Hey guys. Thanks for the new followers, reviewer s, and everything else I forgot to mention in between-ears.

A review mentioned a few key problems in my storytelling.

Which got me to thinking, and I've decided to rewrite everything. It'll be the similar, but hopefully well written (don't get your hopes up to high) and stuff.

The only thing that bugs me is the disapproval of my a/n. For this story I generally don't say to much but if you don't wanna read first long jawn ( a/n ) i specifically stated don't read then. *insert helpless shrug*

The last thing is that I've asked and PM'd several people about a possible beta but no response. So that's just another that if your sticking with NGCS, then you'll just have to put up with until further notice. Sorry it's outta my hands *shrugs*

So I'm going to work on rewriting the first chapter and hopefully it'll be better. I don't mind advice so feel free, as long as it's polite.

Thank you for your time and I'll have the first chapter up soon.