There was a knock at the door to the Cullen's household this evening. Edward answered the door, hoping it was Bella. To his disappointment, there was only a man standing there. He was dressed in odd clothing, almost medieval and his hair was long and white.

"Who might you be?" Edward asked.

"Is Carlisle at home?" the man asked.

"Who wants to know?" Edward asked. The man transformed into a bat and flew over Edward's head. The vampire tried to catch the bat, running around the house at a blazing fast speed and alerting everyone in the house. They stared as the bat made its way into the living room.

Carlisle had come to see what all the commotion was.

"It's a bat, Edward," Carlisle said. "Calm down."

"It's an intruder," Edward protested.

"I doubt that, child," the bat spoke as it transformed back into the man Edward greeted at the door. If greeted was the right word. Edward charged for the man, but he found he was forced back and by a sword of all things!

"Heh," the man smirked. "It looks like you'll do anything to protect the ones you care about."

"Alucard!" Carlisle exclaimed. "How long has it been?!"

"Too long," Alucard replied, putting his sword away. "Obviously." He looked at Edward who was in disbelief at this moment.

"You know this guy?" Emmet asked.

"Yes, as a matter of fact I do," Carlisle replied, shaking hands with Alucard. "This is Alucard. He's come all the way from Transylvania."

"I didn't even see him coming," Alice said, her eyes slightly wide.

"Your pathetic powers could never see me coming," Alucard said. "My power is...a little stronger." Once more he looked at Edward and smiled again. Edward scoffed at him.

"Edward, what's gotten into you?" Jasper asked.

"He's...not natural," Edward said.

"And you are?" Alucard replied. "Perhaps we got off on the wrong foot. I'm Alucard, and you're Edward. I would say nice to meet you but considering you attacked me right at the front door, I'm going to say I'm glad to finally meet your acquaintance."

"How could I have not seen you coming?" Alice asked, hoping for an answer.

"Alice? That's your name right?" Alucard asked. "Get a piece of paper." She found this a little strange but Carlisle urged her to do what Alucard said. After all, they'd have to know eventually. He wasn't a member of the Volturie, he actually kept to himself most of the time. However, like the Cullens, Alucard fought for the people, not the other vampires.

"Now," Alucard said to her. "Write my name down. A-l-u-c-a-r-d."

"Okay," Alice said, looking up at him.

"Now, spell it backwards," Alucard told her. She did so as Alucard looked to Carlisle, both of them hoping for the best. Alice gasped and stood up. She couldn't speak though, it was too much of a shock. Jasper and the others came over to see the paper and they then understood her expression. Edward looked at the piece of paper, and then he looked to Alucard again.

"You're tell us that you're related to Dracula?" Edward asked.

"Unfortunately, I am," Alucard said.

"Alucard is Dracula's son," Carlisle explained. "But don't be concerned, he's on our side. He fights for the people, not the vampires. This man fought along side a few of the Belmont clan."

"How old are you, if I may ask?" Rosalie said.

"I've been around for a looong time," Alucard replied. "Back when spells were casted and magicians worked for the church, using their magic for good."

"Man, he's old!" Emmet stated.