Laxus' Journey

Dear Reader, If you are reading this, some explanation is needed. This is before the new generation and what killed most of the members of fairy tail. This is aliitle sidestory to make up for not doing anything with this story.

"Damn it!" Laxus thought as he punched a tree. "Every dragon slayer has some sort of sidekick. Natsu has Happy, Gajeel has Lily, and Wendy has Carla. Even those two Twins from Sabertooth has two pets, though, I doubt that emo kid's pet isn't a frog. Then there's that poison dragon slayers snake that disappeared. I wonder what others are thinking about it." He thought as he was walking back to the guild.

As he was walking back, he felt like he was being watched by someone. After purposely walking in circles, he heard a branch crunch and shot lightning in its direction. "Come out! I know you're there!" Laxus said before seeing his stalker." What the heck?! What are you doing here?" He asked as he saw an old friend. "Well, well, well, if it isn't Lightning Dragon Slayer Laxus. How have you been?" said the man in the cloak with his face covered. "Mystogan, why are you here? Shouldn't you be back at Edolas?" Laxus asked his old friend. "Well, that's just it. I need your help. Edolas has been attacked by a weird disease and we don't know the cause of it. Since I can't ask any of the others, it's best if I stick with someone the guild wouldn't notice go missing or will come looking for in a while. Are you coming?" Mystogan asked.

Laxus looked at Mystogan and shook his head. "Who are you for real? I know Mystogan and I know that it's not you so who the hell are you?" Laxus demanded as lightning stuck in the sky. Mystogan started laughing as he took off his mask. "Jellal, what do you really want?" Laxus asked as Jellal looked to where Melody was and motioned for her to come out. "As skilled as ever, Laxus." "You got 10 seconds before I smack you into your grave." "Oh but Erza wouldn't like that, now would she?" Jellal said as he held out an letter. "Get Erza and Mira to read this as well." "What about Gildarts or my old man?" Jellal sighed and said "Your old man would try to stop this and Gildarts doesn't want to be found. Just the three of you and that's it." Jellal sighed before he and Melody disappeared.

Laxus sighed and opened the letter. It was a job request from another guild. There was a mark of what seemed to be a dragon's claw on it. "Jellal, what have you gotten yourself into?" Laxus thought as he opened it.