Silas Dragneel

The Dragon Slayer was walking to the Fairy Tail guild, all ready to start a new job with some of the members of his guild, when someone walked up to him and asked him "are you Silas, aka Salmander?" "um….yea, but who wants to know?" asked the red haired boy. "could you tell me about your parents, Natsu and Lucy?" he asked, eyes wide with excitement. "um, I guess I won't mind. Sure!" I exclaimed happily.

After finding a good place to sit, Me and the young boy sat down and I started. "well, a long time ago-" I had begun but the young boy shook his head. "what's wrong, kid?" I asked and he replied "I wanna know something cool. Like how they first met" and I grinned. "you got it! Natsu was in town, looking for his father, the best and greatest Dad ever. After getting off the train, well, after being left on the train for a long time, Natsu and his partner Happy overheard someone call out the name of his father, Igneel. Excited, the duo ran to the crowd, hoping to find the dragon but instead, found some weird man named Bora. It was at that moment that he met Lucy, his future wife and my mother." I told the kid, looking down at the kid, whos eyes were wider than before. "wow, so natsu's father really is a dragon." "yep, and so is my uncle!" I bragged and before the boy could beg to know, a certain, blue-haired mage came out and said "Silas! The whole guild is waiting for you!"