Here is a shorter one-shot for you guys. Hope you enjoy.

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"Saw ah~~~"

"Takeshi, it's so embarrassing." Tsuna said as his boyfriend held a piece of sushi to the brunet's mouth. Tsuna's cheeks were burning as he noticed that the whole class was looking at them. The boys either looked disgusted or trying to hold in their laughs. The girls were either giggling or whispering.

"Oi, baseball idiot! If tenth doesn't want to eat it then leave him alone!" Gokudera exclaimed.

"It's okay, Gokudera-kun. Ochitsuke." Tsuna said. Reluctantly, he moved his head and took the food in his mouth.

"So? How is it? I made it just for Tsuna." Yamamoto said, looking on with anticipation.

"It's great. I love it. Thanks, Takeshi." Tsuna said with a smile.

"Thanks! I out tuna in it, just for Tsuna." Gokudera groaned as Tsuna let out an awkward laugh at the bad joke. They heard more giggling and turned to see Kyoko, Hana and Chrome standing there. "Hey guys."

"Yamamoto-kun, can we get a picture of you two doing that again?" Kyoko asked. "It's for the club."

"Hahaha! Sure thing." He got the last piece in his bento and out it to Tsuna's mouth again. "Say ah~~~" Kyoko took the picture.

"Thank you." She said as the three walked away.

"This is your last piece. I don't want you to be hungry." Tsuna said.

"It's fine. Here." Tsuna took the food in his mouth and got an idea. He moved forward and kissed Yamamoto. The baseball player was a little surprised. Tsuna used this to his advantage and shoved the food into the other's mouth. After they broke apart, Yamamoto licked his lips. "Yum. Tastes like Tsuna-tuna."

Everyone groaned at that bad joke.


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