Jacob was in deep shit.

Granted the shit show wasn't truly all his fault per say but still. He wasn't sure how to explain pretty much anything so he kept his mouth shut.

Beaufort on the other hand, had no such qualms about the tense atmosphere surrounding him. Beau was cheerfully waving about Jacobs hair in his tiny pale hands. He cooed and sucked on jakes long black tresses.

As much as the tattoo therapy sessions helped cool their tempers, it was ultimately decided to hold the shit show outside, on the beach near Jacobs house rather than in the house. Plus it was hard to keep shifters inside long, curtesy of their canine ish traits.

Strategically Jacob had called this meeting here since it was the most viable escape routes. Running away from his long list of problems was always in the back of his mind. Alpha or not sometimes he needed a goddamn break.

The pack stared at the tiny creature. Jacobs memories of his latest night terror played on replay while they blinked uncomprehendingly at the tiny newborn before them.

The Thing was a mini Bella doppelgänger, besides its curly brown hair and startling emerald green eyes. It was of course pale and small. And naked except for a thin blanket. Yet it didn't shiver in the brisk air. A fast heartbeat filled their ears.

They wondered if it was more vampiric in nature and if it could be killed like it's unfortunate father.

They watched Jacob shift noticing his subtle protective stance around the …thing.

Jacob cleared his Throat. "He's warm and has a heartbeat," he gruffly told them, his stance sliding into a defensive crouch.

They paced around them, unsure, wary, but still listening. Jake continued his eyes watching the packs movements.

"He's smart and can understand a lot of what's said to him. I've fed him human food." He paused snorting, remembering the amount of eggs he cooked up for the two of them. Together they demolished the last two cartons, and oj.

"Your avoiding the question," Emily growled her wolf form prowling closet to him.

" .Bite?" The resounding question echoed in the brisk autumn air. Over and over bouncing back and forth from mental pack link to the open air.

Jacob lifted his chin, and shifted Beau to his back, the newborn sliding into the hidden baby wrap attached to his back. "Yeah, but I'm not craving blood yet." Jake poorly joked. Revealing the small bites on his arm.

Roars of outrage and fear permeated the pack link and air, causing Beau to whimper in fear.

"There's a bond now," Jacob continued lightly lacing his voice with the alpha command to join them listening. "At first I thought it was because he's the son of…The last scrap of..of her left. But no."

He paused, opening up his pack link and stopping by the pack. allowing the rest of the pack to feel the new bond attached to their alpha..to them.

It was strong, for a new attachment. It felt vaguely familiar to all of them, like a forgotten family member. They felt Jacobs fierce possessiveness of him, and of its claim of their leader as well as a aching wound in it's heart. A bond was broken much to soon after its creation. It was to young to block off the packs explorations of its bonds. Reluctantly the pack accepted his existence onto their *plane.

"In biting me we became family. Father and son." Jacob finished relieved by his packs decision to accept and watch rather than destroy and regret.

"You know by letting It bite you your training it that it's okay to bite people," Jared joked, cautiously his eyes trained on Beau while he zippered his jeans up. Beau, feeling uncomfortable, hid in Jacobs Long hair.

"No, he knows we're not humans. Im training him to drink animal blood like his grandfather Carlisle." Jacob corrected averting his eyes as his female pack mates dressed. He couldn't believe that he'd finally reached a point of insanity (or maturity) where he could talk about tolerable Cold Ones without extreme contempt or prejudice. His pack mates noticed.

"What's it called ?" Emily frowned, stalking in his direction while pulling a grey sweatshirt Over her head. "She named him after me," Jake paused his throat constricting with pent up grief-

"Beaufort Jacob Swan," Seth recalled helpfully, giving their alpha time collect himself as he cradled Beau in his arms with misty eyes. Beau leaned into him, and laid a hand on his cheek confused by jakes sudden melancholy.

"Leave it to Bella to keep it weird," Quinn muttered scuffing his shoe absently. "Guess it was to problematic to outright call him Jake Jr."

"Speaking of grandpa what are we going to tell chief swan?" Paul asked while crossing his arms.

He leaned against a tree, eyes Tracing over the tiny scars on Jacob forearm. They were shiny angry pink scabs, all crescent shapes. Exactly like the vampire bites the pack fought in the newborn war with Cullens. His eyes narrowed a bit at that correlation.

"Good question Paul," Jake sighed as he passed Beau to Emily who looked startled at his Temperature. "I have no fuckin clue."




"That sonofabitch did get my Bells pregnant!" Charlie Swan thundered his fist making violent contact with the coffee table .

Startled, Beau preceded to wail, the sound piercing and frightened. Charlie was to distraught to even really look at the baby in Jakes arms. Jacob awkwardly soothed him with gentle strokes on his back and jerky swaying.

Jacob warily watched Chief Swan pace the tiny living room, his body language tight and angry.

"I had a bad feeling in my gut once I met that boy." He muttered to himself. He was silent for a moment before he turned again to Jacob. "Where's Bella?"

Jake shook his head, his throat constricting at the last terror he had with her. He could smell her blood..

in his hair clothes nails..furiously scrubbed out and washed down the sink..clothes burned into ashes and then released into burning driftwood, a eulogy.

Charlie, a cop, picked up on jakes body language and sank like a stone in his recliner. He close his eyes and cried.

"You don't need to know details," Jacob rasped out his voice thick with emotion. "It would break you to know everything. Need to know only."

Through his tears Chief swan nodded his head.

"I can't explain her..her passing without a body. Or his existence without a solid background story. The best I can do is claim that bastard abused her and she..she passed during childbirth."

He theorized his mind eagerly latching onto smaller issues rather than face the fact that his little girl was now..now.. He had no qualms throwing that fucker under the bus, and burning it all things considered.

"I'm a grandpa." He said in delayed shock. He got up, hovering around Jacob to look at the boy.

Beau had calmed and peeked cautiously at Charlie from behind Jacobs long hair.

Green met brown.

He looked exactly like Bella, save for the eyes and the curly hair. Charlie assumed those attributes came from his worthless father. He was pale just like his mother, and small which was concerning.

Charlie reached for Beau and cradled his grandson to his chest, relishing the small surprisingly hot hand on his cheek. "Hello handsome, I'm your granddaddy. None of that "Charlie" business your mother pulled with me."

He jokingly warned, tapping his finger against beau's nose. Beau giggled and tapped Charlie's cheek excitedly, cooing.

"The kid needs some clothes even though his temperature runs like a shifters. For appearances of course." Charlie sighed, feeling a headache coming on.

"I'm sure Sue would be willing to help out," jake innocently suggested grinning while Charlie grunted and blushed.

After Harry Clearwater died shortly after Bella's arrival to Forks, Sue and Charlie have been dancing around each other and their mutual attraction for years.

A delayed thought stuck Charlie. His brain was lagging due to the stressful new. "What did she name him? Does he even have a name? Where did you even find hi-"

Jacob sighed and dropped into the couch, his hair hiding his face. His hands rubbing or hiding the grief and horror in his eyes. "Trust me, I'm still trying to figure that one out myself Chief. After seeing what I saw I don't think I'll be able to sleep comfortably for the rest of my fuckin lifetime."

Despite wanting to interrogate what Jake meant by "sleeping" he honestly didn't want to know. He was a simple man, and his emotional capacity was below average. He was required to know things he'd rather not know because of his job, but this was another shit show to unpack much later.

It was quite for a time, both men marinating in the balm of silence before Jake finally looked up and studied Chief swan and his grandson with a soft smile.

"She named him after me." He revealed. "Beaufort Jacob Swan" he said not wishing to wake the slumbering babe.

"Somehow I'm not surprised," was Charlie's gruff response his dark eyes oddly shiny. "Welcome to the family Jake. The boy is as much as mines as he is yours. May our bloodline last and preserve as the protectors of this *plane."




A/n: hello! It's been a while. Never thought I'd finally write a fanfic featured on some Jacob x Bella romance (I used to ship Edward and Bella so hard before I read New Moon) but here I am. But this story is moving more towards finding herself, in the midst of some action, and healing wounds then just romance. And building up the character development of several 'side character's.

Am I on a dying fandom? Is anyone still writing for twilight? I have a few more twilight ideas regardless.