recall two things that would cause that, and a feeling of regret punched her in the stomach.

Did Peach even know she was all right? The storm was still going, but not after tomorrow. Toadsworth had said it would all be over after that. Their time was not over yet, but she dressed herself and waited for him to come out of the shower.

"Waluigi," she said, making him jump as he walked out with just a towel around his waist. "Did"

"Make out?" he asked, one eyebrow raised. Daisy looked away. "Yes, yes we did. Extensively."

A smirk came to her face, but it fell as soon as it arrived.

"My best friend doesn't even know if I'm alive," she said. "And I spent my time here-"

"Lady Bow told Peach you were alive," Waluigi cut her off. "She knows, and I'm sure she's more than eager to see you."

"Why didn't she come knocking at the door in a fit of rage? Does she know you're the one who saved me?" Daisy asked quickly.

"She almost came to the door, but Boos remained on watch all night long, stating you were resting. Most of that was true, so you are not technically betraying her trust," Waluigi said. "And no, I don't think she knows I was involved."

"I'm worried," she confessed. "I'm worried that when this is all over and done with, that I won't be able to see you anymore. That we'll have to go back to...despising each other."

"Everyone knows it's all an act," Waluigi said. "At least, we do."

"But then I won't be able to spend any time with you after this," Daisy said. "Not without changing sides, but that's not what I want to do."

"I understand," he replied. "That's all right, I wouldn't want to change sides either, but I'll be seeing you."

"Hopefully more often than not," she said.

"Every dance, every tennis match, every game at the olympics, I'll be there," he touched her shoulder. "It'll be fine."

"All right," Daisy replied, wiping a tear off of her face. "But what about everyone else?"

"There's plenty of time away from everyone else," Waluigi said. "We both know that. When Brawl season comes around and the great gathering arrives, we'll have plenty of time."

"True, but I'll miss you until then."

"Then I'll keep writing," he said. "Bootler's just going to have to deal with it."

Daisy took a death breath and kissed him one last time before dressing and opening the doors to the guest bedroom, emerging from her slumber.

"Peach!" she called, running up the hallway. "I'm okay!"